Softball Ireland Leinster League Premier Division 2007

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Final Table

*Dodder Dynamoes14122018761064
Oddsox Green141040198109258
Marlay Martyrs144100124140840
The Flyers142120812531034
Diamond Dogs141130612001131

[1] * Champions


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
01.05.2007Diamond Dogs6Dodder Dynamoes25
01.05.2007Renegades 123Marlay Martyrs17
01.05.2007Sluggers9Oddsox Green17
01.05.2007The Flyers10Batpak35
Week 2
15.05.2007Dodder Dynamoes15Sluggers4
15.05.2007Marlay Martyrs8Batpak16
15.05.2007Oddsox Green41The Flyers3
15.05.2007Renegades 16Diamond Dogs5
Week 3
22.05.2007Diamond Dogs3Batpak20
22.05.2007Marlay Martyrs12Oddsox Green17
22.05.2007Renegades 117Sluggers6
22.05.2007The Flyers2Dodder Dynamoes21
Week 4
29.05.2007Diamond Dogs5Oddsox Green11
29.05.2007Dodder Dynamoes10Marlay Martyrs3
29.05.2007Renegades 130The Flyers11
05.06.2007Dodder Dynamoes19Batpak2
Week 5
12.06.2007Batpak9Oddsox Green14
12.06.2007Diamond Dogs14Marlay Martyrs12
12.06.2007Dodder Dynamoes25Renegades 14
12.06.2007Sluggers26The Flyers9
Week 6
19.06.2007Marlay Martyrs6Sluggers12
19.06.2007Oddsox Green15Renegades 117
19.06.2007The Flyers9Diamond Dogs6
Week 7
26.06.2007Diamond Dogs6Sluggers7
26.06.2007Dodder Dynamoes6Oddsox Green1
26.06.2007Marlay Martyrs11The Flyers6
26.06.2007Renegades 115Batpak14
Week 8
03.07.2007Batpak11The Flyers4
03.07.2007Dodder Dynamoes11Diamond Dogs1
03.07.2007Marlay Martyrs3Renegades 16
03.07.2007Oddsox Green6Sluggers5
Week 9
10.07.2007Batpak10Marlay Martyrs8
10.07.2007Diamond Dogs2Renegades 121
10.07.2007Sluggers1Dodder Dynamoes7
10.07.2007The Flyers1Oddsox Green12
Week 10
17.07.2007Batpak16Diamond Dogs2
17.07.2007Dodder Dynamoes17The Flyers5
17.07.2007Oddsox Green13Marlay Martyrs9
17.07.2007Sluggers3Renegades 12
Week 11
24.07.2007Marlay Martyrs1Dodder Dynamoes4
24.07.2007Oddsox Green27Diamond Dogs4
24.07.2007The Flyers3Renegades 116
Week 12
31.07.2007Marlay Martyrs17Diamond Dogs1
31.07.2007Oddsox Green1Batpak7
31.07.2007Renegades 19Dodder Dynamoes12
31.07.2007The Flyers8Sluggers14
Week 13
14.08.2007Batpak10Dodder Dynamoes5
14.08.2007Diamond Dogs4The Flyers6
14.08.2007Renegades 112Oddsox Green11
14.08.2007Sluggers4Marlay Martyrs8
Week 14
28.08.2007Batpak11Renegades 110
28.08.2007Oddsox Green12Dodder Dynamoes10
28.08.2007Sluggers12Diamond Dogs2
28.08.2007The Flyers4Marlay Martyrs9

Reference: [2]


Dodder Dynamoes won the title, losing only two games all year, their last two, to Batpak & Oddsox Green, after they had already won the title with 12 victories in a row.

Batpak, Renegades 1 & Oddsox Green battled for second place, with Batpak finishing in the runners-up spot on 11-3. Sluggers and Marlay Martyrs finished in the bottom half of the table and The Flyers & Diamond Dogs battling out for relegation, with The Flyers 6-4 victory over the Dogs in Week 13 condemning the Diamond Dogs to last place.


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Thanks to Austin Purton, & Ciaran Columb (Marlay Martyrs)

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