Softball Ireland Leinster League Premier Division 2010

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Final Table

Oddsox Green14122017490 64
Dodder Dynamoes141130208131 61
Batpak141130222121 61
Marlay Martyrs14860179149 52
Renegades Red14590190228 43
Blazzers144100164214 40
Sluggers143110118227 37
r – Castleknock Bearcats132111155250 32



DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
20.04.2010Renegades Red14Dodder Dynamoes21
20.04.2010Blazzers25Marlay Martyrs23
20.04.2010Oddsox Green6Sluggers3
20.04.2010Castleknock Bearcats10Batpak20
Week 2
27.04.2010Castleknock Bearcats27Renegades Red29
27.04.2010Oddsox Green19Marlay Martyrs4
27.04.2010Blazzers13Dodder Dynamoes12
Week 3
11.05.2010Batpak19Renegades Red11
11.05.2010Castleknock Bearcats8Oddsox Green13
11.05.2010Dodder Dynamoes1Marlay Martyrs4
Week 4
18.05.2010Marlay Martyrs13Renegade Reds6
18.05.2010Dodder Dynamoes22Sluggers9
18.05.2010Castleknock Bearcats10Blazzers19
18.05.2010Batpak25Oddsox Green6
Week 5
01.06.2019Renegade Reds4Oddsox Green11
01.06.2010Dodder Dynamoes20Castleknock Bearcats8
01.06.2010Marlay Martyrs12Sluggers9
Week 6
15.06.2010Sluggers6Renegade Reds22
15.06.2010Marlay Martyrs38Castleknock Bearcats6
15.06.2010Batpak12Dodder Dynamoes18
15.06.2010Oddsox Green16Blazzers8
Week 7
22.06.2010Renegade Reds15Blazzers13
22.06.2010Oddsox Green9Dodder Dynamoes2
22.06.2010Marlay Martyrs7Batpak8
22.06.2010Sluggers7Castleknock Bearcats0 #
Week 8
29.06.2010Renegade Reds12Castleknock Bearcats20
29.06.2010Marlay Martyrs5Oddsox Green19
29.06.2010Dodder Dynamoes26Blazzers5
Week 9
13.07.2010Castleknock Bearcats5Dodder Dynamoes22
Week 10
20.07.2010Blazzers13Renegade Reds19
20.07.2010Dodder Dynamoes4Oddsox Green2
20.07.2010Batpak3Marlay Martyrs1
20.07.2010Castleknock Bearcats23Sluggers11
Week 11
27.07.2010Renegade Reds2Batpak21
27.07.2010Oddsox Greeen9Castleknock Bearcats7
27.07.2010Marlay Martyrs10Dodder Dynamoes12
Week 12
10.08.2010Renegade Reds17Sluggers7
10.08.2010Castleknock Bearcats6Marlay Martyrs13
10.08.2010Dodder Dynamoes21Batpak20
10.08.2010Blazzers3Oddsox Green12
Week 13
17.08.2010Dodder Dynamoes17Renegade Reds12
17.08.2010Marlay Martyrs7Blazzers6
17.08.2010Batpak16Castleknock Bearcats15
24.08.2010Oddsox Green17Renegade Reds5
25.08.2010Sluggers7Marlay Martyrs19
Week 14
31.08.2019Renegade Reds22Marlay Martyrs13
31.08.2010Sluggers8Dodder Dynamoes10
31.08.2010Blazzers21Castleknock Bearcats10
31.08.2010Oddsox Green10Batpak9
03.09.2010Sluggers3Oddsox Green25

Reference: [2]

Home Venues

TeamHome Field
BatpakSt. Anne’s Park, Watermill Road, Dublin
BlazzersEamonn Ceannt Park, Sundrive Road, Kimmage
Castleknock BearcatsCastleknock College, Carpenterstown Road, Dublin
Dodder DynamoesTymon Park, Dublin 24
Marlay MartyrsMarlay Park, College Road, Dublin 14
Oddsox GreenTymon Park, Dublin 24
Renegades RedFather Collins Park, Hole in the Wall Road, Dublin
SluggersMarlay Park, College Road, Dublin 14

Reference: [2]


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Thanks to Austin Purton, & Ciaran Columb (Marlay Martyrs)

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