Softball Ulster League 2020

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Belfast Brawlers880022084040
Belfast Cubs8530182121331
Belfast Sliders8350118134525
Bangor Bucs808066253816
Softball Ulster League Standings 2020 [References: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Weeks 1-6
2020Bangor Bucs9Belfast Sliders24
2020Bangor Bucs5Aces20
2020Belfast Cubs36Bangor Bucs10
2020Belfast Sliders23Bangor Bucs9
2020Belfast Sliders16Belfast Cubs10
2020Belfast Sliders9Belfast Brawlers20
2020Belfast Sliders10Aces25
2020Belfast Brawlers53Bangor Bucs3
2020Belfast Brawlers13Aces9
2020Aces16Bangor Bucs6
2020Aces14Belfast Cubs25
2020Aces19Belfast Sliders14
Week 7
30.08.2020Bangor Bucs9Belfast Cubs36
30.08.2020Belfast Cubs10Belfast Brawlers14
Week 8
06.09.2020Bangor Bucs14Belfast Brawlers45
06.09.2020Belfast Cubs13Belfast Sliders15
06.09.2020Belfast Cubs22Aces21
06.09.2020Belfast Brawlers19Belfast Sliders7
Week 9
13.09.2020Belfast Brawlers22Belfast Cubs20
Softball Ulster League Results 2020 [Reference: 2]


The Softball Ulster 2019 season was down to 5 teams from 6 in 2019, following the loss of the Belfast Angels.

At a little over halfway, the Aces led with a 4-2 Wins-Losses record, however both the Belfast Brawlers and Belfast Cubs had better records, standing at 3-0 each, putting them minus 0.5 games behind in the standings (i.e. 0.5 games ahead). Belfast Sliders were on 2-4 and Bangor Bucs on 0-6.

By the end of the season the Brawlers had finished out with five more wins, including two close crucial ones against the Cubs (14-10 and 22-20). In a tight race for second the Cubs finished on 5-3, the Aces 4-4 and the Belfast Sliders 3-5.

It was the Brawlers fifth Softball Ulster League Pennant in a row. The Belfast Sliders were the last other team to win it in 2015.

Belfast Brawlers 2017 Team Photo [References: 3]


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Thanks to Andrew Craven, Belfast Sliders

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