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There are four Provinces in Ireland, each of which has or had its own Softball League, beginning with the Leinster Softball League which started in 1989, following on from the Dublin Softball League which played from 1982 to 1989. The Ulster Softball League started in 2009 and is still playing. The Munster Softball League played from 2011-2014, and the Galway Softball League (Connacht) started in 2020, growing out of the Galway Softball Trophy which played in the 2010s.

Softball Ulster

This is the Eirball Index Page to Articles featuring the Results and Standings of Softball Ulster Competitions, from the Softball Ulster Summer League in the mid-2000s, to the Ulster Softball League (2008 to Present)

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The Ulster Softball League started in 2008, after two seasons of the Softball Ulster Summer League. It has grown from 3 teams in 2008 to a high of 8 teams, and is now back down to five, although the first teams outside of Belfast (Bangor Buccaneers) have started to play in the League recently.

Ulster Softball League

Softball Ulster Co-Ed Slowpitch Mid-Week League 2008-Present

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