Differences between Baseball & Softball:

There are Nine Players on a Baseball Team and 10 on a Softball Team (there is an extra player in the outfield in Softball)

Baseball Pitching is Overarm, delivered with speed, Fastpitch Softball is Underarm, also delivered with speed. Slowpitch Softball is delivered underam in a soft arc (hence the name softball – the ball is actually hard).

There is usually 9 Innings in a Baseball match, 7 in a Softball match.

Softball can be described as Women’s Baseball (particularly Fastpitch Softball – Slowpitch is generally Coed/Mixed), although all competitions in Ireland are currently mixed/coed.

Links to the Eirball Archive of Irish Competitions and International Competitions featuring Irish teams:

Links (in Blue-Green) to Softball Competitions arranged by Order of Merit may be found below:


International Softball

National Teams (Fastpitch)

  1. World Baseball & Softball Confederation Women’s World Championship (2016-Present)
  2. World Baseball & Softball Confederation Women’s U-19 World Championship (2017-Present)
  3. European Softball Federation Women’s European Championships (2018-Present)
  4. International Women’s Fastpitch Cups (eg. Canada Cup)

National Teams (Slowpitch)

  1. European Softball Federation Coed Slowpitch European Championships (1998-Present)
  2. European Softball Federation Men’s Slowpitch European Championships (2018-Present)
  3. International Tournaments (e.g. Diamond 3 in England)

Club (Slowpitch)

  1. Advertising World Series
  2. European Softball Federation Coed Slowpitch European Super Cup (2007-Present)
  3. Home Nations (2000s)
  4. International Tournaments (e.g. Tartan Tournament, Scotland)
  5. Triple III Blitz (Irish International Invitational)

Softball Ireland

  1. Irish National Fastpitch League (2019-Present)
  2. Softball Ireland National Club Championship (2010-Present)
  3. Softball Ireland Brian Walshe Cup (1997-Present)
  4. Irish Open Softball Trophy (1992-Present)
  5. Inter-County Tournament (2001)

Leinster Softball

  1. Leinster Women’s Slowpitch League (1997-2002)
  2. Leinster Softball League Premier League (1982-Present)
  3. Leinster Softball League Division 1 (1992-Present)
  4. Leinster Softball League Division 2 (1994-Present)
  5. Leinster Softball League Division 3 (1996-2011)
  6. Leinster Softball League Division 4 (1999-2007)
  7. Leinster Softball Championship (1990-1995) & Pennant (1996-1998)
  8. Leinster Softball Plate (1990-1995) & 5:5 Pennant (1996-1998)
  9. Leinster Men’s League (Non-Competitive)(2001)

Ulster Softball

  1. Softball Ulster League (2009-Present)

Connacht Softball

  1. Galway Tribes Inter-Club Matches

Munster Softball

  1. Munster Softball League (2010-2012)

Softball Blitzes

Connacht Blitzes

  1. Galway Blitz (1990-1999)
  2. Longford Development Blitz (2000s)

Munster Blitzes

  1. Cork Blitz (1990s)

Leinster Blitzes

  1. Dublin Blitz (1990s)
  2. The Flyers Blitz – ALSAA (1990s)
  3. Kegs July 4th Blitz – Dublin 4 (2000s-Present)
  4. Suspects Pink Blitz – Templeogue Dublin 6W (2000s-Present)
  5. Castleknock Blitz – Dublin 15 (2000s-Present)
  6. Neill Mellon Charity Blitz – Castleknock, Dublin 15 (2010s-Present)

Ulster Blitzes

  1. Ulster Start of Season Blitz
  2. Carrie Trundle Cup
  3. Teddy Bears Picnic