South American Soccer Club World Tours 1968

Santos (Brazil)

21.06.1968Napoli (Italy) (at Yankee Stadium, NY)W4-243,002
26.06.1968Napoli (at Downing Stadium, NY)W6-27,237
28.06.1968Napoli (at Varsity Stadium, Toronto)W5-215,514
30.06.1968St. Louis StarsW3-220,116
04.07.1968Kansas City SpursW4-119,296
06.07.1968Necaxa (Mexico) (at Los Angeles)W4-312,418
08.07.1968Boston BeaconsW7-118.411
10.07.1968Cleveland StokersL1-216,205
12.07.1968New York GeneralsL3-515,645
14.07.1968Washington WhipsW3-120,189
Santos (Brazil) Tours of North America 1968 [Reference: 1]


Santos, with star attraction, Pele, went on a 10-game month-long tour of North America during June and July 1968. The tour started with three games against Italian side Napoli in New York and Toronto, attracting crowds of 43,000 at Yankee Stadium, home of Baseball’s New York Yankees, before moving on to play Midwestern teams St. Louis Stars and Kansas City Spurs, and then on to the West Coast where they played Mexican side Necaxa in Los Angeles, and then back to the East Coast to play Boston Beacons, winning all seven games before perhaps tiredness kicked in and the effects of so much travel, as they lost their next two games to Cleveland Stokers and New York Generals, before finishing up the trip with a win against Washington Whips.

The North American Soccer League had been established earlier that year, with the help of FIFA and the USSF, and was the first great attempt at bringing Professional Soccer to North America. The League lasted until 1983. Santos were one of the top sides in the World at the time, and rivaled unofficial World Club Champions, Racing Club of Argentina. They are based in the City of Santos in the Brazilian State of Sao Paulo.



[1] Jose, Colin (1968) “Pele, what an attraction in the States” World Soccer. September 1968. pg 16.


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