South East School Girls Basketball

South East School Girls Basketball Logo [Ref: 1]

South East School Girls Basketball is one of nine Regional Schools Leagues in Ireland, running competitions for Under 19, Under 16, 2nd Years and 1st Years at”A”, “B”, “C” and “D” Grades depending on the size of the school. The top teams at Under 19 and Under 16 Grades qualify for All-Ireland League Playoffs.

SESGB League

SESGB Under 19 B League (Seasons): 2015-16

SESGB Under 16 B League (Seasons): 2015-16

League Organisation

The SESGB League was one of nine regional school leagues in Ireland, with the winners (and in some cases runners-up and 3rd place) qualifying for the All-Ireland League Playoffs. Leagues were divided into “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” based on the size of the school, and there were U19, U16, 2nd Year and 1st Year Grades. There was no “A” League in SESGB in 2015-16, therefore making the “B” League the highest level in the South East.



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