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South Kildare Soldiers Irish American Football Team 2014-2017

South Kildare Soldiers Logo 2014-2015 [11]

IAFL Senior Team 2014-2017 IAFL DV8 Team 2007-2009

Home Ground: Rathbride Crossroads, Kildare, Co. Kildare 2014-2017

Colours: Green, Black, White

Honours: IAFL-2 Bowl Runners-Up 2015

Career Record: Total: 5-24-0 / Regular Season: 5-23-0 / Post-Season: 0-1-0

History: 11-a-side Irish American Football team that was a resurrected 8-a-side team in Kildare, and the Midlands region of Leinster.

The Edenderry Soldiers were formed in 2007 out of a successful pilot Flag football program in the Midlands. . In 2009 they merged with the Mullingar Archers to form the Mullingar Soldiers, later renamed the Midlands Soldiers

They disbanded after the 2009 season, and after a couple of seasons where players grew tired of travelling to Dublin to play, they reformed as the South Kildare Soldiers.They entered the IAFL-2 Conference in 2014, they reached the IAFL-2 Bowl in 2015, where they lost 48-0 to the Belfast Trojans 2nds.

They were promoted to the IAFL-1 Conference in 2016, where they spent two seasons winning one match in total.

They merged with the North Kildare Reapers to form the Cill Dara Crusaders in 2018, with the South Kildare Soldiers name kept for the Junior Team.

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Year-by-Year Record


YearRegular SeasonPost-SeasonInternational

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Results 2014 IAFL 2 Conference


106.04.14HDundalk MavericksL6-15
918.05.14AGalway WarriorsW2-0
1208.06.14HTyrone TitansL0-20
1713.07.14HGalway WarriorsL6-13
1820.07.14ADundalk MavericksL0-16
2003.08.14ATyrone TitansL0-72


Results 2015 IAFL 2 Conference


112.04.15AUniversity of Limerick Vikings 2ndsW18-12
219.04.15AGalway WarriorsL0-12
303.05.15HBelfast Trojans 2ndsL0-63
524.05.15HDonegal Derry VipersW54-26
607.06.15ADonegal Derry VipersW12-7
928.06.15HBelfast Trojans 2ndsL13-37
1B NBelfast Trojans 2ndsL0-48


Results 2016 IAFL 1 Conference


120.03.16HTyrone TitansW18-6
303.04.16ACork AdmiralsL0-24
517.04.16HCork AdmiralsL0-50
808.05.16ABelfast Trojans 2ndsL0-13
915.05.16HWestmeath MinotaursL14-37
1205.06.16AWaterford WolvesL14-25
1419.06.16HMeath BulldogsL0-13
1526.06.15AWestmeath MinotaursL6-20


Results 2017 IAFL 1 Conference


326.03.17HLouth MavericksL6-7
402.04.17ADonegal Derry VipersL14-26
623.04.17AWest Dublin RhinosL14-51
807.05.17HWexford EaglesL30-40
1128.05.17HDonegal Derry VipersL6-31
1204.06.17HWestmeath MinotaursL6-33
1418.06.17ALouth MavericksL0-28
1709.07.17AWexford EaglesL21-43


South Kildare Soldiers Logo 2016-2018 [Ref: 12]




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