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Special Olympics World Games Women’s Basketball Los Angeles 2015

Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015 Logo [Reference: 1]

Standings F.02 Divisioning

Ireland 1 (G)43180767
Ecuador (S)31250514
Mexico (S)31263684
Special Olympics Women’s Basketball 2015 [References: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
29.07.2015Ecuador13Ireland 118
30.07.2015Ireland 131Mexico25
30.07.2015Ecuador19Ireland 112
01.08.2015Ireland 119Mexico17
Special Olympics Women’s Basketball 2015 [References: 2]


Ireland 1 won Golf Medal in the Female 02 Division in the Special Olympics World Games Basketball in 2015. After trading wins with Ecuador and defeating Mexico Ireland 1 were in a strong position going into their Final match with Ecuador, particularly after Mexico shocked the Ecuadorians with a 21-18 win in the penultimate match. In the decider Ireland 1 triumphed by two points over Mexico, winning 19-17 to wrap up the Gold Medal. Ecuador and Mexico shared bronze. The win came in Los Angeles, the home city of the famed Los Angeles Lakers NBA and Los Angeles Sparks WNBA Basketball teams.



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