Sports Annuals & Histories

USA Major Leagues Annuals

National Football League Record & Factbook Officially licensed product of the NFL, packed full of The past seasons’ Results, All-Time Tables & Results. Team Line-Ups for the coming year, Players Statistics as well as a special Inside the Numbers section detailing statistics such as Top Player Statistics etc. Invaluble information for the stats-mad fan of American Football. 500+ pages

Baseball America Almanac Full Results & tables of Major League Baseball for the previous season, as well as the Final Tables and Playoff Results of the Minor Leagues, non-MLB or MiLB Baseball (The Independent Leagues below Minor League Baseball, Winter Baseball and International Baseball – The World Baseball Classic, top 10 countries world wide: Mexico, Japan, Cuba, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Italy, Netherlands. 500+ pages

National Hockey League Official Guide & Record Book. Packed full of stats and results of the NHL for the past season, as well as All-Time Tables and Stanley Cup Results. Team-by-team section with full player listing for the coming season, as well as stats for the previous season. 500+ pages

National Basketball Association Guide – No longer produced by the NBA, but previous editions included All-Time Tables and Playoff Results, as well as Team-By-Team Line-Ups and Statistics. 500+ pages

Each of the Above is readily availableon Ebay or Amazon:

American Football Statistical and Written Histories

Canadian Pro Football Encyclopedia Written by Tod Maher & Bob Gill. Encyclopaedic in every sense of the world. 1950-present in the CFL with every match, scorer, Final Table, all-time player list and statistics. Unbelievable how much is in it. 500+ pages Available at the Pro Football Researchers Association:

Outsiders : Minor League and Independent Football 1923-1950 Written by Bob Gill with Tod Maher. Full results and Tables of the American Football Leagues (AAA Rival to NFL 1923-1950) as well as Regional AA Leagues (North, south, east and west) Final Tables. Player section with appearances for the main leagues. 500+ pages Available at the Pro Football Researchers Association:

Outsiders II: Minor League and Independent Football 1951-1985: Written by Bob Gill with Tod Maher and Steve Brainerd. Like its previous volume, the full statistical history of the AAA Rivals to the NFL from 1951-1985 (United Football League 1961-1964, Continental Football League 1965-1969, World Football League 1974-1975, American Association 1977-1983, United States Football League 1983-1985), as well as the AA Regional Leagues. Both of these books are hardback and approximately 500+ pages.Available at the Pro Football Researchers Association:

Touchdown in Europe Massimo Foglio with Mark L. Ford. Excellent written account of Early American Football in Europe, late 19th century up to the first National Leagues in Europe in 1970s. Excellent Match reports on the Leagues and Competitions played during the First and Second World Wars, and a full list of the Champions of the United States Air Force in Europe Football League (USAFE) during the Cold War. Available at the Pro Football Researchers Association:

Le Football Russ Crawford. Another Excellent written account of Early American Football, this tome in France. Includes season-by-season Final Tables for French-Based US Army & Air Force teams during the Cold war. Available at Amazon:


UEFA European Football Yearbook Similar to the USA Major League Annuals, although without the All-Time Tables. Includes all results of Internationals played by each country in UEFA over the past year, as well as Domestic Final tables for the Top 2 Divisions, and Results and Line-Ups for each team in the Top Division. 500+ pages

Asian Football Yearbook, North & Central American Football Yearbook, South American Football Yearbook. Written by Gabriel Mantz and published by Soccer Books Ltd. which has a large collection of Written and Statistical Histories of Football (Soccer) throughout the World. (see: ) Each of these Continental Yearbooks contains Final Tables for each country as well as Player Statistics & Line-Ups for each of the Major countries club teams. Full International Squads for each country for the past year. Invaluable for the fan of World Soccer. 500+ pages each

North American Soccer Guide & Record Book Editedby Charles Cuttone and Linda Cuttone. Similar to the USA Major League Annuals in that it a History Section (All-Time Champions but also in every edition by the looks of it the All-Time Tables of a different historical League in North America). Includes Women’s Soccer, Major League Soccer, the United Soccer League System (USL Championship, USL League 1 and USL League 2), the National Premier Soccer League (5th Division) as well as team Line-Ups and player statistics. also available at )

Other Annuals and Record Books

Complete Handbook of Gaelic Games: Officially produced by the GAA with All-Time Champions for Gaelic Football, Hurling, Ladies Gaelic, Camogie, Poc Fada and Handball, as well as Finals and Semi_Finals Results and Line-Ups. County-by-County All-Time Champions including New York, London, United States and Australasia. International Rules Football All-Time Results Ireland v Australia. Available at Easons, the Top Irish Bookseller: see for more selections.