Super 8 Football League Baja 2019

Super 8 Football League 10th Anniversary Logo [Reference: 1]

Final Standings

*Duo Sports Thundercats5410177778
*Transformers Endenada5410160898
*Diablos Endsenada53201621386
*Aztecas Tijuana53201061016
Vigingos Ensenada51401191802
Black Dragons Tijuana5050221630
Super 8 Football League Baja Standings 2019 [Reference: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
17.08.2019Duo Sports ThundercatsAztecas Tijuana
17.08.2019Transformers EnsenadaDiablos Ensenada
Baja Bowl VIII
24.08.2019Transformers Ensenada28Duo Sports Thundercats18
Super 8 Football League Baja Playoffs 2019 [Reference: 2-3]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1Futgool Rosarito
13.10.2019Vikingos Ensenada26Duo Sports Thundercats60
13.10.2019Black Dragons Tijuana12Diablos Ensenada66
13.10.2019Aztecas Tijuana12Transformers Ensenada39
Week 2
20.07.2019Duo Sports Thundercats28Diablos Ensenada6
20.07.2019Azrecas Tijuana14Black Dragons Tijuana0
20.07.2019Transformers Ensenada40Vikingos Ensenada6
Week 3
27.07.2019Black Dragons Tijuana2Duo Sports Thundercats28
27.07.2019Vikingos Ensenada18Aztecas Tijuana34
27.07.2019Transformers Ensenada48Diablos Ensenada26
Week 4
03.08.2019Duo Sports Thundercats43Transformers Ensenada19
03.08.2019Black Dragons Tijuana8Vikingos Ensenada41
03.08.2019Diablos Ensenada26Aztecas Tijuana22
Week 5
10.08.2019Aztecas Tijuana24Duo sports Thundercats18
10.08.2019Black Dragons Tijuana0Transformers Ensenada14
10.08.2019Diablos Ensenada38Vikingos Ensenada28
Super 8 Football League Baja Regular Season Results 2019 [Reference: 2]


Diablos Ensenada defeated Duo Sports Thundercats 28-18 in Baja Bowl VIII in the Super 8 Football League Baja Series in 2019. In a closely run regular season Duo Sports Thundercats had finished top with a 4-1 record, followed by Transformers Ensenada (also 4-1), Diablos Ensenada (3-2) and Aztecas Tijuana (3-2). These four teams qualified for the Playoffs, with fifth place in the six team sries going to Vikingos Ensenada, and then Black Dragons Tijuana coming in last.


The Super 8 Football League was started in 2010 by Justin, the founder of the League whe his Duo Sports Thundercats played Astros Mexicali in the first California v Baja California Arena-style Football Game. It is a Developmemtal, scouting and Pro-Am Showcase League in California and the South West of USA with an International League in Baja California (Mexico)

The Pro-Am Showcases play every June and November in San Diego, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, San Francisco (all California), Las Vegas (Nevada), Arizona and El Paso (Texas). International League plays every Summer in Rosarito, Ensenada, Tijuana and Mexicali (all Baja California). It has also at times had a Women’s League.

Home Venues

TeamHome Venue
Aztecas TijuanaNovofut (wk 2) and UABC (wk 5)
Black Dragons TijuanaNovofut (wk 3) and UABC (wk 5)
Diablos EnsenadaSports Center Ensenada (wk 4 and wk 5)
Duo Sports ThundercatsNovofut (wk 2 and wk 4)
Transformers EnsenadaSports Center Ensenada (wk 2 and wk 3)
Vikingos EnsenadaNovofut (wk 3) and Sports Center Ensenada (wk 4)
Super 8 Football League Baja Home Venues 2019 [Reference: 2]


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