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Sveriges Amerikanska FotbollForbund Superserien (SAFF Sweden Superseries) 1997-1999

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SAFF 1997

SAFF Superserien 1997WLTPFPAPct
Norra Konferensen
Stockholm Mean Machines (C)109104399518
Uppsala 86ers (P)104602153128
Arlanda Jets102802133724
Vasteras Roedeers102801734484
Sodra Konferensen
Limhamn Griffins (C)1010003858320
Kristianstad C4 Lions (P)1055034423310
Orebro Black Knights104602102708
Goteborg Giants104602143878
[References: 2]
DateHome TeamAway Team
03.08.1997Carlstad Crusaders21Arlanda Jets14
03.08.1997Tyreso Royal Crown37Vasteras Roedeers12
10.08.1997Stockholm Mean Machines36Kristianstad C4 Lions22
10.08.1997Limhamn Griffins36Uppsala 86ers37
SM-FinalSwedish Championship
24.08.1997 Stockholm Mean Machines 28 Uppsala 86ers 21
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SAFF 1998

SAFF Superserien 1998PWLTPFPAPct
Stockholm Mean Machine (C)109103195818
Orebro Black Knights (P)1082030316416
Tyreso Royal Crowns (P)1073028629314
Carlstad Crusaders (P)1064031017812
Kristianstad C4 Lions1055015522910
Goteborg Giants103702002436
Uppsala 86ers102801502364
Limhamn Griffins100100483630
[References: 2]
DateHome TeamAway Team
19.07.1998Stockholm Mean Machines32Carlstad Crusaders9
19.07.1998Orebro Black Knights35Tyreso Royal Crowns15
SM-FinalSwedish Championship
26.07.1998Stockholm Mean Machines31Orebro Black Knights10
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SAFF 1999

SAFF Superserien 1999PWLTPFPAPct
Stockholm Mean Machine (C)1091031811718
Carlstad Crusaders (P)1082030713116
Orebro Black Knights (P)1073029016314
Arlanda Jets (P)1055023920810
Kristianstad C4 Lions104601351958
Tyreso Royal Crowns104602672738
Goteborg Giants103701363196
Ystad Rockets100100523400
[References: 4]
DateHome TeamAway Team
15.08.1999Stockholm Mean Machines42Arlanda Jets0
15.08.1999Carlstad Crusaders28Orebro Black Knights53
SM-FinalSwedish Championship
22.08.1999Stockholm Mean Machines48 Orebro Black Knights 25
[References: 4]


Stockholm Mean Machines won the SAFF Swedish American Football Federation Championship three years running from 1997 to 1999. After winning the Norra (Northern) Conference in 1997 they defeated Uppsala 86ers 21-14 in the Sveriges-Meisterschaft SM-Final. With two teams relegated from Norra Conference after 1997 and none from the Sodra Conference (Southern) the two conferences were merged into one. Stockholm Mean Machines won the SM League title in 1998 with a 9-1 record and proceeded to defeat Orebro Black Knights 31-10 in the SM-Final. They repeated the feat in 1999 with a 48-25 victory over the Black Knights, again after finishing top of the Superseries with a 9-1 record.



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