Tadgh Leader Irish-born Professional American and Canadian Football Player 2021-2022

Player Details and Statistics

Tadgh Leader
Kicker, Punter
Past Teams
Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Panthers Wroclaw
European League of Football East Division, CFL Canadian Football League East Division
2021, Preseason 2022

CFL Canadian Football League East Division

SeasonTeamFGSafetyPAT2XPTDCompAttRush YdsRecRec YdsIntLngFumLost
Preseason 2022Hamilton Tiger-Cats00000000000000

European League of Football East Division

SeasonTeamFGSafetyPAT2XPTDCompAttRush YdsRecRec YdsIntLngFumLost
2021Panthers Wroclaw00000000000000

Career Total

SeasonFGSafetyPAT2XPTDCompAttRush YdsRecRec YdsIntLngFumLost

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Born: Galway, Ireland, 1 March 1992.

College: International (Ireland); Lindenwood University (USA).

Professional Career: Connacht Rugby (Pro 12 Rugby); New England Free Jacks (Major League Rugby, 2019); Aviators (The Spring League 2021); Panthers Wroclaw (European League of Football 2021); Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Canadian Football League Preseason 2022)

Former Connacht Rugby player Tadgh Leader was born in Galway, Ireland. At the age of 15 he and his brother Darragh headed out to kick some Rugby balls at their local pitch on Christmas Day. His dad, a former Galwegians RFC Rugby player made a bet with them that they could not kick the ball over the bars from the halfway line. Both Tadgh and his brother Darragh won €50 each.

Tadgh went on to play Rugby Professionally for Connacht and Darragh now lives in USA where he coaches at Clemson University Tigers. Tadhg suffered a number of injuries during his last few years at Connacht and after playing in Italy he ended up studying in USA and playing for both New England Free Jacks in Major League Rugby and making his Test debut for USA Eagles Rugby Union National Team.

Tadgh was signed up to play another year of Rugby Union in 2021 when the kicker started kicking American Footballs for fun. People took notice and said he should try out for American Football teams and so he went off to San Diego where he was kicking alongside Super Bowl-winning athletes. Unsure of his own ability he asked John Carney, who has 23 years of experience kicking Footballs and Carney said he could mix it with the NFL players.

Before long Leader found himself playing for the Aviators in The Spring League in USA. The Aviatiors, one of four teams based in Indianapolis, a COVID-19 Pod and one of two Pods in the 8-team league in 2021 finished with an 0-6 record in 2021. On May 7 versus Alphas Tadgh Leader scored the first points of his American Football career kicking a Field Goal to make the score Aviators 3 Alphas 7 at Halftime.

After spending Spring in Indianapolis with the Aviators Tadgh signed for Panthers Wroclaw in the European League of Football, making his debut on August 1 in a 31-33 loss at Cologne Centurions. Tadhg scored a 35-yard Field Goal in that game to make the score 16-7 [References: 7-8] On August 22 he kicked a 52-yard Field Goal, his personal highlight in a 30-24 victory at Hamburg Sea Devils [References: 9-10]. The Hamburg game was his fourth of the ELF season [References: 11]. Panthers Wroclaw finished the season with three straight wins to finish on 6-4 and reached the Playoffs where they lost to Hamburg Sea Devils 27-30.

In March 2022 Leader signed for Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League, scoring the winning Field Goal with seconds left in the Ti-Cats opening preseason game versus Montreal Alouettes. After their second and last preseason game of the 2022 season where Leader sat on the bench and did not feature, Tadgh was released. [References: 15-21]

Note: Video Clip of Tadhg’s 52-yard FG versus Hamburg Sea Devils can be seen by clicking the link in Reference Number 9 below the Standing Section:

The Spring League 2021

The Spring League 2021PWLTPFPAPct
TSL North (Indianapolis)
Linemen (C)6510177117.833
TSL South (Houston)
Jousters (C)642012162.667
Sea Lions615090141.250

[References: Compiled from results in 2]

DateHome TeamAway Team
Mega Bowl ChampionshipRice Stadium, Houston, TX

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European League of Football Autumn 2021

European League of Football Division North 2021


European League of Football Division South 2021


European League of Football Playoffs 2021

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CFL Canadian Football League Preseason 2022

CFL Canadian Football League East Division Preseason 2022

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak

CFL Canadian Football League West Division Preseason 2022

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak

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Tadgh Leader CFL Games Log


Hamilton Tiger-Cats739625
Montreal Alouettes960823

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

# Player Position FG Safety PAT 2XP TD Comp Att Pass Yds Rush Att Rush Yds Rec Rec Yds Int Lng Fum Lost FR Tckl Solo Asst Sack PR KR Punt PYds PAvg BFG OR
76Tadgh Leader Kicker1000000000000000000000000000
 Total 1000000000000000000000000000

Montreal Alouettes

Position FG Safety PAT 2XP TD Comp Att Pass Yds Rush Att Rush Yds Rec Rec Yds Int Lng Fum Lost FR Tckl Solo Asst Sack PR KR Punt PYds PAvg BFG OR

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