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AMFA Moroccan Football League 2019

AMFA Morocco Logo [References: 11]


AMFA Moroccan Football League North Conference 2019

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AMFA Moroccan Football League South Conference 2019

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Note: Final regular season matches possibly postponed until February 18th and 25th 2021.

MFL Moroccan Football League Logo [References: 1]


The inaugural Association Marocaine de Football Américain 9-man Moroccan Football League took place in 2019. The first ever Full-contact, helmets-and-pads league in Morocco consisted of two conferences: North and South of three teams each.

While Week 3 was postponed until after Ramadan, and may not have taken place at all, there is mention on Agadir White Sharks Facebook page on March 7th 2021 of them being Champions a week after announcing they were back. Another postponed match between Black Mambas and Rabat Lions appears to have been rescheduled for February 18th 2021. The intervening Covid-19 restrictions appear to have stopped all Football in 2020 in Morocco like almost everywhere else.

As it is known, Agadir White Sharks were leading the South Conference having defeated Marrakech Spartiates, while the Casablanca Stars were also on 1-0 having also defeated Marrakech Spartiates. In the North Conference Salè Black Mambas stood on 1-0, Salè Jaguars on 1-1 and Rabat Lions on 0-1


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