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USFL United States Football League 2022

United States Football League Logo [Reference: 11]


USFL United States Football League North Division 2022

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak

USFL United States Football League South Division 2022

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak

Standings calculated automatically from results. For Official Standings please visit USFL website at: [References: 10]


USFL United States Football League Playoffs 2022

Schedule compiled from schedule in USFL website. For Official Schedule please visit USFL website at: [References: 14] Note: All times GMT +1 (Summer Time)

For Box-Score and Game Recap of the USFL Championship Game please click on the Game in the Schedule Above.


USFL United States Football League 2022

Match Day Week 1
(Week 1)
24 - 28

New Jersey Generals vs Birmingham Stallions

(Week 1)
17 - 12

Houston Gamblers vs Michigan Panthers

(Week 1)
17 - 23

Philadelphia Stars vs New Orleans Breakers

(Week 1)
17 - 3

Tampa Bay Bandits vs Pittsburgh Maulers

Match Day Week 2
(Week 2)
6 - 10

Michigan Panthers vs New Jersey Generals

(Week 2)
23 - 30

Pittsburgh Maulers vs Philadelphia Stars

(Week 2)
33 - 28

Birmingham Stallions vs Houston Gamblers

(Week 2)
34 - 3

New Orleans Breakers vs Tampa Bay Bandits

Match Day Week 3
(Week 3)
27 - 26

Tampa Bay Bandits vs Houston Gamblers

(Week 3)
0 - 24

Pittsburgh Maulers vs Michigan Panthers

(Week 3)
22 - 13

Birmingham Stallions vs New Orleans Breakers

(Week 3)
24 - 16

New Jersey Generals vs Philadelphia Stars

Match Day Week 4
(Week 4)
26 - 25

Philadelphia Stars vs Michigan Panthers

(Week 4)
21 - 13

New Jersey Generals vs Pittsburgh Maulers

(Week 4)
10 - 16

Tampa Bay Bandits vs Birmingham Stallions

(Week 4)
16 - 23

Houston Gamblers vs New Orleans Breakers

Match Day Week 5
(Week 5)
20 - 27

Michigan Panthers vs Tampa Bay Bandits

(Week 5)
17 - 27

New Orleans Breakers vs New Jersey Generals

(Week 5)
30 - 17

Birmingham Stallions vs Philadelphia Stars

(Week 5)
21 - 20

Pittsburgh Maulers vs Houston Gamblers

Match Day Week 6
(Week 6)
17 - 33

Michigan Panthers vs Birmingham Stallions

(Week 6)
28 - 35

Tampa Bay Bandits vs Philadelphia Stars

(Week 6)
16 - 26

Pittsburgh Maulers vs New Orleans Breakers

(Week 6)
25 - 26

Houston Gamblers vs New Jersey Generals

Match Day Week 7
(Week 7)
20 - 13

New Jersey Generals vs Tampa Bay Bandits

(Week 7)
31 - 27

New Orleans Breakers vs Michigan Panthers

(Week 7)
26 - 16

Birmingham Stallions vs Pittsburgh Maulers

(Week 7)
35 - 24

Philadelphia Stars vs Houston Gamblers

Match Day Week 8
(Week 8)
18 - 29

Pittsburgh Maulers vs New Jersey Generals

(Week 8)
9 - 10

New Orleans Breakers vs Birmingham Stallions

(Week 8)
24 - 46

Michigan Panthers vs Philadelphia Stars

(Week 8)
3 - 13

Houston Gamblers vs Tampa Bay Bandits

Match Day Week 9
(Week 9)
25 - 23

New Jersey Generals vs Michigan Panthers

(Week 9)
17 - 15

Houston Gamblers vs Birmingham Stallions

(Week 9)
6 - 17

Tampa Bay Bandits vs New Orleans Breakers

(Week 9)
17 - 16

Philadelphia Stars vs Pittsburgh Maulers

Match Day Week 10
(Week 10)
23 - 26

Philadelphia Stars vs New Jersey Generals

(Week 10)
21 - 18

Birmingham Stallions vs Tampa Bay Bandits

(Week 10)
3 - 20

New Orleans Breakers vs Houston Gamblers

(Week 10)
33 - 21

Michigan Panthers vs Pittsburgh Maulers

Schedule compiled from schedule in USFL website. For Official Schedule please visit USFL website at: [References: 14] Note: All times GMT +1 (Summer Time)

Weekly Recaps

Week 1 (16-18 April 2022)

Birmingham Stallions opened the 2022 USFL season, the first since 1985, with a 28-24 victory over New Jersey Generals, once owned back in the 1980s by former US President Donald Trump. Despite a lawsuit from the original owners claiming trademark violations, the league went ahead, and the home team Stallions won the first of four opening weekend games played at their Protective Stadium (it was planned for all games to be played at Protective Stadium throught the season as part of the hub model). Other games saw wins for Houston Gamblers (17-12 versus Michigan Panthers), New Orleans Breakers (23-17 versus Philadelphia Stars) and Tampa Bay Bandits (17-3 versus Pittsburgh Maulers). [References: 13-14]

Week 2 (23-25 April 2022)

In the North Division New Jersey Generals improved to 1-1 with their first win of the season in a low-scoring game versus Michigan Panthers (10-6 to the Generals) and Philadelphia Stars likewise got their first win, 30-23 against Pittsburgh Maulers (0-2) in a Pennsylvania derby. The South Division, dominant during week 1, saw Birmingham Stallions make full usage of the home field advantage to move to 2-0 with a 33-28 defeat of Houston Gamblers, while New Orleans Breakers joined them on 2-0 with a huge 34-3 victory over Tampa Bay Bandits. [References: 13-14]

Week 3 (30 April-2 May 2022)

The South Division match-up between Tampa Bay Bandits and Houston Gamblers (both 1-1 coming into the game) was the closest of the weekend with Bandits prevailing 27-26. Birmingham Stallions were the only remaining undefeated team after defeating New Orleans Breakers, who were also undefeated coming into the game, 22-13. The North Division also saw a match-up between the two joint-division leaders (on wins) with New Jersey Generals winning 24-16 versus Philadelphia Stars. The other game between winless Pittsburgh Maulers and Michigan Panthers went the way of the Panthers, 24-0. [References: 13-14]

May 2022 Recap (Weeks 4-7)

Birmingham Stallions made full use of homefield advantage winning all four games at Protective Stadium in May, defeating Tampa Bay Bandits, Phiadelphia Stars, Michigan Panthers and Pittsburgh Maulers on their way to 7-0. Second place in the South Division was occupied by New Orleans Breakers on 5-2 who went 3-1 during May with only a loss to New Jersey Generals spoiling the record which included wins over Houston Gamblers, Michigan Panthers and Pittsburgh Maulers. Tampa Bay Bandits picked up a win over Michigan Panthers to go 3-4 in an otherwise disappointing May for the Florida team. Houston Gamblers lost all four games in May to be left out of playoff contention on 1-6. [References: 13-14]

The North Division saw New Jersey Generals assured of a playoff spot with their six game winning streak to week 7 leaving them on 6-1. Philadelphia Stars were almost assured of a playoff spot also standing on 4-3 as they defeated Michigan Panthers, Tampa Bay Bandits and Houston Gamblers in May. Michigan Panthers lost four in a row as the team from the City of Big Cats were joined on 1-6 by Pittsburgh Maulers who managed their first win with a narrow 21-20 victory over Houston Gamblers to also stand on 1-6 at the end of May. [References: 13-14]

June 2022 Recap (Weeks 8-10)

After narrowly defeating New Orleans Breakers 10-9 to record their eighth successive victory, Birmigham Stallions suffered a big shock in week 9 with a 17-15 loss to Houston Gamblers, only the Gamblers second victory of the season. The Stallions bounced back with a 21-18 triumph over Tampa Bay Bandits on the Final day of the Regular Season to finish 9-1 and capture the South Division title. New Orleans breakers joined the Stallions in the playoffs with a victory over Tampa Bay Bandits in week 9, but suffered a loss to the surging Houston Gamblers in the last week to finish 6-4. Tampa Bay Bandits won 13-3 versus Houston Gamblers in week 9 as the Bandits secured third place in the division with the win. Houston Gamblers finished 3-7 with those two shock victories against playoff-bound Birmigham and New Orleans to put a gloss on what was a disappointing season for the Texas team. [References: 13-14]

The North Division Champions were New Jersey Generals who finished off the regular season with victories over division rivals Pittsburgh Maulers, Michigan Panthers and Philadelphia Stars to complete a nine-game winning streak to end the regular season after that first loss to Birmingham Stallions in week 1. The Generals were joined in the playoffs by Philadelphia Stars who defeated Michigan Panthers and Pittsburgh Maulers either side of the loss to New Jersey in week 9 to finish on 6-4. The battle for the unenviable crown of first draft pick in 2023 went to Pittsburgh Maulers who finished 1-9 after a five game losing streak to end season including a 21-33 defeat to Michigan Panthers who finished 2-8 with the victory. [References: 13-14]

Playoff Preview

New Jersey Generals head into the Playoffs on the back of a nine-game winning streak which saw the Generals finish the regular season 9-1. The Garden State team’s only loss came in week 1 when they lost to host city team for the hub model in 2022, Birmigham Stallions 24-28. The Stallions themselves finished on 9-1 also, with a shock loss to the surprising Houston Gamblers in the penultimate week of the regular season. The Generals play North Division runners-up Philadelphia Stars (6-4) who they beat twice during the regular season in the Playoffs while Birmingham Stallions also meet a 6-4 team the New Orleans Breakers, who they also defeated twice during the regular season. All playoff games shall be played at the Professional Football Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio, the birthplace just over 100 years ago of the National Football League (NFL) the Major Professional Football League. [References: 13-14]

Playoffs (26 June 2022)

Philadelphia Stars shocked New Jersey Generals 19-14 ending a nine-game winning-streak for the Generals. New Jersey had defeated the Stars twice during the regular season. Philadelphia meet Birmingham Stallions in the USFL Championship Game after the Stallions triumphed 31-17 over New Orleans Breakers in the other Semi-Finals. [References: 13-14]

USFL Championship Game 2022 (3 July 2022)

Birmingham Stallions triumphed over Philadelphia Stars 33-30 thanks to two inportant interceptions in the fourth quarter – one of which was returned for a 46yard Touchdown by S Wright III and three more touchdowns as well as two Field Goals by R Aubrey. A Stars fightback in the 4th Quarter was ended by first Wright III’s interception with 3:03 left on the clock and then C McFarland’s timely interception with 28 seconds left which ended the game. [See Box-Score and Recap in the Game Link above]

About the USFL 2022

The United States Football League (USFL) 2022 is a reincarnation of the successful Spring alternative to the National Football League (NFL) which ran from 1983 to 1985 before an unsuccessful bid to move to an autumn season and taking the NFL head-on [See link to USFL 1983-1985 below for more details]. The 2022 version shall be played entirely within a Hub City in Birmingham, Alabama, a model first used by The Spring League (TSL) from 2016 to 2021, before that league went into partnership with Fox Sports and bought out the naming rights and logos of the USFL 1983-1985 and renaming itself USFL for 2022 [See link below for The Spring League for more details] . The USFL 2022 published a 10-game schedule culminating in Semi-Finals and Championship Game between the top two teams in each Division [10].

For More on the USFL 1983-1985 please see:

And for More on The Spring League (TSL) 2017-2021 please see:

Map of USA with USFL Cities and Team Logos

Map of USFL Teams 2022
High detailed United States of America physical map with labeling Contributor: Bardocz Peter with additional USFL 2022 Logos by Enda Mulcahy for Eirball.ie References: [60]

[12] High detailed United States of America physical map with labeling. Item ID: 392033755 Contributor: Bardocz Peter [Internet] Available from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/high-detailed-united-states-america-physical-392033755 [Accessed 11 January 2022][Combined with NFL AFC Logos by Enda Mulcahy for Eirball.ie][11 February 2022][For NFL Logos please see References 2-8]


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Standings and Schedule References

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Thanks to Todd Zboyan and Decy Maher.


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FXFL Fall Experimental Football League Schedule 2014

FXFL Logo [References: 10]


FXFL Fall Experimental Football League 2014

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak



Joe Clancy, a player with an Irish name from Merrimack, Massachusetts, jumped at the opportunity to play in the FXFL in his hometown after playing a season out of college at Orebro Black Knights in Sweden. The Boston Brawlers played out of Harvard Stadium, but unfortunately lost all four games in the FXFL in 2014. Brooklyn Bolts won the League with a 4-0 record and Omaha Mammoths finished second on 3-1. Florida Blacktips, the other team in the league finished 0-2, playing as a road team.

About the FXFL

The FXFL (Fall Experimental Football League) was a follow-on from The Stars Football League of 2011 to 2013, and was like a Spring Developmental Football League but played in the Fall. Its’ first season in 2014 featured four teams spread accross three regions of the USA: Boston Brawlers and Brooklyn Bolts in the Northeast, Omaha Mammoths in the Midwest and Florida Blacktips in the South.



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Logo Image Reference

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Biography References

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The Spring League San Antonio 2020

The Spring League Logo [Reference: 1]


The Spring League Standings [Reference: 7]

Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Championship GameAlamodome
The Spring League Playoffs [Reference: 7]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
Week 2
04.11.2020Blues17Aviators23 ot
Week 3
10.11.2020Jousters0 #Alphas2
Week 4
The Spring League 2020 San Antonio Results [Reference: 3-19]

Teams & Coaches

GeneralsBart Andrus
JoustersChuck Bresnahan
BluesTed Cottrell
AlphasSteve Fairchild
AviatorsTerry Shea
ConquerorsJerry Glanville
The Spring League 2020 San Antonio [Reference: 2]


In the opening Week in The Spring League 2020 in San Antonio Alphas lost 0-19 to Blues with QB Shea Patterson throwing for 3 TDs, two of which went to Jovon Durante Cinco. Aviators defeated Jousters 28-0 as DeShaun Amos twice intercepted the ball, returning one for a TD and QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson passed for 2 TDs. In the third game of the day, which was Nationally televised Generals triumphed 33-19 over Conquerors, with Bryan Scott throwing for 3 Tds in his first professional start, and the Generals defense recording 3 Interceptions.

In Week 2, the Aviators won in overtime against the Blues, 23-17, as Wide Receiver Matthew Sexton scored with a walk-off Punt Return in a game televised Nationally on FS1 (Fox Sports 1). The win moved the Aviators to 2-0 as the Blues fell to 1-1. QB JT Barret led the Alphas to their first win of the season as they beat the Conquerors 22-17, dropping the conquerors to 0-2. In the other game, Jousters Kicker Ricky Aguayo had a perfect 5/5 night as the Generals came from behind in the fourth quarter, allowing no Touchdowns in the game and forcing two turnovers in the fourth quarter, leading them to an 18-15 victory as they moved to 2-0 in the standings, and the Jousters dropped to 0-2.

In the third week the Conquerors shocked the Aviators with a 42-19 victory against the undefeated team, giving the Conquerors their first win of the season. The Jousters forfeited their match against the Alphas, due to COVID-19 testing and protocols, and also lack of practice. Alphas were awarded a 2-0 win as per league rules. Quarterback Bryan Scott, led the Generals to the only team undefeated on 3-0 with four Touchdowns and was matched by his own defence who contributed four interceptions as the Generals downed the Blues 42-28 to claim sole ownership of the top spot.

On 17 November 2020, The Spring League made the announcement to cancel the matches for Week 4 due to positive COVID-19 tests. The Championship Game was postponed until 15 December 2020 where the Generals totally dominated the Aviators winning 37-14, with QB Bryan Scott named MVP.

Championship Game Video


The Spring League is an Elite Developmental American Football League that played its 2020 Fall Season in the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

Six teams were announced for The Spring League 2020 in San Antonio, the only 11v11 American Football League other than the National Football League to go ahead despite the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. Terry Shea, an Irish surname / family name, was named head coach of the Aviators, one of six teams, so possibly an Irish Connection there.



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[3] The Spring League (2017) Post October 26, 2020″The Conquerors make their #TSL2020 debut on FS1 this Tuesday night when they face the Generals. But, before they take the field, they are the subject of the newest episode of Kat’s Cover-Two.″ [Internet] Available from: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3441729842555635&notif_id=1603740233814214&notif_t=watch_follower_video&ref=notif [Accessed 27 October 2020]


[4] The Spring League (2020) Schedule [Internet] Available from: https://www.thespringleague.com/?page_id=5732 [Accessed 21 November 2020]

Social Media

[6] The Spring League (2020) Post March 23, 2020: ″Since 2017, the year #TheSpringLeague began play, 229 of our players have been signed to pro football contracts #NFL: 90 #CFL: 51 #AAF: 55 #XFL: 33″ [Internet] Available from:  https://www.facebook.com/thespringleague/posts/2643855175892915 [Accessed 8 June 2020]


[7] The Spring League (2020) Game Schedule [Internet] Available from: https://www.thespringleague.com/?page_id=5732 [Accessed 28 October 2020]

Social Media

[8] The Spring League Facebook (2020) Post, October 27, 2020 “

FINAL in Game 1 – a Blues dominating performance.🔹 QB Shea Patterson threw for 3 TDs🔹 WR Jovon Durante cinco caught 2 TDs🔹 Blues defense forces INT, FR, and 7 sacks; allows 0 points”

[Internet] Available from: https://www.facebook.com/thespringleague/posts/2830871110524653 [Accessed 28 October 2020]

[9] The Spring League Facebook (2020) Post, October 27, 2020 “

Game over. The Aviators dominate the Jousters in Week 1.🔹 DB DaShaun Amos 2 INTs and returns one for a TD🔹 McLeod Bethel-Thompson 2 passing TDs🔹 Aviators Defense: 0 PA, 3 FR, 2 INT”

[Internet] Available from: https://www.facebook.com/thespringleague/posts/2831025990509165 [Accessed 28 October 2020]

[10] The Spring League Facebook (2020) Post, October 27, 2020 “

The Generals secure the last victory of the day with a thrilling nationally televised game over the Conquerors.▪️ @bryanscott18 throws for 3 TDs in his first professional start▪️@yocrazylegs rushes for 2 TDs▪️Generals Defense records 3 INT”

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[11] The Spring League Facebook (2020) Post, 2020″The Aviators beat the Blues in Week 2 by a score of 23-17 in the first overtime game of the season. WR Mathew Sexton ended the contest on a walk off punt return for a TD during the nationally televised game on FS1!The Aviators remain undefeated while the Blues drop to 1-1.” [Internet] Available from: https://www.facebook.com/thespringleague/posts/2838531756425255 [Accessed 7 November 2020]

[12] The Spring League Facebook (2020) Post, 5 November 2020″Full highlights from last night’s 22-17 Alphas victory over the Conquerors. QB JT Barrett led his squad to their first win of TSL2020 while the Conquerors fell to 0-2.” [Internet] Available from: https://www.facebook.com/thespringleague/posts/2839245563020541 [Accessed 7 November 2020]

[13] The Spring League Facebook (2020) Post, 5 November 2020″The Generals steal a win from the Jousters behind a defense that allowed 0 TDs and created 2 fourth quarter turnovers.Despite the loss, the story of the game is Jousters K Ricky Aguayo’s perfect 5/5 night.The Generals improve to 2-0 and the Jousters remain win-less at 0-2.” [Internet] Available from: https://www.facebook.com/thespringleague/posts/2839493712995726 [Accessed 7 November 2020]

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[15] The Spring League Facebook (2020) POst, 11 November 2020The game and the Aviators perfect season is over. Conquerors dominate in a very deserving win that was a long time coming.Aviators fall to 2-1. Conquerors pick up their first win to get to 1-2.” [Internet] Available from: https://www.facebook.com/thespringleague/posts/2844086742536423 [Accessed 21 November 2020]

[16] The Spring League Facebook (2020) Post, 11 November 2020″Due to lack of practice time because of COVID-19 protocols, the Jousters will forfeit their Week 3 game against the Alphas. Per NFL rules, the Alphas will be rewarded a 2-0 win and move to 2-1.Both teams have resumed practicing.” [Internet] Available from: https://www.facebook.com/thespringleague/posts/2844701922474905[Accessed 21 November 2020]

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Thanks to Todd Zboyan, Bart Barden, Decy Maher, Sean Douglas, Anton Pippo O’Grady, Joe Grey, Brianna Wallace & Heather Foust.

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Indoor Football League 2021

Indoor Football League Logo 2020-Present
Indoor Football League Logo 2020-Present [Reference: 1]


Eastern Division
Massacusetts Pirates321012176.667
Bismarck Bucks3210117117.667
Green Bay Blizzard4220170164.500
Louisville Xtreme20204798.000
Central Division
Iowa Barnstormers110056361.000
Frisco Fighters110036331.000
Sioux Falls Storm10103656.000
Duke City Gladiators
Western Division
Tucson Sugar Skulls
Northern Arizona Wranglers
Spokane Shock10103336.000
Arizona Rattlers
Indoor Football League 2021 [Reference: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
23.04.2021Green Bay Blizzard35Bismarck Bucks41
24.04.2021Louisville Xtreme18Massachusetts Pirates49
Week 2
02.05.2021Green Bay Blizzard40Massachusetts Pirates36
Week 3
08.05.2021Bismarck Bucks18Massachusetts Pirates36
07.05.2021Louisville Xtreme29Green Bay Blizzard49
Week 4
14.05.2021Bismarck Bucks58Green Bay Blizzard46
15.05.2021Sioux Falls Storm36Iowa Barnstormers56
15.05.2021Spokane Shock33Frisco Fighters36
16.05.2021Northern Arizona WranglersArizona Rattlers
Week 5
21.05.2021Tucson Sugar SkullsGreen Bay Blizzard
22.05.2021Bismarck BucksNorthern Arizona Wranglers
22.05.2021Arizona RattlersSioux Falls Storm
22.05.2021Iowa BarnstormersDuke City Gladiators
22.05.2021Frisco FightersLouisville Xtreme
22.05.2021Spokane ShockMassachusetts Pirates
Week 6
28.05.2021Iowa BarnstormersBismarck Bucks
29.05.2021Louisville XtremeSioux Falls Storm
29.05.2021Tucson Sugar SkullsDuke City Gladiators
Week 11
04.06.2021Green Bay BlizzardArizona Rattlers
05.06.2021Bismarck BucksSioux Falls Storm
05.06.2021Frisco FightersDuke City Gladiators
05.06.2021Tucson Sugar SkullsIowa Barnstormers
05.06.2021Northern Arizona WranglersSpokane Shock
06.06.2021Massachusetts PiratesLouisville Xtreme
Week 8
12.06.2021Bismarck BucksIowa Barnstormers
12.06.2021Massachusetts PiratesFrisco Fighters
12.06.2021Louisville XtremeGreen Bay Blizzard
12.06.2021Sioux Falls StormSpokane Shock
12.06.2021Northern Arizona WranglersDuke City Gladiators
12.06.2021Arizona RattlersTucson Sugar Skulls
Week 9
18.06.2021Green Bay BlizzardBismarck Bucks
19.06.2021Frisco FightersLouisville Xtreme
19.06.2021Iowa BarnstormersSioux Falls Storm
19.06.2021Duke City GladiatorsArizona Rattlers
19.06.2021Tuscon Sugar SkullsMassachusetts Pirates
19.06.2021Spokane ShockNorthern Arizona Wranglers
Week 10
25.06.2021Arizona RattlersSpokane Shock
25.06.2021Green Bay BlizzardIowa Barnstormers
26.06.2021Northern Arizona WranglersTuscon Sugar Skulls
26.06.2021Sioux Falls StormBismarck Bucks
26.06.2021Duke City GladiatorsFrisco Fighters
27.06.2021Louisville XtremeMassachusetts Pirates
Week 11
02.07.2021Tucson Sugar SkullsArizona Rattlers
02.07.2021Frisco FightersMassachusetts Pirates
03.07.2021Louisville XtremeSpokane Shock
03.07.2021Duke City GladiatorsNorthern Arizona Wranglers
Week 12
09.07.2021Frisco FightersIowa Barnstormers
10.07.2021Massachusetts PiratesBismarck Bucks
10.07.2021Louisville XtremeGreen Bay Blizzard
10.07.2021Arizona RattlersNorthern Arizona Wranglers
10.07.2021Tucson Sugar SkullsDuke City Gladiators
10.07.2021Spokane ShockSioux Falls Storm
Week 13
16.07.2021Bismarck BucksFrisco Fighters
16.07.2021Green Bay BlizzardSioux Falls Storm
17.07.2021Massachusetts PiratesArizona Rattlers
17.07.2021Iowa BarnstormersLouisville Xtreme
17.07.2021Spokane ShockTucson Sugar Skulls
17.07.2021Northern Arizona WranglersDuke City Gladiators
Week 14
22.07.2021Massachusetts PiratesLouisville Xtreme
24.07.2021Iowa BarnstormersGreen Bay Blizzard
24.07.2021Tucson Sugar SkullsBismarck Bucks
24.07.2021Duke City GladiatorsSpokane Shock
24.07.2021Arizona RattlersSioux Falls Storm
24.07.2021Frisco FightersNorthern Arizona Wranglers
Week 15
08.2021Arizona RattlersDuke City Gladiators
08.2021Bismarck BucksGreen Bay Blizzard
08.2021Louisville XtremeIowa Barnstormers
08.2021Sioux Falls StormFrisco Fighters
08.2021Spokane ShockMassachusetts Pirates
08.2021Tucson Sugar SkullsNorthern Arizona Wranglers
Week 16
08.2021Arizona RattlersTucson Sugar Skulls
08.2021Duke City GladiatorsNorthern Arizona Wranglers
08.2021Frisco FightersSpokane Shock
08.2021Iowa BarnstormersBismarck Bucks
08.2021Massachusetts PiratesGreen Bay Blizzard
08.2021Sioux Falls StormLouisville Xtreme
Week 17
08.2021Spokane ShockArizona Rattlers
08.2021Bismarck BucksGreen Bay Blizzard
08.2021Iowa BarnstormersLouisville Xtreme
08.2021Northern Arizona WranglersMassachusetts Pirates
08.2021Spokane ShockArizona Rattlers
08.2021Tucson Sugar SkullsDuke City Gladiators
Week 18
08.2021Arizona RattlersFrisco Fighters
08.2021Duke City GladiatorsBismarck Bucks
08.2021Massachusetts PiratesIowa Barnstormers
08.2021Northern Arizona WranglersTucson Sugar Skulls
08.2021Sioux Falls StormGreen Bay Blizzard
08.2021Spokane ShockLouisville Xtreme
Indoor Football League Regular Season Results 2021 [Reference: 3]


Weeks 1-3 23 April – 8 May 2021

Playing a 3-game schedule between themselves to start the 2021 Indoor Football League schedule in USA, Green Bay Blizzard (Wisconsin) and Massachusetts Pirates both got off to 2-1 Wins-Losses starts while Bismarck Bucks (North Dakota) started 1-1 and expansion franchise Louisville Xtreme got off to an 0-2 start. The Blizzard lost their opening game 36-41 at home to Bismarck, but then won 40-36 at home to Massachusetts before a much easier 49-29 victory over the Xtreme. The Pirates had big wins over both Louisville Xtreme (49-18 on opening day) and 36-18 versus Bismarck Bucks.

Week 4 15-16 May 2021

Bismarck Bucks moved to 2-1 with a win over Green Bay Blizzard, which dropped the Blizzard to 2-2. Meanwhile, most of the rest of the League played their opening games. Iowa Barnstormers defeated Sioux Falls Storm 56-36, early indication that the Storm’s long-standing record of Bowl wins and appearances may be threatened in 2021. Making their debut were Frisco Fighters, from Texas, who triumphed in their first ever game 36-33 at Spokane Shock of Washington State, one of the oldest of the Arena Indoor Football teams.


For the 2021 season the Indoor Football League added the Louisville Xtreme and Northern Arizona Wranglers. The Indoor Football League is a AAA American Football League played Reduced Numbers (8v8) Arena Indoor American Football primarily in the American Mid-West & West. Previously AA, it has since the demise of the AAA Arena Football League after the 2019 season, it has expanded its Geographic Reach, and has taken the AFL’s position as the AAA League in Indoor/Arena Football. This version of American Football is most popular in Mexico, hence names like Tucson Sugar Skulls. LEXFA (Liga Extrema de Futbol Arena) in Mexico is the Major League (and also one of four Mexican Majors)

Team Map 2021

Indoor Football League Team Map 2021 [References: 4]



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Thanks to Bart Barden & Sam Thompson

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