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EFL European Football League Final Standings and Eurobowl Playoffs 1987-88

EFL Eurobowl Playoffs 1988

European Football League Eurobowl Tournament 1988

Match Day Eurobowl Qualification
(Eurobowl Qualification)
36 - 12

Graz Giants vs Dublin Celts

Match Day Eurobowl Quarter-Finals
(Eurobowl Quarter-Finals)
43 - 24

Berlin Adler vs Graz Giants

(Eurobowl Quarter-Finals)
51 - 6

Helsinki Roosters vs Paris Castors

(Eurobowl Quarter-Finals)
0 - 68

Zurich Renegades vs Frogs Legnano

(Eurobowl Quarter-Finals)
27 - 31

London Ravens vs Amsterdam Crusaders

Match Day Eurobowl Semi-Finals
(Eurobowl Semi-Finals)
33 - 35

Frogs Legnano vs Helsinki Roosters

(Eurobowl Semi-Finals)
29 - 28

Amsterdam Crusaders vs Berlin Adler

Match Day Third Place Playoff
(Third Place Playoff)
28 - 3

Frogs Legnano vs Berlin Adler

Match Day Eurobowl II Final
(Eurobowl II Final)
35 - 14

Helsinki Roosters vs Amsterdam Crusaders

AIFA Italy Serie A 1987

AIFA Associazione Italiana Football Americano Girone A 1987

1Warriors Bologna11100.95846794
2Doves Bologna10110.87535669
3Skorpions Varese6600.500189255
4Giaguari Torino5700.417205227
5Panthers Parma57000.417140260
6Seahawks Bellusco21000.16788304
7Tauri Torino21000.16779315

AIFA Associazione Italiana Football Americano Girone B 1987

1Frogs Legnano12001.00037054
2Rhinos Milano10200.83330274
3Falchi Modena7500.583208153
4Mastini Ivrea6600.500194243
5Chiefs Ravenna4800.333119257
6Squali Genova21000.167124280
7Pharaones Garbagnate11100.08378334

AIFA Associazione Italiano Football Americano Girone C 1987

1Angels Pesaro12001.00033538
2Towers Bologna8400.667215146
3Dolphins Ancona6600.500130163
4Condor Grosseto5700.417145151
5Gladiatori Roma4710.37579123
6Grizzlies Roma3810.292153199
7Aquile Ferrara3900.25055292

AIFA Associazione Italiana Football Americano Girone D 1987

1Seamen Milano11100.91745979
2Jets Bolzano10200.833353128
3Redskins Verona8400.667216303
4Lions Bergamo5700.417173189
5Saints Padova4800.333201218
6Muli Trieste4800.333175248
7Green Machine Camposampiero01200.00047459

AIFA Italy Serie A Playoffs 1987

AFVD Germany 1. Bundesliga 1987

AFVD German 1. Bundesliga Nord Gruppe A 1987

1Düsseldorf Panther73032011614
2Cologne Crocodiles73024313214
3Cologne Red Barons64019113012
4Hamburg Dolphins55013420310
5Bonn Jets4601641738
6Düsseldorf Bulldozer01000583640

AFVD German 1. Bundesliga Nord Gruppe B 1987

1Berlin Adler10005087120
2Monheim Sharks73019214914
3Dortmund Giants55021518210
4Assindia Cardinals55014116410
5Hilden Hurricanes2801053394
6Recklinghausen Chargers190553112

AFVD Germany 1. Bundesliga Süd Gruppe A 1987

1Badener Greifs100047210720
2Hanau Hawks73022610314
3Mannheim Redskins3701423016
4Mainz Golden Eagles22096884
5Stuttgart Scorpions190643832
6Bad Homburg Falken040401090

AFVD Germany 1. Bundesliga Süd Gruppe B 1987

1Noris Rams7101875014
2Kempten Comets5301429010
3Ansbach Grizzlies (AFVD)5101213510
4Munich Cowboys170942102
5München Rangers04023930
6Rothenburg Knights000000

Note 1: Rothenburg Knights pulled out of league after 2 games (Record: 0-2-0 3-101 0)

Note 2: Results of a number of games involving Mainz Golden Eagles, Bad Homburg Falken, Ansbach Grizzlies and Muenchen Rangers not known.

AFVD German 1. Bundesliga Playoffs 1987

Match Day Playoffs - Achtelfinale
(Playoffs - Achtelfinale)
24 - 28

Cologne Red Barons vs Dortmund Giants

(Playoffs - Achtelfinale)
28 - 6

Ansbach Grizzlies (AFVD) vs Mainz Golden Eagles

(Playoffs - Achtelfinale)
10 - 32

Monheim Sharks vs Cologne Crocodiles

(Playoffs - Achtelfinale)
0 # - 20

Hanau Hawks vs Kempten Comets

Match Day Playoffs - Viertelfinale
(Playoffs - Viertelfinale)
48 - 6

Badener Greifs vs Dortmund Giants

(Playoffs - Viertelfinale)
88 - 2

Berlin Adler vs Kempten Comets

(Playoffs - Viertelfinale)
21 - 27

Düsseldorf Panther vs Ansbach Grizzlies (AFVD)

(Playoffs - Viertelfinale)
21 - 16

Noris Rams vs Cologne Crocodiles

Match Day Playoffs - Halbfinale
(Playoffs - Halbfinale)
21 - 17

Berlin Adler vs Noris Rams

(Playoffs - Halbfinale)
13 - 7

Badener Greifs vs Ansbach Grizzlies (AFVD)

Match Day German Bowl IX
(German Bowl IX)
37 - 12

Berlin Adler vs Badener Greifs

Note 3: Dates of games not known.

Britain Budweiser League National Division 1987

Budweiser League National Division Northern Conference 1987

1*Manchester Allstars10001.000387117
2*Fylde Falcons640.600342205
3Newcastle Senators (R)370.300124360
4Glasgow Lions370.300121200
5Manchester Spartans280.200137330

Budweiser League National Division Eastern Conference 1987

1*Luton Flyers820.800293136
2*Chelmsford Cherokee820.800202115
3CMK Coventry-Milton Keynes Bucks550.500209267
4Northants Stormbringers370.300177212
5Cambridge Cats (R)091.050152361

Budweiser League National Division Western Conference 1987

1*Leicester Panthers910.900318149
2*Birmingham Bulls730.700224132
3Nottingham Hoods730.700217154
4Cardiff Tigers (R)280.200131280
5Swindon Steelers (R)181.150138263

Budweiser League National Division Southern Conference 1987

1*London Ravens10001.00041286
2*London Olympians640.600266121
3Slough Silverbacks550.500243214
4Thames Valley Chargers460.400168207
5Steel City Giants (R)0100.00057424

BAFA Budweiser League National Division Playoffs 1987

FFFA France Casque d’Or 1987

FFFA France Casque d'Or Poule A 1987

1Joinville Anges Bleus6001301518
2Aix-en-Provence Argonautes420946414
3Paris Hurricanes150381076
4Antony Cherokees15018944

FFFA France Casque d'Or Poule B 1987

1Paris Spartacus5101431216
2Montpellier Wolfmen4201042914
3Fonteney Météores240288710
4Paris Wild Turkey150211686

FFFA France Casque d'Or Poule C 1987

1Paris Jets6001514818
2St. Etienne Titans231439911
3La Corneuve Flash24074739
4Paris Rangers14130789

FFFA France Casque d'Or Poule D 1987

1Paris Castors5102402116
2Paris Challengers510826616
3Lyon Samouraïs2406711410
4Nantes Drakkars060402286

FFFA France Casque d'Or Playoffs 1987

Note: 2 Pts Win, 1 Pt Tie, 0 Pts Loss, 1 Pt Match Played.

Note: A number of teams forfeited matches thus receiving 0 points for those matches.

SAJL Finland Vaahteraliiga Maple League 1987

SAJL Finland Vaahteramalja Maple League 1987

1Helsinki Roosters80135612217
2Turku Trojans7112569315
3Helsinki Colts72033516414
4Espoo FT Scotch72021410814
5Tampere Rocks4501742578
6Pori Bears4501482308
7East City Giants2611391745
8Oulu Northern Lights270813314
9Jyväskylä Rangers1711472543
10Vantaa Terrikulen AFT0721762932

SAJL Finland Vaahteraliiga Maple League 1987

Match Day Playoffs
24 - 3

Helsinki Roosters vs Helsinki Colts

28 - 7

Turku Trojans vs Espoo FT Scotch

Match Day Bronze Game
(Bronze Game)
49 - 24

Espoo FT Scotch vs Helsinki Colts

Match Day Vaahteramalja - Maple Bowl VIII
(Vaahteramalja - Maple Bowl VIII)
14 - 7

Helsinki Roosters vs Turku Trojans


NAFF Nederlandse American Football Federatie Playoffs 1987

Match Day Tulip Bowl III
(Tulip Bowl III)
47 - 13

Amsterdam Crusaders vs The Hague Raiders

SAFV Switzerland Meisterschaft 1987

SAFV Switzerland Meisterschaft Ost 1987

1Lugano Seagulls7100.8753041914
2Zurich Renegades7100.8752131514
3Bülach Giants3500.3751021266
4Zurich Bay Bandits2600.250691844
5Aarau Outlaws1700.125233672

SAFV Switzerland Meisterschaft West 1987

1Bienna Jets8001.0002644216
2Basilisk Mean Machine5300.62515412210
3St. Gallen Raiders5300.6251439210
4Berner Grizzlies1700.125501722
5Mendrisio Smugglers1700.125482312

SAFV Switzerland Meisterschaft Playoffs 1987

AFBÖ Austrian Football League 1987

AFBÖ Austrian Football League Playoffs 1987

Match Day Austrian Bowl III
(Austrian Bowl III)
20 - 0

Graz Giants vs Salzburg Lions

Note 5: Final Standings not known.

AFAI Irish American Football League 1987

IAFL Mourne Conference 1987

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak
3Carrickfergus Cougars4600.40099126-27L1

IAFL Tara Conference 1987

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak
4Bangor Buccaneers4600.40067221-154W1

Irish American Football League Playoffs 1987

Match Day Semi-Finals
20 - 28

Belfast Blitzers vs Craigavon Cowboys

43 - 0

Dublin Celts vs Belfast Giants

Match Day Shamrock Bowl II
(Shamrock Bowl II)
43 - 25

Dublin Celts vs Craigavon Cowboys


Eurobowl Playoffs 1988

Ireland’s Dublin Celts lost 36-12 in Austria to Graz Giants on 1 November 1987 in the Eurobowl Qualifying game. Graz Giants went on to compete in the Eurobowl Tournament proper in England from the 30 July 1988 to 7 August 1988.

The Helsinki Roosters won Eurobowl II behind the strong running of American Mike Kane who scored three touchdowns in their shock 35-33 defeat of favourites Frogs Legnano from Milan, Italy in the Semi-Finals, and then bettered that by scoring four touchdowns in the Roosters 35-14 triumph at Crystal Palace in London, in the Eurobowl II Final.

Frogs Legnano defeated Berlin Adler 28-3 in the Third Place Playoff.

National Bowl Games 1987

Qualifying for the Eurobowl Tournament 1988 was by winning the European Football League members’ National Bowl Game in 1987. Dublin Celts triumphed 43-25 over Craigavon Cowboys in Shamrock Bowl II to represent Ireland. The Celts met Austrian Bowl Champions Graz Giants in a Qualifying game after Graz won Austrian Bowl III 20-0 versus Salzburg Lions.

Italian Champions were Legnano Frogs who were victorious by 27-24 versus Seamen Milano in Super Bowl VII to win the 28-team Italian League. Berlin Adler were the German representatives after winning German Bowl IX 37-12 over Badener Greifs in the 24-team German 1. Bundesliga. British representatives London Ravens triumphed 40-23 over Manchester Allstars to take Britbowl III and the 20-team British Budweiser League National Division.

French Champions Paris Castors had a surprisingly easy 75-0 victory over Paris Jets to win the 16-team Casque d’Or for the Casque d’Or VI title. The ten team Finnish Maple League was won by Helsinki Roosters who triumphed 14-7 versus Turku Trojans in Maple Bowl VIII. Amsterdam Crusaders defeated The Hague Raiders 47-13 to win Tulip Bowl III in the Netherlands and in Switzerland Zurich Renegades won the 2nd Swiss Meisterschaft with an 8-0 win over Lugano Seagulls.

Map of Europe 2022

Map of Europe. [M-1] Map Contributor: Rainer Lesniewski (2022) Stock Vector ID: 151344206 europe map [Internet] Available from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/europe-map-151344206 [Accessed 12 June 2022]

Flag Map of European Union 2022

Europe map and European Union flag.
Europe map and European Union flag. Friendship and cooperation concept. Vector illustration Vadi Fuoco [Internet] Available from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/europe-map-european-union-flag-friendship-2082203368 [Accessed 24 December 2022]


Eurobowl Playoffs


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Thanks to Jo Buchanan (Craigavon Cowboys), Kevin Sharkey (Dublin Celts) and David Turner (Belfast Blitzers)


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