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Tampa Bay Vipers Defender Mandato

XFL 2023


XFL North Division 2023

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XFL South Division 2023

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Please visit XFL website at: https://www.xfl.com/ for Official Standings [Last Accessed 18 February 2023]

Playoff Schedule

XFL Playoffs 2023

Match Day South Division Championship
(South Division Championship)
26 - 11

Arlington Renegades vs Houston Roughnecks

Match Day North Division Championship
(North Division Championship)
37 - 21

D.C. Defenders vs Seattle Sea Dragons

Match Day XFL Championship
(XFL Championship)
26 - 35

D.C. Defenders vs Arlington Renegades

Please visit XFL website at: https://www.xfl.com/ for Official Standings [Last Accessed 10 September 2023]

Regular Season Schedule

XFL 2023

Match Day Week 1
(Week 1)
22 - 20

Arlington Renegades vs Vegas Vipers

(Week 1)
15 - 18

San Antonio Brahmas vs St. Louis Battlehawks

(Week 1)
22 - 18

D.C. Defenders vs Seattle Sea Dragons

Match Day Week 2
(Week 2)
18 - 20

Seattle Sea Dragons vs St. Louis Battlehawks

(Week 2)
6 - 18

Vegas Vipers vs D.C. Defenders

Match Day Week 3
(Week 3)
26 - 30

Vegas Vipers vs Seattle Sea Dragons

(Week 3)
34 - 28

D.C. Defenders vs St. Louis Battlehawks

Match Day Week 4
(Week 4)
16 - 44

Orlando Guardians vs Houston Roughnecks

(Week 4)
15 - 6

Seattle Sea Dragons vs San Antonio Brahmas

(Week 4)
24 - 11

St. Louis Battlehawks vs Arlington Renegades

(Week 4)
32 - 18

D.C. Defenders vs Vegas Vipers

Match Day Week 5
(Week 5)
21 - 14

Seattle Sea Dragons vs Houston Roughnecks

(Week 5)
20 - 28

St. Louis Battlehawks vs D.C. Defenders

(Week 5)
35 - 32

Vegas Vipers vs Orlando Guardians

Match Day Week 6
(Week 6)
19 - 26

Orlando Guardians vs Seattle Sea Dragons

(Week 6)
6 - 29

Vegas Vipers vs St. Louis Battlehawks

(Week 6)
37 - 26

D.C. Defenders vs Houston Roughnecks

Match Day Week 7
(Week 7)
15 - 24

Arlington Renegades vs Seattle Sea Dragons

(Week 7)
15 - 24

Houston Roughnecks vs St. Louis Battlehawks

(Week 7)
26 - 12

Vegas Vipers vs San Antonio Brahmas

(Week 7)
37 - 36

Orlando Guardians vs D.C. Defenders

Match Day Week 8
(Week 8)
21 - 17

St. Louis Battlehawks vs Vegas Vipers

(Week 8)
33 - 34

Seattle Sea Dragons vs D.C. Defenders

Match Day Week 9
(Week 9)
28 - 21

Houston Roughnecks vs Vegas Vipers

(Week 9)
28 - 26

D.C. Defenders vs Arlington Renegades

(Week 9)
12 - 30

St. Louis Battlehawks vs Seattle Sea Dragons

Match Day Week 10
(Week 10)
53 - 28

St. Louis Battlehawks vs Orlando Guardians

(Week 10)
28 - 29

San Antonio Brahmas vs D.C. Defenders

(Week 10)
28 - 9

Seattle Sea Dragons vs Vegas Vipers

Match Day Week 1
(Week 1)
33 - 12

Houston Roughnecks vs Orlando Guardians

Match Day Week 2
(Week 2)
12 - 30

Orlando Guardians vs San Antonio Brahmas

(Week 2)
23 - 14

Houston Roughnecks vs Arlington Renegades

Match Day Week 3
(Week 3)
10 - 9

Arlington Renegades vs Orlando Guardians

(Week 3)
22 - 13

Houston Roughnecks vs San Antonio Brahmas

Match Day Week 5
(Week 5)
10 - 12

San Antonio Brahmas vs Arlington Renegades

Match Day Week 6
(Week 6)
9 - 15

Arlington Renegades vs San Antonio Brahmas

Match Day Week 8
(Week 8)
16 - 18

Orlando Guardians vs Arlington Renegades

(Week 8)
15 - 17

San Antonio Brahmas vs Houston Roughnecks

Match Day Week 9
(Week 9)
25 - 23

San Antonio Brahmas vs Orlando Guardians

Match Day Week 10
(Week 10)
9 - 25

Arlington Renegades vs Houston Roughnecks

All Times ET. Please visit XFL website at: https://www.xfl.com/schedule for Official Schedule [Last Accessed 18 February 2023]

Weekly Recaps

Week 1 (18-19 February 2023)

Vegas Vipers travelled to Arlington, Texas to open the 2023 XFL season at the Renegades. Inspite of two first half touchdown passes from Luis Perez to Jeff Badet, building up a 14-3 lead at halftime, Vegas fell behind in the third quarter to a T Laulile Interception Return for touchdown and two T Russolino Field Goals as Arlington Renegades went into the final quarter 15-14 up. Another Luis Perez to Jeff Badet pass intercepted and return for touchdown by De Vante Bausby with just over four minutes to go and subsequent two-point conversion by Deveon Smith left Vegas needing a TD and 2-point conversion to force the game into overtime. Cinque Sweeting caught a 20 TD pass from Luis Perez with 12 seconds remaining but Arlington were left to celebrate after the 2-point conversion attempt failed. [References: 2]

Despite taking the lead early in the first quarter through Cody Latimer’s reception touchdown from Paxton Lynch, Orlando Guardians were to fall 6-24 down by the fourth quarter as Houston Roughnecks rattled off three touchdowns and two field goals in a 24-point scoring streak. Jontre Kirklin and Deontay Burnett both catching touchdown passes from Brandon Silvers and a 27-yard Max Borghi rushing TD left Orlando with a mountain to climb with 10 minutes remaining. Andrew Jameil caught a Quinten Dormady pass for a touchdown to reduce the deficit, but the game was put beyond doubt after Cole McDonald’s five yard rushing Touchdown with three minutes to go. H Duplessis added a third field goal for Houston near the end as the Roughnecks finished the game 33-12 winners. [References: 3]

Despite leading 15-3 with a little over two minutes renmaining San Antonio Brahmas lost their home opener to St. Louis Battlehawks after the Battlehawks drew within three points on Hakeem Butler’s TD reception from A.J. McCarron with 1:25 left in the fourth quarter. Following a successful three-pioint conversion pass from A.J. McCarron to Austin Proehl which brought St. Louis within three points, the Battlehawks were successful with the onside kick before a successful 14 yard pass for touchdown from McCarron to Proehl to wrap up an amazing comeback. [References: 4]

An Interception by Michael Joseph which was returned for a touchdown in the third quarter proved decisive in D.C. Defenders comeback versus Seattle Sea Dragons. With the successful two-point conversion it left the Defenders two-pints behind the Sea Dragons and the home team won the game early in the fourth quarter when Deriq King ran in from five yards out. [References: 5]

Week 2 (23-28 February 2023)

D.C. Defenders and St. Louis Battlehawks were clear leaders in the North Division after Week 2, both teams standing on 2-0 as the Defenders defeated Vegas Vipers 18-6 on a wet and windy night at Las Vegas’ old Baseball stadium, Cashman Field, last used for Professional Football in 1964 when Oakland Raiders played Houston Oilers in the AFL. D.C. went on a 15-point scoring streak in the fourth quarter to haul back a 3-6 deficit and win the game [References: S-6]

St. Louis Battlewhawks joined the Defenders on 2-0 with a 44-yard Field Goal from Donny Hageman to win the game 20-18 versus Seattle Sea Dragons. There has been a long list of 44-yard Field Goal heartbreaks for the Emerald City – In 2019 the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL missed a last second FG to hand the game to St. Louis Rams. Arizona Cardinals also defeated Seattle Seahawks with a 44-yarder in Overtime in 2020 and the Seahawks Jason Myers had made 37 consecutive FGs before missing one from 44-yards. [References: S-6]

In the South Division San Antonio Brahmas moved to 1-1 with a 30-12 defeat of struggling Orlando Guardians. Former Notre Dame Fighting Irish College star Jack Coan passed for three touchdowns in the victory. The game was a homecoming for San Antonio running back Jacques Patrick who starred at a local High School. [References: S-6]

Houston Roughnecks and Arlington Renegades, both 1-0 coming into the game, served up a brilliant game for Texas football fans, as a see-saw battle in Houston, with Renegades 14-11 up at halftime. Cedric Byrd stepped up the pace for the Roughnecks in the second half, however, as the Houston wide receiver put the home town team ahead with a short touchdown catch. After a Renegades FG, Max Borghi ran up the middle for a late TD to seal the win for Houston Roughnecks, 23-14. [References: S-6]

Week 3 (4-5 March 2023)

Three high-octane shootouts and one quieter game greeted fans in week 3 of the XFL. Arlington Renegades moved into second place in the XFL South with a close 10-9 defeat of Orlando Guardians, leaving the Guardians on 0-3. Houston Roughnecks, meanwhile, were firmly in the lead of the South Division after a 22-13 victory over San Antonio Brahmas in the Texas rivalry game which closed out the weekend. Earlier in the weekend, the North Division similarly had a 3-2-1-0 cascade of wins in the Standings with Seattle Sea Dragons improving to 1-2 after a 30-26 defeat of Vegas Vipers in the battle of two winless teams. Meanwhile D.C. Defenders took the spoils at the top end of the table with a 34-28 defeat of St. Louis Battlehawks in a Wild West Shootout of a game between two teams yet to be defeated in 2023. [References: S-7]

Week 5 (16-19 March 2023)

The week started with Seattle Sea Dragons shocking the Houston Roughnecks 21-14 on Thursday night to hand the Texas team their first ever loss. The victory put the Sea Dragons on 3-2, two games behind new Kingpins D.C. Defenders who improved to 5-0 with a 28-20 win at St. Louis Battlehawks, who dropped to 3-2, both teams also playing in the XFL North Division. Also in the North Division Vegas Vipers finally managed to put a W in the win column with a close and high-scoring 35-32 defeat of Orlando Guardians in Nevada. The loss was Orlando’s fifth-straight to start the season and the Florida team prop up the XFL South Division. On Sunday evening Arlington Renegades made the trip South to take on fellow Texans San Antonio Brahmas, winning 12-10 in a low-scoring affair. With the win Arlington move a game closer to South Division leaders Houston on 3-2 and San Antonio drop to 1-4. [References: 1]

Week 6 (25-27 March 2023)

The XFL’s top two teams met in USA’s Capital City – D.C. Defenders triumphed 37-26 at home to Houston Roughnecks to remain the only undefeated team on 6-0 as the Roughnecks slumped to a second-straight defeat after starting the season 4-0. St. Louis Battlehawks and Seattle Sea Dragons both won over bottom-placed teams to improve to 4-2 in the North Division: Seattle winning by a touchdown, 26-19 over Orlando Guardians (0-6), and St. Louis having an easier time in Nevada, winning 29-6 at Vegas Vipers (1-5). In an all-Texas battle in the South Division, San Antonio Brahmas considerably improved their chances of a playoff place with a 15-9 defeat of Arlington Renegades to gain a second win of the season as Arlington dropped to the .500 mark with the loss, and also missed the chance to draw level with Houston at the top of the Division. [References: 1]

Week 7 (31 March-1 April 2023)

With all three teams in the North Division winning besides the undefeated coming into the week D.C. Defenders it left a close race for the Division title with only three games to go in the regular season. Both Seattle Sea Dragons (at Arlington Renegades, 3-4) and St. Louis Battlehawks (at Houston Roughnecks, 4-3) won by the identical scoreline of 24-15 as both teams improved to 5-2. Vegas Vipers gained a second win of the season, 26-12 versus San Antonio Brahmas in Nevada as the Brahmas dropped to 2-5. Meanwhile in the biggest shock of the entire campaign Orlando Guardians, who were winless coming into the game defeated the previously undefeated D.C. Defenders 37-36 in Central Florida. As it stood, Vegas Vipers are the only team eliminated from postseason play after week seven. [References: 1]

Division Championships (29-30 April 2023)

Irish-born punter Dan Whelan kicked a 57-yard punt for D.C. Defenders as the team from USA’s Capitol defeated Seattle Sea Dragons 37-21 in the North Division Championship to reach the XFL Championship Game. Defenders went on to play Arlington Renegades from Texas in the Championship after the Renegades defeated Houston Roughnecks 26-11 in an all-Texas South Division Championship Game. [References: 1-2, S-11, P1-P2]

XFL Championship (13 May 2023)

Irish-born punter Daniel Whelan kicked three punts for a total 158 yards, putting two punts inside the 20 yard line of Arlington and including a long of 64 yards, but was to be disappointed after his D.C. Defenders lost 35-26 to the Renegades in the 2023 XFL Championship Game. [References: 1-2, S-12, P1-P2]

About the 2023 XFL Season

The 2023 XFL season is the third in XFL History, having already played in 2001 and 2020. Seven of the eight teams from 2020 are returning in some form, the exception being Los Angeles Wildcats who were replaced by San Antonio Brahmas. D.C. Defenders, St. Louis Battlehawks and Houston Roughnecks return with the same name and much the same image. Seattle Dragons have been renamed Seattle Sea Dragons, and have adopted orange as their primary colour. Dallas Renegades have been renamed Arlington Renegades after the city where they are based, a satellite city of Dallas. Tampa Bay Vipers have been relocated to Vegas and adopted red and black as their colour-scheme rather than green and lime. New York Guardians have been moved to Orlando and adopted silver and lime as their primary colours. The eight teams are divided into two divisions of four teams each, with top two in each division playing in semi-finals.

XFL Photo (2020)

Picture Credit: XFL- 2/9/20-MetLife Stadium East Rutherford,NJ- Tampa Bay Vipers Defender Mandato. By Christopher Lyzcen[Shutterstock]


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Logo References

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ARLINGTON, USA - SEP 15, 2015: Interior view of the AT&T Stadium, formerly known as Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Texas, United States [Photo Credit; David J. Maldonaldo on Shutterstock.com]

NFL National Football League Preseason 2022

NFL Preseason Standings 2022

AFC American Football Conference East Division Preseason 2022


AFC American Football Conference North Division Preseason 2022


AFC American Football Conference South Division Preseason 2022


AFC American Football Conference West Division Preseason 2022


NFC National Football Conference East Division Preseason 2022


NFC National Football Conference North Division Preseason 2022


NFC National Football Conference South Division Preseason 2022


NFC National Football Conference West Division Preseason 2022


Eirball’s NFL Preseason Standings 2022

NFL National Football League Preseason East 2022

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak

NFL National Football League Preseason North 2022

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak

NFL National Football League Preseason South 2022

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak

NFL National Football League Preseason West 2022

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak

Eirball has presented the NFL Preseason Standings for 2022 as per Geographic Division rather than Conference and Division because during the short preseason NFL teams usually play mostly teams from the same Geographic Region i.e. AFC Teams usually play NFC teams, AFC North Teams usually play NFC North Teams and so on. For Official NFL Preseason Standings for 2022 please see Reference: [S-5]

NFL Preseason Schedule 2022

NFL National Football League Preseason 2022

Match Day Hall of Fame
(Hall of Fame)
27 - 11

Las Vegas Raiders vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Match Day Preseason Week 1
(Preseason Week 1)
21 - 23

New England Patriots vs New York Giants

(Preseason Week 1)
23 - 10

Baltimore Ravens vs Tennessee Titans

(Preseason Week 1)
23 - 27

Detroit Lions vs Atlanta Falcons

(Preseason Week 1)
13 - 24

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Cleveland Browns

Match Day
23 - 36

Cincinnati Bengals vs Arizona Cardinals

Match Day Preseason Week 1
(Preseason Week 1)
21 - 24

Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Jets

(Preseason Week 1)
28 - 21

San Francisco 49ers vs Green Bay Packers

(Preseason Week 1)
21 - 23

Washington Commanders vs Carolina Panthers

(Preseason Week 1)
19 - 14

Chicago Bears vs Kansas City Chiefs

(Preseason Week 1)
27 - 24

Buffalo Bills vs Indianapolis Colts

(Preseason Week 1)
32 - 25

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Seattle Seahawks

(Preseason Week 1)
24 - 26

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Miami Dolphins

(Preseason Week 1)
17 - 13

Houston Texans vs New Orleans Saints

(Preseason Week 1)
17 - 7

Denver Broncos vs Dallas Cowboys

(Preseason Week 1)
22 - 29

Los Angeles Chargers vs Los Angeles Rams

(Preseason Week 1)
26 - 20

Las Vegas Raiders vs Minnesota Vikings

Match Day Preseason Week 2
(Preseason Week 2)
11 - 27

Seattle Seahawks vs Chicago Bears

(Preseason Week 2)
20 - 10

New England Patriots vs Carolina Panthers

(Preseason Week 2)
20 - 10

Green Bay Packers vs New Orleans Saints

(Preseason Week 2)
20 - 24

Los Angeles Rams vs Houston Texans

(Preseason Week 2)
26 - 27

Indianapolis Colts vs Detroit Lions

(Preseason Week 2)
42 - 15

Buffalo Bills vs Denver Broncos

(Preseason Week 2)
24 - 14

Kansas City Chiefs vs Washington Commanders

(Preseason Week 2)
13 - 3

Tennessee Titans vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

(Preseason Week 2)
7 - 17

Minnesota Vikings vs San Francisco 49ers

(Preseason Week 2)
15 - 16

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Pittsburgh Steelers

(Preseason Week 2)
13 - 15

Miami Dolphins vs Las Vegas Raiders

(Preseason Week 2)
18 - 32

Los Angeles Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys

(Preseason Week 2)
20 - 21

Cleveland Browns vs Philadelphia Eagles

(Preseason Week 2)
25 - 22

New York Giants vs Cincinnati Bengals

(Preseason Week 2)
17 - 24

Arizona Cardinals vs Baltimore Ravens

(Preseason Week 2)
24 - 16

New York Jets vs Atlanta Falcons

Match Day Preseason Week 3
(Preseason Week 3)
17 - 10

Kansas City Chiefs vs Green Bay Packers

(Preseason Week 3)
17 - 0

Houston Texans vs San Francisco 49ers

(Preseason Week 3)
21 - 0

Carolina Panthers vs Buffalo Bills

(Preseason Week 3)
27 - 26

Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks

(Preseason Week 3)
27 - 10

New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Chargers

(Preseason Week 3)
23 - 6

Las Vegas Raiders vs New England Patriots

(Preseason Week 3)
28 - 12

Atlanta Falcons vs Jacksonville Jaguars

(Preseason Week 3)
16 - 7

Cincinnati Bengals vs Los Angeles Rams

(Preseason Week 3)
17 - 15

Baltimore Ravens vs Washington Commanders

(Preseason Week 3)
48 - 10

Miami Dolphins vs Philadelphia Eagles

(Preseason Week 3)
20 - 21

Cleveland Browns vs Chicago Bears

(Preseason Week 3)
26 - 23

Tennessee Titans vs Arizona Cardinals

(Preseason Week 3)
27 - 10

Indianapolis Colts vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

(Preseason Week 3)
23 - 13

Denver Broncos vs Minnesota Vikings

(Preseason Week 3)
31 - 27

New York Jets vs New York Giants

(Preseason Week 3)
19 - 9

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Detroit Lions

Weekly Recaps

Hall of Fame Game

Las Vegas Raiders defeated Jacksonville Jaguars 27-11 in the NFL Preseason Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio to get the 2022 season underway. [References: S-1]

Preseason Week 1

There were wins in the East for Buffalo Bills 27-24 versus Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants 23-21 at New England Patriots, New York Jets 24-21 at Philadelphia Eagles, and Miami Dolphins 26-24 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Florida rivalry.

In the North Baltimore Ravens 23-10 versus Tennessee Titans; Cleveland Browns 24-13 at Jacksonville Jaguars; Chicago Bears 19-14 versus Kansas City Chiefs; and Pittsburgh Steelers 32-25 versus Seattle Seahawks all picked up victories.

South Division winners were Atlanta Falcons 27-23 at Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers 23-21 at Washington Commanders and Houston Texans 17-13 versus New Orleans Saints.

The West was Best in Preseason Week 1 as five teams triumphed: Arizona Cardinals 36-23 at Cincinnati Bengals; San Francisco 49ers 28-21 versus Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos 17-7 versus Dallas Cowboys in the Wild West rivalry, Los Angeles Rams 29-22 at Los Angeles Chargers in the Southern California rivalry and Las Vegas Raiders, who went 2-0 with a 26-20 triumph in the Silver State versus Minnesota Vikings. [References: S-2]

Preseason Week 2 (19-23 August 2022)

Buffalo Bills, New York Jets and New York Giants all moved to the top of Eirball’s NFL Preseason East Standings on 2-0 after wins over Denver Broncos (42-15), Atlanta Falcons (24-16) and Cincinnati Bengals (25-22) respectively. New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles all improved to 1-1 with victories over the Carolina Panthers (20-10), Los Angeles Chargers (32-18) and Cleveland Browns (21-20) respectively. Miami Dolphins were 1-1 and Washington Commanders 0-2 after losses.

The NFL Preseason North in Eirball’s Rankings also saw three teams improve to 2-0 with wins: Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers picking up the wins over Seattle Seahawks (27-11), Arizona Cardinals (24-17) and Jacksonville Jaguars (16-15) respectively. Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions both improved to 1-1 with triumphs versus New Orleans Saints (20-10) and Indianapolis Colts (27-26). Cleveland Browns (1-1), Cincinnati Bengals (0-2) and Minnesota Vikings (0-2) all lost.

Houston Texans were the only team with a 100% record in the NFL Preseason South by Eirball’s rankings, as they defeated Los Angeles Rams 24-20 to go 2-0. Tennessee Titans (1-1) were the only other team to win in the South in week 2 as the Music City team defeated Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13-3. Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers both dropped to 1-1 with losses and four teams still winless after a second loss – Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints and Jacksonville Jaguars whose loss in the Hall of Fame Game meant they were on 0-3.

The NFL Preseason West saw Las Vegas Raiders move to the top of the Standings on 3-0 with a 15-13 victory at Miami Dolphins. San Francisco 49ers (2-0) and Kansas City Chiefs (1-1) also won in week 2 with wins against Minnesota Vikings (17-7) and Washington Commanders (24-14). The losing teams in the west in preseason week 2 were Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams and Denver Broncos (all 1-1) and Los Angeles Chargers and Seattle Seahawks (both 0-2). [References: S-3]

Preseason Week 3 (26-28 August 2022)

New York Jets finished unbeaten in NFL Preseason after winning 31-27 versus New Jersey neighbours New york Giants (2-1) in East Rutherford. Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys both finished 2-1 after wins in the East with Miami triumphing 48-10 over Philadelphia Eagles (1-2) and the Cowboys winning 27-26 versus Seattle Seahawks. New England Patriots (1-2) and Washington Commanders (1-2) both lost.

Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers each finished with a perfect 3-0 record in the North during Preseason as the Bears sqeaked by the Cleveland Browns (1-2) 21-20, the Baltimore Ravens likewise just about beat neighbours Washington Commanders 17-15 and the Pittsburgh Steelers won 19-9 versus Detroit Lions (1-2). Cincinnati Bengals were the only other team to win in the North as they gained revenge over Los Angeles Rams 16-7 in a Super Bowl rematch. Green Bay Packers (1-2) and Minnesota Vikings (0-3) both lost to finish the preseason.

Houston Texans (3-0) were the only team in the South to finish with a perfect record after beating San Francisco 49ers 17-0. Five other teams also finished the preseason on a high as Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons and Tennessee Titans all finished on 2-1 with wins over Buffalo Bills (21-0), Jacksonville Jaguars (28-12) and Arizona Cardinals (26-23). Indianapolis Colts (1-2) and New Orleans Saints (1-2) both got their first wins of 2022 in the final week of preseason as they won 27-10 versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Chargers (also 27-10) respectively. Two Florida teams Tampa Bay (0-3) and Jacksonville (0-4) both finished presaeson without a win.

Three teams won in the West in the final week of preseason as Las Vegas Raiders took the best record in the league on 4-0 with a 23-6 defeat of New England Patriots. Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos also won in preseason week 3 to finish 2-1 as the Broncos won 23-13 versus Minnesota and the Chiefs defeated the Packers 17-10. San Francisco 49ers (2-1), Arizona Cardinals (1-2), Los Angeles Rams (1-2), Seattle seahawks (0-3) and Los Angeles Chargers (0-3) all finished with losses in the West. [References: S-4]

Map of USA Showing National Football League Teams 2022

[60] High detailed United States of America physical map with labeling. Item ID: 392033755 Contributor: Bardocz Peter [Internet] Available from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/high-detailed-united-states-america-physical-392033755 [Accessed 11 January 2022][Combined with NFL Logos by Enda Mulcahy for Eirball.ie][22 August 2022][For NFL Logos please see References 3-35]

AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas – Home of Dallas Cowboys

ARLINGTON, USA - SEP 15, 2015: Interior view of the AT&T Stadium, formerly known as Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Texas, United States [Photo Credit; David J. Maldonaldo on Shutterstock.com]
ARLINGTON, USA – SEP 15, 2015: Interior view of the AT&T Stadium, formerly known as Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Texas, United States [Photo Credit; David J. Maldonaldo on Shutterstock.com]


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[38] ARLINGTON, USA – SEP 15, 2015: Interior view of the AT&T Stadium, formerly known as Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Texas, United States [Photo Credit; David J. Maldonaldo on Shutterstock.com]


Thanks to Cillian Smith, Michael Smith, Rick Kelley, Carmine, Todd Zboyan & Tim Leadingham.


Researched, compiled and written by Enda Mulcahy for the

Eirball | Irish North American and World Sports Archive

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NCAA Division 1 Football Bowl Subdivision Power 5 Conferences 2021

Overall Standings (Power 5 Conferences 2021)

Atlantic Coast Conference Atlantic Division Overall 2021

1*Wake Forest Demon Deacons1130.786
2Clemson Tigers1030769
3North Carolina State Wolfpack930.750
4Boston College Eagles660.500
5*Louisville Cardinals670.462
6Syracuse Orange570.417
7Florida State Seminoles570.417

Atlantic Coast Conference Coastal Division Overall 2021

1*Pittsburgh Panthers1130.786
2Miami Hurricanes750.583
3Virginia Cavaliers660.500
4*Virginia Tech Hokies670.462
5*North Carolina Tar Heels670.462
6Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets390.250
7Duke Blue Devils390.250

Big Ten Conference East Division Overall 2021

1*Michigan Wolverines1220.857
2*Ohio State Buckeyes1120.846
3*Michigan State Spartans1120.846
4*Maryland Terrapins760538
5*Penn State Nittany Lions760.538
6*Rutgers Scarlet Knights580.385
7Indiana Hoosiers2100.167

Big Ten Conference West Division Overall 2021

1*Iowa Hawkeyes1040.714
2*Minnesota Golden Gophers940.692
3*Wisconsin Badgers940.692
4*Purdue Boilermakers940.692
5Illinois Fighting Illini570.417
6Nebraska Cornhuskers390.250
7Northwestern Wildcats390.250

Big 12 Conference Overall

1*Oklahoma State Cowboys1220.857
2*Baylor Bears1220.857
3*Oklahoma Sooners1120.846
4*Kansas State Wildcats850.615
5*Iowa State Cyclones760.538
6*Texas Tech Red Raiders760.538
7*West Virginia Mountaineers670.462
8Texas Longhorns570.417
9Texas Christian Horned Frogs570.417
10Kansas Jayhawks2100.143

Pacific-12 Conference North Division Overall 2021

1*Oregon Ducks1040.714
2*Washington State Cougars760.538
3*Oregon State Beavers760.538
4California Golden Bears570.417
5Washington Huskies480.333
6Stanford Cardinal390.250

Pacific-12 Conference South Division Overall 2021

1*Utah Utes1040.714
2*UCLA California-Los Angeles Bruins840.667
3*Arizona State Sun Devils850.615
4Southern California Trojans480.333
5Colorado Buffaloes480.333
6Arizona Wildcats1110.083

Southeastern Conference East Division Overall 2021

1*Georgia Bulldogs1410.933
2*Kentucky Wildcats1030.769
3*Tennessee Volunteers760.538
4*South Carolina Gamecocks760.538
5*Missouri Tigers670.462
6*Florida Gators670.462
7Vanderbilt Commodores2100.167

Southeastern Conference West Division Overall 2021

1*Alabama Crimson Tide1320.867
2*Mississippi Ole Miss Rebels1030.769
3*Arkansas Razorbacks940.692
4Texas A&M Aggies840.667
5*Mississippi State Bulldogs760.538
6*Auburn Tigers670.462
7*Louisiana State LSU Tigers670.462

Overall Standings (FBS Independents 2021)

FBS Independents 2021

1*Notre Dame Fighting Irish1120.846
2*Brigham Young BYU Cougars1030.769
3*Army Black Knights940.692
4*Liberty Flames850.615
5New Mexico State Aggies2100.167
6Massachusetts Minutemen1110.083
7Connecticut Huskies1110.083

Major Bowl Games and College Football Playoffs 2021

New Year Six Bowls / College Football Playoff Semi-Finals 2021

NCAAF Division 1 Football Bowl Subdivision New Year Six Bowls 2021

Match Day Peach Bowl (Atlanta, Ga)
(Peach Bowl (Atlanta, Ga))
31 - 21

Michigan State Spartans vs Pittsburgh Panthers

Match Day Fiesta Bowl (Tempe, Az)
(Fiesta Bowl (Tempe, Az))
37 - 35

Oklahoma State Cowboys vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Match Day Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, La)
(Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, La))
21 - 7

Baylor Bears vs Mississippi Rebels

Match Day Rose Bowl (Pasadena, Ca)
(Rose Bowl (Pasadena, Ca))
48 - 45

Ohio State Buckeyes vs Utah Utes

Match Day Cotton Bowl (Dallas, Tx) - College Football Playoff Semi-Final
(Cotton Bowl (Dallas, Tx) - College Football Playoff Semi-Final)
27 - 6

Alabama Crimson Tide vs Cincinnati Bearcats

Match Day Orange Bowl (Miami, Fl) - College Football Playoff Semi-Final
(Orange Bowl (Miami, Fl) - College Football Playoff Semi-Final)
34 - 11

Georgia Bulldogs vs Michigan Wolverines

College Football National Championship 2021

NCAA Division 1 Football Bowl Subdivision College Football Playoff National Championship 2021

Match Day 2022 College Football Playoff National Championship
(2022 College Football Playoff National Championship)
33 - 18

Georgia Bulldogs vs Alabama Crimson Tide

Conference Standings and Championship Games (Power 5 Conferences)

ACC Atlantic Coast Conference 2021

Atlantic Coast Conference Atlantic Division 2021

1Wake Forest Demon Deacons (C)710.875
2North Carolina State Wolfpack620.750
3Clemson Tigers620.750
4Louisville Cardinals440.500
5Florida State Seminoles440.500
6Syracuse Orange260.250
7Boston College Eagles260.250

Atlantic Coast Conference Coastal Division 2021

1Pittsburgh Panthers (C)710.875
2Miami Hurricanes530.625
3Virginia Tech Hokies440.500
4Virginia Cavaliers440.500
5North Carolina Tar Heels350.375
6Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets260.250
7Duke Blue Devils080.000

ACC Atlantic Coast Conference Championship Game 2021

Match Day ACC Atlantic Coast Conference Championship Game 2021
(ACC Atlantic Coast Conference Championship Game 2021)
45 - 21

Pittsburgh Panthers vs Wake Forest Demon Deacons

B1G Big 10 Conference 2021

Big Ten Conference East Division 2021

1Michigan Wolverines (C)810.889
2Ohio State Buckeyes810.889
3Michigan State Spartans720.778
4Penn State Nittany Lions450.444
5Maryland Terrapins360.333
6Rutgers Scarlet Knights270.222
7Indiana Hoosiers090.000

Big Ten Conference West Division 2021

1Iowa Hawkeyes (C)720.778
2Minnesota Golden Gophers630.667
3Wisconsin Badgers630.667
4Purdue Boilermakers630.667
5Illinois Fighting Illini450.444
6Nebraska Cornhuskers180.111
7Northwestern Wildcats180.111

B1G Big Ten Conference Championship Game 2021

Match Day B1G Big Ten Conference Championship Game 2021
(B1G Big Ten Conference Championship Game 2021)
Win - Loss

Michigan Wolverines vs Iowa Hawkeyes

B12 Big 12 Conference 2021

Big 12 Conference 2021

1Oklahoma State Cowboys (C)810.889
2Baylor Bears720.778
3Oklahoma Sooners720.778
4Iowa State Cyclones540.556
5Kansas State Wildcats450.444
6West Virginia Mountaineers450.444
7Texas Longhorns360.333
8Texas Christian Horned Frogs360.333
9Texas Tech Red Raiders360.333
10Kansas Jayhawks180.111

Pac-12 Pacific-12 Conference 2021

Pacific-12 Conference North Division 2021

1Oregon Ducks (C)720.778
2Washington State Cougars630.667
3Oregon State Beavers540.556
4California Golden Bears450.444
5Washington Huskies360.333
6Stanford Cardinal270.222

Pacific-12 Conference South Division 2021

1Utah Utes (C)810.889
2Arizona State Sun Devils630.667
3California-Los Angeles UCLA Bruins630.6667
4Southern California USC Trojans360.333
5Colorado Buffaloes360.333
6Arizona Wildcats180.111

PAC-12 Pacific-12 Conference Championship Game 2021

Match Day PAC-12 Pacific-12 Conference Championship Game 2021
(PAC-12 Pacific-12 Conference Championship Game 2021)
38 - 10

Utah Utes vs Oregon Ducks

SEC Southeastern Conference 2021

Southeastern Conference East Division 2021

1Georgia Bulldogs (C)8001.000
2Kentucky Wildcats530.625
3Tennessee Volunteers440.500
4Missouri Tigers350.375
5South Carolina Gamecocks350.375
6Florida Gators260.250
7Vanderbilt Commodores080.000

Southeastern Conference West Division 2021

1Alabama Crimson Tide (C)71-0.875
2Mississippi Rebels620.750
3Arkansas Razorbacks440.500
4Mississippi State Bulldogs440.500
5Texas A&M Aggies440.500
6Auburn Tigers350.375
7Louisiana State Tigers350.375

SEC Southeastern Conference Championship Game 2021

Match Day SEC Southeastern Conference Championship Game 2021
(SEC Southeastern Conference Championship Game 2021)
24 - 41

Georgia Bulldogs vs Alabama Crimson Tide

Season Recap

Conference Championships

Oklahoma State Cowboys won the Big 12 Conference with an 8-1 record (there is no Conference Championship Game in the Big 12 as it has only one division of 10 Teams). The ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) Championship Game pitted Atlantic Division Champions Wake Forest Demon Deacons against Coastal Division Champions Pittsburgh Panthers with the Pittsburgh College winning out 45-21. The Big Ten Conference Champions were Michigan Wolverines who defeated a surprising Iowa Hawkeyes in the Championship Game. Ohio State Buckeyes, one of the tradional powerhouses in College Football lost out on a tie-breaker to Michigan after both Colleges finished 8-1 in the East Division.

The Pacific-12 Conference Championship Game was a major surprise with Utah Utes, South Division Champions, winning by a huge 38-10 margin over favourites Oregon Ducks. The game every college football fan was waiting for, however, was the Southeastern Conference Championship game between perennial favourites Alabama Crimson Tide and the undefeated Georgia Bulldogs. The Athens, Georgia, College went in as favourites, meaning an unusual underdog position for the Tuscaloosa, Alabama, College. Alabama, however, showed why they are nearly always favourites with a 41-24 victory.

New Year Six Bowls

The Big New Year Six Bowls featured all five Power 5 Conference Champions, plus top Independent College Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Group 5 College Cincinnati Bearcats, American Athletic Conference Champions, and also Conference Runners-Up Georgia Bulldogs (SEC), Oregon Ducks (PAC-12) and Baylor Bears (Big 12), and high-ranking Ohio State Buckeyes (Columbus, Ohio) and Michigan State Spartans (perennial contenders and second and third respectively to Michigan Wolverines in the Big Ten East Division); and Mississippi Rebels (runners-up to Alabama in the SEC West Division).

The Four Non-College Football Playoff Bowls on New Years featured a 31-21 victory for Michigan State Spartans over Pittsburgh Panthers in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia; a 37-35 victory for Oklahoma State Cowboys versus Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the Fiesta Bowl, in Glendale, Arizona; a 48-45 win for Ohio State Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California versus Utah Utes; and a 21-7 triumph for Baylor Bears over Ole Miss Rebels in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana.

College Football Playoff Semi-Finals (New Years)

With Oregon Ducks shock loss to Utah Utes and Oklahoma State Cowboys not having played a Championship Game, Cincinnati Bearcats became the first Group 5 College to appear in the College Football Playoff, ranked number 4, they were pitted against Alabama Crimson Tide, losing 27-6 in the Cotton Bowl in Arlington, Texas. The other Semi-Final between SEC runners-up Georgia Bulldogs and Michigan Wolverines, the Big Ten Champions, was a convincing 34-11 victory for Georgia.

2022 College Football Playoff National Championship

Going in as favourites this time Alabama Crimson Tide were hoping for a repeat of the SEC Championship Game where they defeated Georgia Bulldogs. Yet again, however, the underdogs pulled off the upset win with Georgia Bulldogs triumphing 33-18 versus Alabama at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana to win the 2022 College Football Playoff National Championship. [References: 2]

It was the Bulldogs first National Championship since 1980 and came with a superlative fourth-quarter performance where the Bulldogs scored 20 unanswered points after being 9-6 down at halftime and five points down heading into the fourth quarter (13-18) . Touchdowns for Georgia came from Zamir White (1 yard run), Adonai Mitchell and Brock Bowers (both receptions), and Kelee Ringo (a 79-yard interception return). [References: 2]

About NCAA College Football

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is the biggest of USA’s College Sports Assiociations, taking in all major American Sports, as well as Athletics, Soccer and numerous other sports. The NCAA Football Program is divided into four Divisions – In order of Merit they are: FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision), FCS (Football Championship Subdivision), Division II and Division III. FBS is further subdivided into the Power 5 Conferences (which compete for the National Championship) and the Group 5 Conferences (which play for Minor Postseason Bowls). Particular attention shall be given by Eirball to Notre Dame Fighting Irish (the big Irish Catholic university in South Bend, Indiana) and San Jose State Spartans (as Dublin is twinned with San Jose) as well as any Irish-born Football players in the NCAA FBS.

Stamp Showing Classic Image of Notre Dame Fighting Irish

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – CIRCA 1998: a postage stamp printed in USA showing an image of four players of Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, circa 1998.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – CIRCA 1998: a postage stamp printed in USA showing an image of four players of Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, circa 1998.

Picture Credit: ©mmphotos2017/123RF.COM

Image ID:  156057748

[Internet] Available from: https://www.123rf.com/photo_156057748_united-states-of-america-circa-1998-a-postage-stamp-printed-in-usa-showing-an-image-of-four-players-.html?vti=llmbgfd2qyd1ypd3d6-1-6 [Accessed 7 January 2022]



[1] NCAA | Wayback Machine Internet Archive (2015) logo [Internet] Available from: https://web.archive.org/web/20160923081703im_/http://www.ncaa.com/sites/all/themes/ncaa/ncaa-respo/logo.png [Accessed 4 May 2020]


[1] NCAA (2021) Football – Scores [Internet] Available from: https://www.ncaa.com/scoreboard/football/fbs [Accessed 30 August 2021]

[2] Jessica Leggett, Ed. (2022) “The 2022 College Football Playoff National Championship” The College Football Handbook First Edition. pp 124 (and other pages). Future Publishing Limited. Bath, England.


Thanks to Jimmy English.


Researched, Compiled and Written by Enda Mulcahy for the

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(c) Copyright Enda Mulcahy and Eirball 2022

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