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Father John Duggan Irish-Born American Football Chaplain 1974-1976

Father John Duggan

Born: Glenmore, County Kilkenny

Chaplain Pittsburgh Steelers 1974


Father John Duggan Studied at St. Kieran’s College in Kilkenny, and went on study leave to the United States of America in 1972, where he came into contact with the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. He was informally appointed Chaplain of the team and is credited with influencing them in their first ever Super Bowl win in 1974 when they defeated the Minnesota Vikings. The Steelers went on to win the Super Bowl again in 1975. He returned to Johnstown some time before August 1977.

NFL 1974

Eastern Division
*Miami Dolphins141130327216.786
*Buffalo Bills14950264244.643
New York Jets14770279300.500
New England Patriots14770348289.500
Baltimore Colts142120190329.143
Central Division
*Pittsburgh Steelers141031305189.750
Houston Oilers14770236282.500
Cincinnati Bengals14770283259.500
Cleveland Browns144100251344.286
Western Division
*Oakland Raiders141220355228.857
Denver Broncos14761302294.536
Kansas City Chiefs14590233293.357
San Diego Chargers14590212285.357
Eastern Division
*St. Louis Cardinals141040285218.714
*Washington Redskins141040320196.714
Dallas Cowboys14860297235.571
Philadelphia Eagles14770242217.500
New York Giants142120195299.143
Central Division
*Minnesota Vikings141040310195.714
Detroit Lions14770256270.500
Green Bay Packers14680210206.429
Chicago Bears144100152279.286
Western Division
*Los Angeles Rams141040263181.714
San Francisco 49ers14680226236.429
New Orleans Saints14590166263.357
Atlanta Falcons143110111271.214

National Football League Regular Season Standings 1974 [Ref: 1]

DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC Divisional Playoffs
1974Oakland Raiders28Miami Dolphins26
1974Pittsburgh Steelers32Buffalo Bills14
AFC Championship
1974Oakland Raiders13Pittsburgh Steelers24
NFC Divisional Playoffs
1974Minnesota Vikings30St. Louis Cardinals14
1974Los Angeles Rams19Washington Redskins10
NFC Championship
1974Minnesota Vikings14Los Angeles Rams10
Super Bowl IXTulane Stadium, New Orleans, La.
1974Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC)16Minnesota Vikings (NFC)6

National Football League Playoffs 1974 [Ref: 1]

NFL 1975

Eastern Division
*Baltimore Colts141040395269.714
Miami Dolphins141040357222.714
Buffalo Bills14860420355.571
New York Jets143110258433.214
New England Patriots143110258358.214
Central Division
*Pittsburgh Steelers141220373162.857
*Cincinnati Bengals141130340246.786
Houston Oilers141040293226.714
Cleveland Browns143110218372.214
Western Division
*Oakland Raiders141130375255.786
Denver Broncos14680254307.429
Kansas City Chiefs14590282341.357
San Diego Chargers142120189345.143
Eastern Division
*St. Louis Cardinals141130356276.786
*Dallas Cowboys141040350268.714
Washington Redskins14860325276.571
New York Giants14590216306.357
Philadelphia Eagles144100225302.286
Central Division
*Minnesota Vikings141220377180.857
Detroit Lions14770245262.500
Chicago Bears144100191379.286
Green Bay Packers144100226285.286
Western Division
*Los Angeles Rams141220312135.857
San Francisco 49ers14590255286.357
Atlanta Falcons144100240278.286
New Orleans Saints142120165360.143

National Football League Regular Season Standings 1975 [Ref: 1]

DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC Divisional Playoffs
1975Pittsburgh Steelers28Baltimore Colts10
1975Oakland Raiders31Cincinnati Bengals28
AFC Championship
1975Pittsburgh Steelers16Oakland Raiders10
NFC Divisional Playoffs
1975Los Angeles Rams35St. Louis Cardinals23
1975Minnesota Vikings14Dallas Cowboys17
NFC Championship
1975Los Angeles Rams7Dallas Cowboys37
Super Bowl XOrange Bowl, Miami, Fl.
1975Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC)21Dallas Cowboys (NFC)17

National Football League Playoffs 1975 [Ref: 1]

NFL 1976

AFC East
Baltimore Colts (D)141130417246.786
New England Patriots (P)141130376236.786
Miami Dolphins14680263264.429
New York Jets143110169383.214
Buffalo Bills142120245363.143
AFC Central
Pittsburgh Steelers (D)141040342138.714
Cincinnati Bengals141040335210.714
Cleveland Browns14950267287.643
Houston Oilers14590222273.357
AFC West
Oakland Raiders (D)141310350237.929
Denver Broncos14950315206.643
San Diego Chargers14680248285.429
Kansas City Chiefs14590290376.357
Tampa Bay Buccaneers140140125412.000
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys (D)141130296194.786
Washington Redskins (P)141040291217.714
St. Louis Cardinals141040309267.714
Philadelphia Eagles144100165286.286
New York Giants143110170250.214
NFC Central
Minnesota Vikings (D)141121305176.821
Chicago Bears14770253216.500
Detroit Lions14680262220.429
Green Bay Packers14590218299.357
NFC West
Los Angeles Rams (D)141031351190.750
San Francisco 49ers14860270190.571
Atlanta Falcons144100172312.286
New Orleans Saints144100253346.286
Seattle Seahawks142120229429.143
[Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC Divisional Playoffs
1976Oakland Raiders24New England Patriots21
1976Baltimore Colts14Pittsburgh Steelers40
AFC Championship
1976Oakland Raiders24Pittsburgh Steelers7
NFC Divisional Playoffs
1976Minnesota Vikings35Washington Redskins20
1976Dallas Cowboys12Los Angeles Rams14
NFC Championship
1976Minnesota Vikings24Los Angeles Rams13
Super Bowl XIAt Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Ca.
1976Oakland Raiders (AFC)32Minnesota Vikings (NFC)14
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