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Kanto Collegiate Football Association 2020

Kantoh Collegiate Football association Logo [Reference: 1]


Top 8 Block A
Nihon University3300
Hosei University3210
The University of Tokyo3120
Chuo University3030
Top 8 Block B
University of Sakuramibayashi3210
Meiji University3210
Waseda University2110
University of Rikkyo2020
Big 8 Block A
Keio University3300
Kokushikan University2110
Komazawa University2110
Kanagawa University3030
Big 8 Block B
Yokohama National University3201
Nippon University of Physical Education3210
Meiji Gakuin University3111
Aoyama Gakuin University3030
Division 2A Block 1
University of Tsukuba3210
Tokai University1100
Tokyo Gakugei University1010
Tokyo University of Agriculture1010
Division 2A Block 2
Seikei University3210
National Defense University2110
Teikyo University2110
Gakushuin University3120
Division 2B Block 1
Senshu University2200
Hitotsubashi University2110
Seijo University1010
Kanto Gakuin University1010
Division 2B Block 2
Tokyo Institute of Technology3300
Sophia University3210
Takushoku University3120
Toyo University3030
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Top 8 Postseason

DateHome TeamAway Team
Placement Games
4th Place
28.11.2020Chuo University28Ringyi University30
3rd Place
29.11.2020Hosei University31Meiji University3
2nd Place
28.11.2020Waseda University40University of Tokyo7
1st Place
29.11.2020University of Sakuramibayashi 14Nihon University38

Top 8 Regular Season

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
11.10.2020Meiji University21University of Tokyo13
11.10.2020Hosei University34Nihon University44
Week 2
17.10.2020Chuo University7University of Tokyo10
17.10.2020Waseda University9 University of Sakuramibayashi 6
Week 3
31.10.2020 Meiji University 7 University of Sakuramibayashi 17
31.10.2020Hosei University34University of Tokyo0
01.11.2020Chuo University15Nihon University31
Week 4
14.11.2020University of Tokyo6Nihon University30
15.11.2020Hosei University33Chuo University21
15.11.2020Waseda University21Meiji University28
14.11.2020University of Tokyo3 University of Sakuramibayashi 9
Kanto Collegiate Football Association Top 8 2020 [References: 2]


The 2020 Kanto Collegiate Football Association was severely curtailed due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. with over half the Universities not competing, The Top 4 Divisions were split into 2 Blocks, each playing three matches with the Placement matches between the two first placed teams, two second placed teams and so on making up a short post-season. In Division 1 Top 8, Nihon University triumphed 38-14 in the Final against J. F. Oberlin University (University of Sakuramibayashi). They were then due to meet Kwansei Gakuin University for the Koshien Bowl (Japan Collegiate American Football Association title game).

The 2020 Japan University American Football season kicked off in October, with The Top 8 in the Kantoh region playing their first games of the season. Newly promoted for the first time to the top rank, JF Oberlin University (University of Sakuramibayashi) almost came off with the win against Waseda University, but lost 6-9. Promoted back to the Top 8 after one season, the Nihon University Phoenix won 44-34 against Hosei University in a high-scoring thriller. In other games, the University of Tokyo defeated Chuo University and Meiji University downed Rikkyo University.

Map of Kanto Region, Japan



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