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Kildare GAA Senior Hurling Championship 2019

Kildare GAA Crest
Kildare GAA Crest [Reference: 1]

Section Tables

Section A
Eire Og Corra Choill312053632
Section B
Coill Dubh330068396
Confey GAA312042582
Kildare GAA Senior Hurling Championship Section Tables 2019 [References: 2-3]

Championship Semi-Finals & Final

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
22.09.201914:00Ardclough1-14 (17)Coill Dubh1-15 (18)
22.09.201915:45Naas1-15 (18)Eire Og Corra Choill1-10 (13)
06.10.201915:30Coill Dubh0-12 (12)Naas0-15 (15)
Kildare GAA Senior Hurling Championship Championship Semi-Finals & Final [Reference: 3-5]

Section Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Section A
28.06.19Leixlip1-16 (19)Eire Og Corra Choill1-21 (24)
30.06.19Ardclough0-14 (17)Naas1-13 (16)
26.07.19Eire Og Corra Choill1-12 (15)Ardclough0-18 (18)
26.07.19Naas2-12 (18)Leixlip1-11 (14)
25.08.19Naas2-20 (26)Eire Og Corra Choill0-14 (14)
25.08.19Leixlip0-13 (13)Ardclough1-18 (21)
Section B
29.06.19Clane1-7 (10)Celbridge4-19 (31)
30.06.19Coill Dubh0-24 (24)Confey GAA0-7 (7)
27.07.19Confey GAA1-16 (19)Clane1-14 (17)
28.07.19Celbridge1-10 (13)Coill Dubh2-16 (22)
23.08.19Confey GAA1-13 (16)Celbridge1-14 (17)
23.08.19Clane2-13 (19)Coill Dubh2-16 (22)
Kildare GAA Senior Hurling Championship Section Results [Reference: 2-3]


Naas bridged a 17-year gap in finally winning the Senior Hurling Championship with a 0-15 to 0-12 win over Coill Dubh in St. Conleth’s. Coill Dubh were disappointed with their performance in the Final, missing 12 scoring opportunities, including two goal chances. Naas led 0-9 to 0-5 at the half, and scored most of their first half points from frees – only Shane Ryan & Brian Byrne scored from play, whereas Coill Dubh scored 4 of their five points from play. Coill Dubh never changed their tactic of sending long balls directly into the forwards, and this was read easily and lapped-up by Naas in the first half. Naas were more settled in this game, and were assured throughout the game. They won by 3 points in the end.

Kildare GAA Senior Hurling Championship Final Captains Barry Mullins (Coill Dubh) and Paul Sullivan (Nass) pictured with the Tony Carew Cup
Kildare GAA Senior Hurling Championship Final Captains Barry Mullins (Coill Dubh) and Paul Sullivan (Nass) pictured with the Tony Carew Cup [Reference: 6][Picture Credit: Kildare GAA}


Naas (Scorers in Brackets)Coil Dubh (Scorers in Brackets)
Cormac GallagherOwen Lenehan
Conor GormleyDiarmuid Cahill (0-1)
Richard HoganDylan Brereton
Donal McSweeneyJoseph Kenny
Paul SullivanConor Gordon
Rian BoranMark Grace
Simon LeacyBarry Mullins
Cathal DowlingMark Delaney (0-7)
Shane BroderickRoss Carew
Philip CorcoranJonathan Byrne (0-2)
Ross KellyDeclan Flaherty (0-1)
James Burke (0-2)Luke O’Reilly
Jack Sheridan (0-2)Ryan Casey (0-1)
Brian Byrne (0-8)Tom Brady
Shane Ryan (0-1)Mark Byrne
Sean Gainey for Gormley 3 minsRuairi Hayden for Kenny (h/t)
Mick Purcell (0-1) for Corcoran 51 mins
Darach Donnacha for MacSweeney 55 mins
Conor Dowling (0-1) for Ryan 80 mins
Mark Nevin for Dowling 60 mins

Reference: [4]



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Thanks to Paul Noonan.

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