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Kerry GAA Senior County Football Championship 2000

Kerry GAA Crest
Kerry GAA Crest [Reference: 1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Preliminary Round
2000Raonaithe na Sionnainne0-13 (13)Ciarraí Lár1-12 (15)
2000Na Crócaigh0-13 (13)An Leigiún0-8 (8)
2000Ciarraí Thiar2-12 (18)An Neidín1-5 (8)
1st Round
2000Ciarraí Theas1-6 (9)Na Crócaigh1-9 (12)
2000Céirín O Rathaille3-6 (15)Raonaithe na Leamhna1-11 (14)
2000Kilcummin0-9 (9)Na Stacaigh0-6 (6)
2000Naomh Ciarán0-11 (11)An Gaeltacht1-9 (12)
2000An Rath Mhór0-11 (11)Oileán Ciarraí0-6 (6)
2000Ciarraí Thiar1-10 (13)Ciarraí Thoir1-10 (13)
2000Naomh Breandán1-4 (7)Ciarraí Lár2-10 (16)
2000Raonaithe na Féile0-17 (17)Na Misteálaigh0-7 (7)
2000An Gaeltacht2-14 (20)Cill Chumín1-7 (10)
2000Ciarraí Thiar1-11 (14)Ciarraí Lár1-9 (12)
2000Céirín O Rathaille0-9 (9)Raonaithe na Féile0-8 (8)
2000Na Crócaigh2-10 (16)An Rath Mhór0-11 (11)
2000An Gaeltacht0-11 (11)Céirín O Rathaille0-8 (8)
2000Ciarraí Thiar1-7 (10)Na Crócaigh1-8 (11)
2000An Gaeltacht0-6 (6)Na Crócaigh1-4 (7)
Kerry GAA Senior County Football Championship 2000 [Reference: 2]


Na Crócaigh (Crokes) won the Kerry GAA Senior County Football championship in 2000 in a low-scoring Final against An Gaeltacht. They triumphed by 1-4 (7 Points) to 0-6 (6 Points), after defeating Ciarraí Thiar (West Kerry) in the Semi-Finals.



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Thanks to Denis Culhane.

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