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ACTGL Australian Capital Territory Gridiron League 1999-2000

ACT Gridiron Logo [References: 1]


ACTGL Australian Capital Territory Gridiron League 1999-2000



ACTGL Australian Capital Territory Gridiron League Playoffs 1999-2000

Match Day Capital Bowl VII
(Capital Bowl VII)
25 - 8

Canberra Tigers vs Tuggeranong Tornadoes


After both teams dominated the three-team 1999-2000 ACTGL (Australian Capital Territory Gridiron League) the Tuggeranong Tornadoes and Canberra Tigers met in Capital Bowl VII, where the Tigers won 25-8. Tuggeranong had won the Regular Season Championship with a 6-2 record and Canberra Tigers finished runners-up on 5-3. University of Canberra Firebirds finished on 1-7 and out of the Playoffs.

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