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Sepak Takraw League (Malaysia) 2015-2016

Sepak Takraw League Logo [Reference: 3]

STL 2015

Black Panthers770+1814
City Flyers752+710
Gomo Warriors743+88
East Coast Surfers734-16
Southern Tigers734-66
Green Titans716-132
Northern Rangers707-200
Sepak Takraw League (Malaysia) 2016 [Reference: 1]

STL 2016

PWLSet W %
Penang Black Panthers1412281
Terengganu Turtles1411370
Kuala Lumpur Thunder148656
ATM Guardians147749
Johor Tigris145941
Kelantan Warriors145941
Melaka Titans1431133
Kedah Eagles145933
Sepak Takraw League (Malaysia) 2017 [Reference: 2]


Sepak Takraw is a version of Volleyball played with all parts of the bofy except the arma, and is the National Sport of both Malaysia & Thailand, both of whom claim to have invented, and the two countries have won most World Championships between them.

The Sepak Takraw League is Malaysia’s Top League, featuring teams representing Malaysia’s States. Penang Black Panthers won the Championship in 2016 with a 12-2 Won-LossRecord.


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