Tazon Azteca ONEFA (Mexico) v NCAA (USA) All-Star College Football Bowl 1947-2016

Aztec Bowl XLI 2014 Logo [Reference: 6]


BowlDateMexican TeamUS Team
Military Bowl Game
I19.12.1947Mexico All-Stars24Randolph Field Air Base19
II11.12.1948Mexico All-Stars26San Diego Marines33
College Division Bowl
III17.12.1949Mexico All-Stars6Trinity University52
IV23.12.1950Mexico All-Stars14Whittier Poets27
V22.12.1951Mexico All-Stars40Sul Ross State Lobos41
Military Bowl Game
VI20.12.1952Mexico All-Stars33Hamilton Air Force Base55
College Division Bowl
VII19.12.1953Mexico All-Stars45Eastern New Mexico Greyhounds26
VIII16.12.1957Mexico All-Stars20Wiley Wildcats78
IX28.11.1964Mexico All-Stars20California-Santa Barbara Gauchos7
All-Star Bowl Game
X14.12.1965Mexico All-Stars28San Diego Sabres6
College Division Bowl
XI13.12.1966Mexico All-Stars8Tarleton State Texans42
Junior College Bowl
XII10.12.1970Mexico All-Stars7Mesabi State Junior College6
College Division Bowl
XIII20.12.1971Mexico All-Stars9Navy Freshmen47
Division III Bowl
XIV09.12.1979Mexico All-Stars8Trinity (TX) Tigers0
Junior College Bowl
XV13.12.1980Mexico All-Stars28La Mesa Junior College17
Division III Bowl
XVI15.12.1984Mexico All-Stars22Tarleton State Texans15
XVII20.12.1986Mexico All-Stars8Washburn Ichabods27
XVIII14.12.1987Mexico All-Stars17Adams State Indians35
XIX10.12.1988Mexico All-Stars49Western New Mexico Mustangs21
XX09.12.1989Mexico All-Stars0SE Oklahoma State Savage Storm22
XXI12.12.1990Mexico All-Stars29Southern Arkansas Muleriders41
XXII15.12.1991Mexico All-Stars35SW Oklahoma State Bulldogs28
XXIII14.12.1992Mexico All-Stars14Arkansas-Monticello Boll weevils21
XXIV18.12.1993Mexico All-Stars34McMurray Indians20
XXV17.12.1994Mexico All-Stars24SE Oklahoma State Savages24
Military Bowl
XXVI19.12.1996Mexico All-Stars63Palermo Cardinals (Italy)8
All-Star Bowl
XXVII20.12.1997Mexico All-Stars41AFCA Division III All-Stars42
XXVIII12.12.1998Mexico All-Stars13AFCA Division III All-Stars40
XXIX18.12.1999Mexico All_Stars13AFCA Division III All-Stars44
XXX16.12.2000Mexico All-Stars26AFCA Division III All-Stars27
XXXI15.12.2001Mexico All-Stars5AFCA Division III All-Stars37
XXXII14.12.2002Mexico All-Stars9AFCA Division III All-Stars15
XXXIII13.12.2003Mexico All-Stars34AFCA Division III All-Stars31
XXXIV11.12.2004Mexico All-Stars3AFCA Division III All-Stars23
XXXV17.12.2005Mexico All-Stars15AFCA Division III All-Stars53
XXXVI17.12.2006Mexico All-Stars7AFCA Division III All-Stars28
XXXVII08.12.2007Mexico All-Stars19AFCA Division III All-Stars37
XXXVIII05.12.2009Mexico All-Stars42Central Methodist Eagles17
XXXIX10.12.2011ONEFA All-Stars14Division II/III All American Eagles28
XL14.12.2012ONEFA All-Stars26Division II/III All American Eagles49
XLI29.11.2014ONEFA All-Stars21Division II/III All American Eagles24
XLII05.12.2015ONEFA All-Stars17Division II/III All American Eagles14
XLIII09.12.2016ONEFA All-Stars27Division II/III All American Eagles19
International Bowl
XLIV09.12.2017ONEFA All-StarsEurope Warriors
Aztec Bowl (Mexico All-Stars v US College Team) 1947-Present [Reference: 1-3]


The Tazon Azteca (Aztec Bowl) is the highlight of the Mexican American Football season, pitting Mexican & ONEFA College All-Stars against an American College All-Star (or sometimes just an American College or Miltary) Team.

It has been played since 147, and the Mexican Team has won 17 times out of 43 up to 2016, for a 17-26 Record.

In 2017 it bacame a game between ONEFA All-Stars and Europe Warriors, and in 2018 between ONEFA All_Stars (Public Universities) and CONADIEP All-Stars (Private Universities).



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