Team Canada Flag Football Tour of Ireland and Scotland 2009


Team Canada Flag Football Select Junior Team (18-22) were to tour Ireland and Scotland from 12th to 22nd of March 2009 as part of a Global Tour that was to take in Puerto Rico (5-14 December 2008), Netherlands/Belgium (7-17 May 2009),and Japan (August 2009).

About Flag Football

Flag Football is a non-contact version of American Football whereby teams (usually of 5) play on a smaller field (50 yards with two 10 yard endzones), using Flags tied around their waist which must be pulled of by the tackler. The aim as in American Football is to pass or run the ball into the opposition endzone, within a specified number of downs (attempts) – teams have four downs in which to reach the Halfway line or two lines close to either endzone, or the ball is turned over to the opposition. On completing either a touchdown (reaching the endzone) or one of the first down markers (ie the Halfway line or one of the other two lines) the down count starts at one again. A Touchdown is worth 6 points, and a conversion (which must be passed into the endzone) is worth one or two points depending on whether the scoring team opts to start from the 5 yard line or 20 yard line. There is no kicking, although in Irish Flag Football in the 1990s there was kicking and seven player teams. Teams are mixed (coed).


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