The World’s 50 Versions of Football (With Links)

With 10 Codes of Gridiron (North American Football), 10 Codes of National Football (GAA, English Soccer, Rugby Versions, Australian Rules etc), 16 Codes of Wheelchair, Tag, Beach and Reduced Numbers Football (Street Soccer, Rugby Sevens, Beach AFL, Flag Football etc) and 14 Versions of World Football (Uncodified or Ancient Games undergoing Revival), there is Football for all.

Note: This is not a complete list: There are more Obscure or Unusual ones than in this list.

North American Gridiron Football

National Football League
National Collegiate Athletic Association Football
Canadian Football League
Liga de Futbol Americano Mexico
Indoor Football League
X-League Extreme Football League (Legends)
Fan Controlled Football
American 7s Football League
Early Football
North American Gridiron Football Leagues

World Football Leagues

English Premier League
Australian Football League
Gaelic Athletic Association Football
International Rules Football
Super Rugby (Rugby Union)
National Rugby League
Major Arena Soccer League
Copa Libertadores Futsal
Calcio Fiorentino
Lelo Burti (Georgia)
World Football Codes

Wheelchair, Beach & Tag Football

Wheelchair Rugby
Wheelchair Football
Powerchair Soccer
AFL Wheelchair,disability%20the%20opportunity%20to%20play.&text=The%20game%20is%20played%20between,either%20end%20of%20the%20field.
Beach Football
Beach Soccer
Beach Rugby
Beach AFL
Football Fives (Soccer)
Rugby Sevens
GAA Football Sevens
AFL 9s
Flag Football (American)
Street Soccer
Tag Rugby
AFL Tags and Tails
Wheelchair, Beach, Tag & Reduced Numbers Football

Uncodified World Football

Country / GameLink to Video or Media
China / Cuju
Japan / Kemari
India / Yubi LakpiNone
Aotearoa-New Zealand /
Australian Aboriginal / Marn Grook
Central America / Pok-ta-Pok(Ulama)
Normandy (France) / La Soule
Iceland / Knattleikr
Scotland / Ba Game
Britain / Uppies & Downies and Shrovetide Football
Canada / Broomball
Eton Wall Game
Roman Harpastum
Greek Episkyros


Thanks to Everyone who has ever played or enjoyed watching any version of Football

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