Tohoku Collegiate American Football Association TCAA (Japan) Champions 1976-Present

TCAA Champions 1976-Present

I1976Nihon University College of Engineering
II1977Nihon University College of Engineering
III1978Nihon University College of Engineering
IV1979Tohoku Gakuin University
V1980Tohoku Gakuin University
VI1981Nihon University College of Engineering
VII1982Tohoku University
VIII1983Tohoku University
IX1984Tohoku University
X1985Tohoku Gakuin University
XI1986Tohoku University
XII1987Tohoku University
XIII1988Tohoku University
XIV1989Tohoku University
XV1990Tohoku University
XVI1991Tohoku University
XVII1992Tohoku University
XVIII1993Tohoku University
XIX1994Tohoku University
XX1995Tohoku University
XXI1996Sendai University
XXII1997Tohoku University
XXIII1998Tohoku University
XXIV1999Iwata University
XXV2000Tohoku University
XXVI2001Tohoku University
XXVII2002Tohoku University
XXVIII2003Tohoku University
XXIX2004Tohoku University
XXX2005Tohoku University
XXXI2006Tohoku University
XXXII2007Tohoku University
XXXIII2008Tohoku University
XXXIV2009Sendai University
XXXV2010Tohoku University
XXXVI2011Sendai University
XXXVII2012Tohoku University
XXXVIII2013Tohoku University
XXXIX2014Tohoku University
XL2015Tohoku University
XLI2016Tohoku University
XLII2017Tohoku University
XLIII2018Tohoku University
XLIII2019Tohoku University
Tohoku Collegiate American Football Association Champions 1976-Present [Ref: 1]

Composite Table

Tohoku University33
Nihon University College of Engineering4
Tohoku Gakuin University3
Sendai University3
Iwata University1
Tohoku Collegiate American Football Association Champions Composite Table [Ref: 1]


Tohoku University have won the Tohoku Collegiate American Football Association Championship a record 33 times since its inauguration in 1976. Nihon University (Faculty of Engineering) have won it 4 times, Tohoku Gakuin University and Sendai University 3 Times and Iwata University have won it once.

The Tohoku Collegiate American Football Association (TCAA) is the College Conference for Tohoku Region – Northeast Japan (Honshu Island). the winners of the TCAA go on to meet the Champions of the Hokkaido Region for the Pine Bowl North Japan Championship, with the Winners of that match meeting the Champions of the Kanto Region for the East Japan Championship.



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