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UEFA (Union European de Football Association)

UEFA (the Union of European Football Associations) is a Regional Governing Body within FIFA, which runs Football (Soccer) in Europe, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

UEFA’s Primary Competitions are the UEFA European Championships (Men’s and Women’s and Underage – Countries), UEFA Champions League (Club Tournament) and UEFA Nations League (Country Tournament).

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Republic of Ireland Official Match Programme v Gibraltar 11th October 2014
Republic of Ireland Official Match Programme v Gibraltar 11th October 2014

Picture Credit: UEFA European Qualifiers -Ireland v Gibraltar Official Match Programme AVIVA Stadium 11 October 2014 – Author’s Personal Collection

Union of European Football Associations

European Championships; UEFA Regions Cup; UEFA Amateur Championship; UEFA Champions League; UEFA Europa League; UEFA Women’s Champions League

UEFA National Competitions

UEFA U18 European Championships (Editions):

UEFA European Regions Cup (Editions): 

UEFA European Amateur Championship (Editons): 

European Club Football Proposals

UEFA Club Competitions

UEFA Champions League Finals (Editions):

UEFA Europa League Finals (Editions): 

UEFA Women’s Champions League Finals (Editions): 

Shamrock Rovers FC Official Match Programme v Liverpool FC 14th May 2014
Shamrock Rovers FC Official Match Programme v Liverpool FC 14th May 2014

Picture Credit: Shamrock Rovers FC v Liverpool FC Official Match Programme – AVIVA Stadium Dublin 14th May 2014 – Author’s Personal Collection

UEFA Regional Competitions

Baltic Cup; Anglo-Italian Cups; Atlantic Isles Cups

UEFA Regional National Competitions

UEFA Baltic Cup (Editions): 

UEFA Regional Club Competitions

The Fiorucci Cup and the Anglo-Italian Cup were Cup Competitions featuring Premier League and Serie A sides (Fiorucci Trophy) and English Football League and Serie B teams (Anglo-Italian Cup)

Fiorucci Trophy (London – Editions):

Anglo-Italian Cup (Editions):

The Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup features teams from the Scottish Football League, Highland Football League, Lowland Football League, Scottish Premier Football League U21s, English National League, Welsh Premier League, The Northern Ireland Football League and the League of Ireland.

Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup (Seasons): 

Frank Stapleton Signed Photograph
Frank Stapleton Signed Photograph

Picture Credit: Frank Stapleton, Arsenal, Manchester Utd and Ireland Birthday Card – Author’s Personal Collection

UEFA National Leagues

Celtic Nations; Scandinavian & Baltic Nations; FA Premier League;

Celtic & Atlantic Nations

UEFA Celtic Nations Leagues Final Tables (Seasons): 

Scottish Football League Timeline:

Welsh Premier League Final Tables (IRL & NIR Players)

FEFA Basque Provinces Champions lists

FEFA Spain North Region / Basque Country Champions Lists

Mediterranean Nations

UEFA Mediterranean National Leagues Final Tables (Seasons):

French Soccer Leagues Champions (Seasons):

Scandinavia & Baltic Nations

UEFA Scandinavian & Baltic National Leagues Final Tables (Seasons): 

Central European Nations

UEFA Central European National Leagues Final Tables (Seasons):

Eastern European Nations

Eastern European Final Tables (Irish Players)