United Football League 2011

UFL Shield
UFL Shield [References: 1]

Final Standings

Virginia Destroyers (C)431010563.750
Las Vegas Locomotives (P)43108367.750
Omaha Nighthawks41306296.250
Sacramento Mountain Lions413080104.250
Reference: [3]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Consolation Game
21.10.2011Omaha Nighthawks19Sacramento Mountain Lions25
Championship Game
21.10.2011Virginia Destroyers17Las Vegas Locomotive3
Reference: [3]

Regular Season

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
15.09.2011Omaha Nighthawks13Virginia Destroyers23
17.09.2011Sacramento Mountain Lions17Las Vegas Locomotives23
Week 2
24.09.2011Virginia Destroyers34Las Vegas Locomotives17
Week 3
01.10.2011Sacramento Mountain Lions30Omaha Nighthawks33
Week 4
07.10.2011Virginia Destroyers28Sacramento Mountain Lions6
08.10.2011Las Vegas Destroyers30Omaha Nighthawks10
Week 5
15.10.2011Sacramento Mountain Lions27Virginia Destroyers20
15.10.2011Omaha Nighthawks6Las Vegas Locomotives13
[References: 2]


For the third season of the United Football League the league dropped back down to four teams with the loss of Florida Tuskers and Hartford Colonials but with the addition of new team Virginia Destroyers based in Virginia Beach. With a limited schedule of four games each plus one guaranteed post-season game per team, the Virginia Destroyers and Las Vegas Locomotives both reached the Championship Game on 3-1 records. This time Las Vegas Locomotives lost the title game 3-17, its’ first time losing a Championship Game. Sacramento Mountain Lions won the Consolation Game 25-19 versus Omaha Nighthawks 25-19 in overtime.



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