United States Army in Europe (USAREUR) Football League Com Z Conference 1953-1960

USAREUR Com Z Conference 1953

Le Rochelle-Croix Chapeau Rams6510
Orleans Loire Ramblers8620
Verdin-Meuse Cardinals7520
Bussac Broncos7430
Poitiers-Ingrandes Cardinals8440
Toul-Lorraine Dodgers6231
ADSEC Metz-Moselle Mustangs8071
USAREUR Com Z Conference Final Standings 1953 [Ref: 1]

USAREUR Com Z Conference 1954

Verdun Cardinals9711
Croix Chapeau Rams9720
SHAPE Indians11740
Toul-Nancy Dodgers10442
Bussac Broncos8440
Orleans Area Command10370
Metz Mustangs8251
Fontainbleu Foresters8260
Ingrandes Cardinals7070
USAREUR Com Z Conference Final Standings 1954 [Ref: 1]

USAREUR Com Z Conference 1955

Meuse Cardinals8710
Bussac Broncos8620
Orleans Orioles9540
Chinon Red Devils7430
Fontainbleu Foresters7250
Lorraine Dodgers8260
La Rochelle Rams7160
USAREUR Com Z Conference Final Standings 1955 [Ref: 1]

USAREUR Com Z Conference 1956

Bussac Broncos7520
Toul-Nancy Dodgers7430
Chinon Red Devils7430
Orleans Orioles9540
Meuse Cardinals9261
La Rochelle Rams5140
USAREUR Com Z Conference Final Standings 1956 [Ref: 1]

USAREUR Com Z Conference 1957

Orleans Orioles111010
Toul-Nancy Dodgers7610
Chinon Red Devils7430
Bussac Broncos6231
Verdun Cardinals7241
La Rochelle Rams5140
Fontenet Saints7160
USAREUR Com Z Conference Final Standings 1957 [Ref: 1]

USAREUR Com Z Conference 1958

Bussac Broncos10721
Toul-Nancy Dodgers7412
Verdun Cardinals9522
La Rochelle Rams7430
Fontenet Saints7223
Orleans Orioles9351
Ingrandes Cardinals8170
Chinon Red Devils7070
USAREUR Com Z Conference Final Standings 1958 [Ref: 1]

USAREUR Com Z Conference 1959

Orleans Orioles9711
Verdun Cardinals8521
La Rochelle Rams6420
Toul-Nancy Dodgers10352
Ingrandes Cardinals6240
Bussac Broncos6141
Fontenot Saints6150
USAREUR Com Z Conference Final Standings 1959 [Ref: 1]

USAREUR Com Z Conference 1960

Orleans Knights10730
La Rochelle Rams8620
Verdun Cardinals7520
Toul-Nancy Dodgers7340
Ingrandes Cardinals7340
Bussac Broncos8350
USAREUR Com Z Conference Final Standings 1960 [Ref: 1]


The United States ARmy in EURope (USAREUR) played an American Football League from the late 1940s / early 1950s until the end of the Cold War. There was a Com Z Conference (France) and a Northern Italian

Following the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s, the USAFE and USAREUR Football Leagues was discontinued and the only US Military Football now played in the UK is High School Football at Lakenheath, London Central (High Wycombe), Alconbury & Menwith Hill. [1]

The United States Air Force in Europe played a separate League (USAFE). [6]

The Ramstein Rams, Alconbury Spartans, Burtonwood Bullets & Weathersfield Raiders of the USAFE UK Sports Conference except the RamsteinR Rams (Continental Sports Conference) all played matches in Ireland, including one at Croke Park in aid of the Irish Red Cross. [3-7]



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