United States Football Leagues Era AAA Championship Games 1961-1985

United States Football League Logo [Ref: 21]

Bowl Games and Championship Games 1961-1983

United Football LeagueUFL Championship
02.12.1961Grand Rapids Shamrocks20Columbus Colts7
02.12.1962Wheeling Ironmen31Grand Rapids Blazers21
08.12.1963Wheeling Ironmen30Toledo Tornadoes21
05.12.1964Canton Bulldogs19Indianapolis Warriors14
Continental Football LeagueCoFL Championship
1965Charleston Rockets24Toronto Rifles7
1966Philadelphia Bulldogs20Orlando Panthers17
1967Orlando Panthers38Orange County Ramblers14
1968Orlando Panthers30Orange County Ramblers23
1969Indianapolis Capitols44San Antonio Toros38
Southwestern Football LeagueSWPFL Championship Game
1972 *San Antonio Toros8-0Las Vegas Casinos6-2
1973Oklahoma City Wranglers19San Antonio Toros16
World Football LeagueWorld Bowl
1974Birmingham Americans22Florida Blazers21
1975League Season Unfinished
American Football AssociationAFA Championship Game
1977 *San Antonio Charros8-0Oklahoma City warriors4-3
16.09.1978Shreveport Steamers17San Antonio Charros14 ot
29.09.1979Carolina Chargers21Jacksonville Firebirds7
07.09.1980West Virginia Rockets42Carolina Chargers17
30.08.1981West Virginia Rockets29Chicago Fire21
21.08.1982Carolina Storm46Shreveport Americans22
23.07.1983Carolina Storm39San Antonio Bulls0
United States Football LeagueUSFL Championship
1983Michigan Panthers24Philadelphia Stars22
1984Philadelphia Stars23ArizonaWranglers3
1985Baltimore Stars28Oakland Invaders24
United States Football Leagues Era AAA Championship Games 1961-195 [Ref: 1-20]


There were numerous AAA Leagues in US American Football from 1961 to 1985, some of which styled themselves as Major League rivals to the NFL, most notably the United States Football League of 1983 to 1985 and the World Football League of 1974 to 1975.

The winners of the United Football League (1961 to 1964) were Grand Rapids Shamrocks (1961), Wheeling Ironmen (1962, 1963) and Canton Bulldogs (1964). The Continental Football League (1965 to 1969), which featured Co. Offaly-born Tom Furlong, Champions were Charleston Rockets (1965), Philadelphia Bulldogs (1966), Orlando Panthers (1967, 1968) and Indianapolis Capitols (1969).

In the 1972 the Southwestern Pro Football League (SWFL) began to market to the Mexican populations of Texas, California and the SouthWest. It lasted two seasons. Champions were San Antonio Toros (Bulls) (1972) and Oklahoma City Wranglers (1973). the World Football Legue which replaced it attempted to promote American Football to the World, although it got no further than Hawaii. Dublin-born Adrian Young played for the Hawaiians. The League lasted one and a half seasons before folding, with Birmingham Americans the Champions in 1974.

The American Football Association too up the mantle of AAA Football League in 1977, with its Champions being San Antonio Charros (1977), Shreveport Steamers (1978), Carolina Chargers (1979), West Virginia Rockets (1980, 1981), Carolina Storm (1982, 1983). It ended because of the arrival of the United States Football League, a Major Spring League rival to the NFL with a huge budget, including later US President and Billionaire Donald Trump among its team owners. The Champions were Michigan Panthers (1983), Philadelphia Stars (1984) and Baltimore Stars (1985).

After this the AAA Market was taken up by the Arena Football League (1985 to 2019), the World League of American Football / NFL Europe (1991 to 2007) and the XFL Era Leagues (2001 to Present).

Tom Furlong, from Co. Offaly, who played in the Continental Football League in 1966. [Ref: 22]



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