United States Football Leagues

After the 1950s when the National Football League started playing International games in Canada and against Canadian opposition, and the Canadian Football League and Leagues in the New York Metropolitan Area provided a AAA Alternative to the NFL, new AAA Leagues started up again in the 1960s. The Continental Football League (1965-1969), World Football League (1974-1975) and United States Football League (1983-1985) are the most famous and biggest of these leagues.

Most of these Leagues, in particular the WFL & USFL tried, and failed to become another American Football League of 1960-1969 which was so successful it forced a merger with the NFL, with the winners of the two Leagues (now conferences since the merger in 1970) playing each other in the Super Bowl. (see National Football League )

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The United Football League (1961-1964) was the first of these, and then from 1965-1969 the Continental Football League was the first to put teams in both Canada and Mexico.

The Southwestern Football League of 1972-1973 was the precursor to the World Football League (1974-1975) which aimed to bring the sport to the World, although Hawaii was as far as it got. The American Football association of 1977-1983 was another attempt at a AAA League although it was put out of business by the United States Football League (1983-1985) which was the first Major Spring League.  It featured High Profile Owners, such as the later US President Donald Trump, but was itself put out of business by the NFL’s collusion with the Major TV Networks to keep it off the air, as was proved in a later anti-trust trial.

United States Football Leagues Era (1960-1985)

USFL 1983-1985; AFA 1977-1983; WFL 1974-1975; SWPFL 1972-1973; CoFL 1965-1969; UFL 1961-1964

United States Football Leagues Era Championship Games

United States Football Leagues Era AAA Championship Games 1961-1985

United States Football Leagues Era Overviews:

United States Football League 1983-1985

American Football Association 1977-1983 (*)

World Football League 1974-1975 (Irish Players)

Southwestern Football League 1972-1973 (*)

Southwestern Football League (Seasons): 1973

Continental Football League 1965-1969

United Football League 1961-1964 (*)