United States GAA Senior Hurling Championships Roll of Honour 1959-2019

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Champions 1959-2019

1959San Francisco
1960Los Angeles
1962Galway (Boston)
1963Shannon Rangers (Chicago)
1964Galway (Boston)
1965Garryowen (Torornto)
1966Harry Bolands (Chicago)
1967Galway (Boston)
1968Galway (Boston)
1969Harry Bolands (Chicago)
1970Garryowen (Toronto)
1971Harry Bolands (Chicago)
1972Harry Bolands (Chicago)
1973Galway (Boston)
1974Garryowen (Toronto)
1975St. Michael’s (Toronto)
1976Harry Bolands (Chicago)
1977Limerick (Chicago)
1978St. Michael’s (Toronto)
1979St. Vincent’s (Chicago)
1980Harry Bolands (Chicago)
1981Cork (Boston)
1982Cork (Boston)
1983Harry Bolands (Chicago)
1984Harry Bolands (Chicago)
1985Gaels (San Francisco)
1986Tipperary (Boston)
1987Fr. Tom Burkes (Boston)
1988Gaels (San Francisco)
1989Harry Bolands (Chicago)
1990Na Fianna (San Francisco)
1991Na Fianna (San Francisco)
1992Tipperary (Boston)
1993Harry Bolands (Chicago)
1994Cork (Boston)
1995Cu Chulainn (Chicago)
1996Harry Bolands (Chicago)
1997Naomh Padraig (San Francisco)
1998Harry Bolands (Chicago)
1999Harry Bolands (Chicago)
2000Cu Chulainn (Chicago)
2001Cork (Boston)
2002Tipperary (Boston)
2003Galway (Boston)
2004Fr. Tom’s (Boston)
2005Tipperary (Boston)
2006Harry Bolands (Chicago)
2007Cu Chulainn (Chicago)
2008Limerick (Chicago)
2009Wexford (Boston)
2010Naomh Padraig (San Francisco)
2011Na Fianna (San Francisco)
2012Na Fianna (San Francisco)
2013Na Fianna (San Francisco)
2014Galway (Boston)
2015Harry Bolands (Chicago)
2016Naomh Padraig (San Francisco)
2017(Naomh Padraig (San Francisco)
2018Tipperary (Boston)
2019JP Ryan’s (Vancouver )

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