Unkitted World American Football

There are four main variations of Unkitted American Football –

Flag Football is the earliest and is usually played with either 5 or 7 players on a team, with no contact allowed – a flag is attached to the players waist by a belt which is pulled off in order to tackle the ball-carrier. It is Coed.

Beach Football is a non-contact version of the sport played on beaches in America.

American 7s is a 7-a-side unkitted tackle version of the sport, bringing the game back to its origins as a version of Rugby. The man who codified it in New Jersey in 2006 said he played American Football in High School, but college wasn’t an option so he continued playing pick-up games of American Football in parks where players have no protective helmets or pads. He decided there was a need for the game to be codified and organised leagues set up.

American 7s:

American 7s Football League 2018

Internatinal Flag Football (Nations):

European Federation of American Football | European Flag Football Championship 2009-2013

Irish International Series (Seasons):


European Club Flag Football Competitions:

International Federation of American Football Europe | Flag Football | Champions Bowl 2016-2018

Champions Bowl (Seasons):

2016 2017 2018

Irish International Club Flag Football Competitions:

Jack Daniels Summer Bowl International Flag Football Challenge 1986-1992

Anglo-Irish Flag Football Challenge 1997-2005

Irish-American Flag Football Classic 2010-2014

Anglo-Irish Flag Football Challenge (Box Scores | Seasons):

1997 1998 1999 2001 2004

Irish Flag Football Association | Celtic Bowl (Seasons):


Flag Football Ireland | Europa Cup Tournaments (Season):