US Armed Forces Football

Ever since World War II, American teams have played in European Leagues (usually in US Army Leagues stationed around the World), or have played matches against teams from around the World (usually Under 19/20 representative teams from the USA).

United States Air Force & Army Leagues:

American Expeditionary Force Football League 1918-1919

European Theater of Operations Championship 1942-1944

United States Air Force in Europe Football League | Finals 1952-1993

United States Air Force in Europe | United Kingdom Sports Conference 1951-1993

Intercontinental Football League College and Air Force Games 1972-1973

United States Armed Forces in Europe | Northern Italian League 1974-1975

United States Air Force & Army Leagues | Teams:

Hale Blue Devils | European Theater of Operations American Football Team in Ireland | Team Roster & Match Reports 1942