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Volleyball Association of Ireland Premier Men 2014-15

Volleyball Association of Ireland Logo [Reference: 1]

VAI Premier Men 2014-15

UCD (C)1082271135
Ballymun Patriots1073221329
Ballymun Patriots Eagles1055212226
NUIG Alliance1046152519
Garda (R)100109309
Volleyball Association of Ireland Premier Men 2014-15 [References: 2-3]

Legend: (C) Champions, (R) Relegated.

Promoted from Division 1 (2014-15): Tallaght Rockets and DVC’s second team.


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
28.09.2014DVC1Ballymun Patriots Eagles3
Week 2
04.10.2014Ballymun Patriots3DVC2
04.10.2014Ballymun Patriots Eagles2UCD3
05.10.2014NUIG Alliance3Garda2
Week 3
11.10.2014Garda2Ballymun Patriots Eagles3
12.10.2014DVC3NUIG Alliance0
Week 4
18.10.2014Ballymun Patriots3Garda0
19.10.2014UCD2NUIG Alliance3
Week 5
15.11.2014NUIG Alliance0Ballymun Patriots3
Week 6
23.11.2014Ballymun Patriots Eagles0Ballymun Patriots3
Week 7
Week 8
14.12.2014Ballymun Patriots Eagles1NUIG Alliance3
Week 9
10.01.2015Ballymun Patriots3NUIG Alliance1
10.01.2015Ballymun Patriots Eagles3DVC0
Week 10
24.01.2015Garda2NUIG Alliance3
25.01.2015DVC3Ballymun Patriots1
Week 11
31.01.2015Ballymun Patriots3Ballymun Patriots Eagles1
01.02.2015NUIG Alliance0DVC3
Week 12
15.02.2015UCD3Ballymun Patriots Eagles2
Week 13
21.02.2015NUIG Alliance0UCD3
Week 14
28.02.2015Garda0Ballymun Patriots3
01.03.2015NUIG Alliance2Ballymun Patriots Eagles3
Week 15
Week 16
29.03.2015UCD3Ballymun Patriots0
Week 17
01.04.2015Ballymun Patriots Eagles3Garda2
Week 18
Volleyball Association of Ireland Premier Men 2014-15 [References: 2-3]


UCd won the Volleyball Associationof Ireland Premier Men title in 2014-15 by six points in 2014-15 after winning 8 of their 10 games, with Ballymun Patriots in second on 29 points after winning 7 games.

It was close to third and fourth places with DVC (Dublin Volleyball Club) on a 6-4 record with 27 points and Ballymun Patriots Eagles (the Ballymun 2nds team) on 5-5 and 26 points. NUIG Alliance, the University side from Galway finished on 4-6 and 19 points, with Garda in sixth with nine points.

The Premier Men was down one team on 2013-14 after both Aer Lingus and Amber Coast pulled out and were replaced by only one prmoted team, DVC. At the end of the 2014-15 season Tallaght Rockets and DVC’s second team were promoted in place of Garda who were relegated.

UCD made sure of the League title with one game to go with a brilliant straight-sets victory over Ballymun Patriots with the third set going to a tie-break, finishing 27-25, as they won the Premier Men League for the second year in-a-row.



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