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Waterford Wolves Irish American Football Team 2013-2019


Waterford Wolves Logo [Ref: 7]

IAFL Senior Team 2013-2019

Home Ground: RSC Waterford City.

Colours: Blue and Silver

Honours: IAFL 1 Bowl Champions 2015 (beat Cork Admirals 13-12 in Final)

Career Record (W-L-T): Total: / Regular Season / Post-Season: 17-25-0 / 15-25-0 / 2-0-0

History: Waterford Wolves were formed in 2012 and played their first matches in DV8s tournaments towards the end of the year. The following year they entered the full 11v11 Irish American Football League where they had a topsy-turvey history. They came joint first in the 1 Conference in their inaugural season, losuing to the North Kildare Reapers in their last match which handed the title to the Reapers on head-to-head. In 2015 they were promoted to the Shamrock Bowl Conference where they found life difficult, losing all their matches.

Back in the 1 Conference for 2016, they again finished in the top three, reaching the playoffs, where they beat the Cork Admirals, fierce Munster rivals, for the first time in three matches that season, in the 1 Bowl. They declined promotion, and in 2016 won only three of their eight matches. They spent two years out of the league in 2017 and 2018, returning in 2019 to the 1 Conference, but it was too high a level to return to competitive football after two years out, and they lost  four of their five matches heavily, before forfeiting their remaining three.

Home Venue: Regional Sports Centre, Waterford

Year-by-Year Record

YearLgePRS W-L-TPtsPS W-L-TChpW-L-TInt Chp
Waterford Wolves Season-By-Season Record 2013-2019 [Ref: 1-5]

Results IAFL 1 Conference 2013

103.03.2013HNorth Kildare ReapersW14-12
605.05.2013ADrogheda LightningW6-0
926.05.2013HDublin DragonsL2-14
1109.06.2013ATullamore PhoenixW12-2
1216.06.2013HMeath BulldogsW20-12
1414.07.2013AMullingar MinotaursW36-6
1528.07.2013HTullamore PhoenixW14-0
1611.08.2013ANorth Kildare ReapersL14-28
Waterford Wolves IAFL 1 Conference Results 2013 [Ref: 1]

Results IAFL Shamrock Bowl Conference 2014

223.03.2014HDublin DragonsL6-12
330.03.2014ANorth Kildare ReapersL0-13
513.04.2014ADublin RebelsL6-22
918.05.2014HNorth Kildare ReapersL0-68
1101.06.2014AUniversity of Limerick VikingsL6-35
1315.06.2014HTrinity College DublinL0-34
1529.06.2014HUniversity of Limerick VikingsL0-27
1606.07.2014AWest Dublin RhinosL0-7
Waterford Wolves Shamrock Bowl Conference Results 2014 [Ref: 2]

Results IAFL 1 Conference 2015

122.03.2015HCork AdmiralsL6-33
419.04.2015HDundalk MavericksW17-14
603.05.2015HMeath BulldogsL0-13
817.05.2015AMullingar MinotaursW13-7
1031.05.2015AMeath BulldogsW7-2
1214.06.2015ACork AdmiralsL0-42
1428.06.2015HTyrone TitansW20-0
1505.07.2015ADundalk MavericksW3-0
SF2015HMeath BulldogsW13-9
1B2015NCork AdmiralsW13-12
Waterford Wolves IAFL 1 Conference Results 2013 [Ref: 3]

Results IAFL 1 Conference 2016

120.03.2016HCork AdmiralsL3-30
410.04.2016AWestmeath MinotaursW11-9
624.04.2016HWestmeath MinotaursL9-12
808.05.2016HMeath BulldogsL13-20
1022.05.2016ALouth MavericksL0-7
1205.06.2016HSouth Kildare SoldiersW25-14
1419.06.2016AWest Dublin RhinosW24-5
1603.07.2016ACork AdmiralsL7-14
Waterford Wolves IAFL 1 Conference Results 2013 [Ref: 4]

Results IAFL 1 Conference 2019

210.03.2019HWexford EaglesL0-40
531.03.2019ATrinity College DublinL0-72
714.04.2019ALouth MavericksL0-51
828.04.2019HGalway WarriorsW29-0
905.05.2019HCraigavon CowboysL0-73
1302.06.2019AWestmeath MinotaursL0-30 #
1409.06.2019HTrinity College DublinL0-30 #
1516.06.2019ADonegal / Derry VipersL0-30 #
Waterford Wolves IAFL 1 Conference Results 2013 [Ref: 5]



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