Weekend Softball Leagues

From time-to-time brief Provincial Leagues or Challenge matches involving teams from Connacht, Munster and Leinster outside of Dublin; as well as Dublin (SL Weekend League and ISA Inter-County Tournament) have been organized. These Leagues, Tournaments or Friendly matches have been separate from the Leinster and Ulster Softball Leagues which have been running since 1990 (LSL) and 2008 (USL) and the brief attempt at a Munster Softball League (2010-11). There has also been Weekend Leagues in Dublin (Gemstorm Winter League) and the Female Slowpitch League (Dublin).

Weekend Softball Leagues

Dublin Bay Challenge Series; Gemstorm Winter League; ISA Inter-County Tournament; Galway-Cork-Limerick-Kerry Friendlies; Softball Leinster Weekend League

Softball Leinster Weekend League

The latest attempt at a League involving teams from outside Dublin – the Softball Leinster Weekend League involved Galway as well as five Dublin teams.

Softball Leinster Weekend League (Seasons): 2020

Cork-Galway-Limerick-Kerry Softball Friendlies

This attempt at organizing regular matches outside Dublin involved Galway Tribes and Cork Hammerheads meeting each other twice a year (home and away) for two matches per weekend. A team from Tralee (Kerry Green Sox ?) joined them in 2009, after which the Munster Softball League including Cork, Galway, Limerick Originals and West Clare Dolphins was established (see https://eirball.ie/munster-softball/ for more details)

West Coast Softball Friendlies (Seasons): 2009

Cork-Galway Softball Friendlies (Seasons): 2008 2007 2006

Inter-County Softball Leagues

The Inter-County Tournament was the first real attempt at organizing a Softball League outside Dublin – teams included Galway Tribes, Galway Hookers, Cork Pirates, Cork Buccaneers, Longford Triads, Bray Allsorts (Wicklow) and two business teams from Dublin (MBNA Mavericks and Japan Bytes Sluggers)

Irish Softball Association Inter-County Tournament (Seasons): 2001

Gemstorm Winter League

The Gemstorm-sponsored Winter League ran from 1999-2000 to 2001-02, with teams named after Big Cats. Trinity College Dublin Tigers and University College Dublin Wildcats joined in 2000-01.

LSA Gemstorm Winter League (Seasons): 2001-02 2000-01 1999-2000

Dublin Bay Challenge Series

The Dublin Bay Challenge Series was a small three-team (originally intended to be four team) Weekend Softball League featuring teams around Dublin Bay.

Dublin Bay Challenge Series (Seasons): 1998

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