West Bromwich Sevens (Midlands American Football) 1993


DateHome TeamAway Team
19.09.1993Wolverhampton Outlaws1Leicester Huntsmen8
19.09.1993Sutton Coldfield Royals6Bristol Aztecs4
19.09.1993Crewe Railroaders6North Sea Hurricanes16
19.09.1993Norwich Devils12St. Helens Cardinals8
19.09.1993Sutton Coldfield Royals8Leicester Huntsmen6
19.09.1993North Sea Hurricanes6Norwich Devils2
19.09.1993Sutton Coldfield Royals22North Sea Hurricanes2
West Bromwich Sevens Tournament Winter 1993 [Ref: 1]


The Sutton Coldfield Royals won an 18-team Passball Tournament in West Bromwich, West Midlands, England on 19 September 1993. They defeated North Sea Hurricanes 22-2 in the Final after defeating Bristol Aztecs in Quarter-Finals and Leicester Huntsmen in the Semi-Finals.

The Tournament was a Regional Tournament featuring teams from the Midlands and East Anglia. It was played in pouring rain and volunteers had to be drafted in after three referees failed to show.

Knocked out in the first round were West Bromwich Vipers, Ealing Eagles, Stourbridge Pumas, Enfield Bullets, Torbay Trojans, Lancashire Wolverines, Lincoln Saints, Invicta Eagles, Stratford Tempests, Redditch Arrows.

The Wolverhampton Outlaws, Bristol Aztecs, St. Helens Cardinals and Crewe Railroaders fell at the quarter-finals and Leicester Huntsmen and Norwich Devils at the Semi-Finals.

The Tournament was in aid of the NSPCC.

About Passball

Passball was an Arena-style American Football League in England, played on a smaller field than a regular American Football field, and with a focus on passing. Passball is played on a 40-yard field with two 8-yard endzones, with five downs or attempts to score, three of which must be passing plays, before the ball is turned over. Teams are seven-a-side [Ref: 3]


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