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Korfball is the Dutch variant of Basketball or Netball and has been played in Netherlands and Belgium since the early 20th Century.

It has been played in Ireland since around 2009 when the Ireland Korfball International team first entered the IKF European Championships.

While there is no league in Ireland as yet, the International team enters Tournaments in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Netherlands.

In keeping with the Dutch ‘Total Football’ Tradition the Attackers and Defenders swap positions after two scores by either team, making an All-Rounders game.

Below you will find links to various competitions in which Ireland entered.

International Korfball Federation (Overviews):

IKF logo los

International Korfball Federation Logo [Ref: 3]

International Korfball Federation | European Korfball Championship 2010-2018

International Korfball Federation | European Korfball Championship | Round 1 2016-2017

International Korfball Federation | World Korfball Championship (Finals):


International Korfball Federation | European Championships (Finals):

2010 2014

International Korfball Federation | European Championships Round 1 (Qualifying):

2016 2017

Korfball Tournaments:

British Student Korfball Association | 1st International Invitational Trophy 2017

Korfball Teams:

IKF | European Korfball Championships | Ireland’s Record 2009-2016

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Featured Image
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Logo Images
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Pesapallo is the Finnish version of Baseball and is their National Sport.

It has an unusual form of pitching and players run zig-zags through bases.

There is a game played on their National Holiday every year at the Finnish Embassy in Ireland.

Here is a Video of the sport from the New York Times, as shared by the Irish-Finnish Society on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IrishFinnishSociety/posts/1326676680678956 [Accessed 27 June 2019]

Finnish Pesapallo Super Series:

Pesapallo (Finland) Men’s 2019