Western Pennsylvania Pro Football Circuit 1895

Western Pennsylvania Pro Circuit
Duqesne Country & AC Red and Blacks (C)84319286.571
Pittsburgh AC Red and White1071218324.875
Latrobe YMCA Orange and Crimson 11830.727
Greensburg AA Greenies11821.800
Altoona AC
Jeanette AC
Carnegie AC Braddock
Beaver Falls YMCA
Shadyside AC
University Teams
University of Pennsylvania11003001.000
Pennsylvania State University
University of Cincinnati1010026.000
Western University of Pennsylvania2020278.000
College Teams
Grove City College
Geneva College
High School Teams
Washington & Jefferson HS Presidents8611.857
Visiting “Amateur” Teams
Chicago AA11003441.000
Carlisle (PA) Indians11001641.000
Wheeling (W.Va) Tigers1010012.000
Western Pennsylvania Pro Football Circuit 1895 [Reference: compiled from: Results in1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
03.09.1895Latrobe YMCA12Jeannette AC0
Week 2
14.09.1895Altoona AA18Latrobe YMCA0
Week 3
21.09.1895Latrobe YMCAW
21.09.1895Pittsburgh ACWBeaver Falls YMCAL
Week 4
28.09.1895Latrobe YMCAW
28.09.1895Pittsburgh ACWShadyside ACL
Week 5
05.10.1895Greensburg AA25Latrobe YMCA0
05.10.1895Pittsburgh ACWGrove City CollegeL
05.10.1895Duquesne Country & AC36Western Univ of Pennsylvania0
Week 6
12.10.1895Greensburg AA42Western Univ of Pennsylvania2
12.10.1895Piitsburgh ACWGeneva CollegeL
12.10.1895Duquesne Country & AC4Carlisle (PA) Indians16
Week 7
19.10.1895Greensburg AA12Altoona AA6
19.10.1895Pittsburgh AC18Washington & Jefferson HS4
19.10.1895Duquesne Country & AC26University of Cincinnati0
Week 8
23.10.1895Duquesne Country & AC0University of Pennsylvania30
26.10.1895Greensburg AA44Carnegie AA Braddock0
26.10.1895Pittsburgh AC34Kiskiminetas0
Week 9
02.11.1895Greensburg AA12Wheeling (W.Va) Tigers0
05.11.1895Duquesne Country & AC0Pittsburgh AC0
05.11.1895Greensburg AA40Connellsville0
Week 10
09.11.1895Pittsburgh AA0Greensburg AA0
09.11.1895Duquesne Country & AC4Chicago AA34
Week 11
16.11.1895Pittsburgh AC11Pennsylvania State Univ10
16.11.1895Duquesne Country & AC12Greensburg AA0
Week 12
23.11.1895Altoona AALGreensburg AAW
27.11.1895Greensburg AAWBeaver Falls YMCAL
Westmoreland CountyUnofficial Championship
30.11.1895Greensburg AA0Latrobe YMCA4
Western PennsylvaniaUnofficial Championship
30.11.1895Pittsburgh AC6Duquesne Country & AC10
Western Pennsylvania Pro Football Circuit Results 1895 [Reference: compiled from: Results in 1]


The first Unofficially paid Professional Football player had been “Pudge” Heffelfinger in 1892 in Allegheny Atheltic Association. While the Amateur Football Union still forbade the payment of players clubs like the A.A.A. paid players secretly and in 1894 after winning the Unofficial Western Pennsylvania Pro Football Circuit (the Pittsburgh Area was where early Pro Football flourished) Championship in 1894 the A.A.A. learned they were under investigation for possible payment of players leading to the team not defending its title in 1895.

It fell to Washington & Jefferson High School star quarterback John Brallier became the first openly paid professional player, winning “$10 plus Cake” to play for Latrobe YMCA while he was also playing for Washington & Jefferson High School and the local College. Latrobe YMCA won its first two games under him, and after he left to play for his school when term started they won two more.

Meanwhile, Greensburg Athletic Association, the “Greenies” were putting up a six-game winning streak which included a victory to start with against fellow-Westmoreland County team Latrobe YMCA. Pittsburgh Athletic Club, dubbed the Red and White were also putting up big scores against opponents on the way to a 6-0 start through October 1895.

Duquesne Country and Athletic Club (the Red and Blacks) were also scoring high against opponents, which included the famed Carlisle Indian School and two Universities, including the University of Pennsylvania which stopped by on its way to the National Championship. Back then there were less official rules governing players moving between teams and teams playing teams from Amateur, Professional, High School, College and University alike.

Towards the end of the year in November, a seroes of games between the Big Four saw Duquesne Country and Athletic Club defeat Greensburg Athletic Association 12-0 and then in the following week, an unofficial third place game saw Latrobe YMCA (the Orange and Crimson) defeat Greensburg AA, gaining revenge for an earlier defeat. Latrobe were helped by the return of Brallier, after the end of the Washington & Jefferson High School President’s season.

The same weekend the top two teams in the Circuit, Duquesne Country and Athletic Club and Pittsburgh Athletic Club, met before 10,000 fans in Pittsburgh’s East End Stadium for the Unofficial title game. Duquesne emerged 10-6 winners, and despite a 4-3-1 (Wins-Losses-Ties) record were assured the Championship having beaten the only two previously undefeated teams in Greensburg AA and Pittsburgh AC and having played a tougher schedule.

The DC & AC had also scheduled two matches against Universities including the National Champion (The Universities were stronger than the Pro teams in those days) as well as games against the top “Amateur” side in the Country (Chicago AA) and the Carlisle Indian School, a team of formidable Native Americans at the Indian School in Pennsylvania, who had been defeating all before them. Greensburg had also scheduled a game gainst a non-Pennsylvania team: the Tigers of Wheeling in nearby West Virginia.

All this money floating around Western Pennsylvania back then was down to the booming Coal-mining and Oil-drilling industries in Pennsylvania at the time. Brallier would be famed as the first openly Pro (American) Footballer in history, gaining a free-pass to every NFL game after his contribtion to Pro Football was acknowledged in the 1930s, although the honour of the first Pro would later be granted to “Pudge” Heffelfinger in 1892, Brallier was the first openly-Pro player.

The money at the time was significant. PAC made a profit of $4,500 for the year and Greensburg AA $4,000. A man by the name of Donovan, an Irish name, broke free in the deciding game between Duquesne and Pittsburgh with the score 6-4 to Pittsburgh. his touchdown (then worth four points) and resulting goal kick gave Duquesne a 10-6 win.



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