William Wagner Trophy – Tallaght Outlaws 0 Claremont-McKenna Stags 67 – 19 May 2007

Willliam Wagner Trophy Poster [Ref: 2]

Irish American Football Association / Global Football

William Wagner Trophy 2007

19 May 2007 – Postal Club Tallaght – Tallaght Outlaws 0 Claremont-McKenna (CMC) Stags 67

The Tallaght Outlaws were the first Irish Club to play a National Collegiate American Football Association Division III College, when they hosted the third Global Football match in Ireland, after two involving Team Ireland in 2004 and 2005. The Stags, from Claremont, 30 miles East of Los Angeles in the Pomona Valley, in the Foothills of San Gabriel Mountains, had played the Great Britain Bulldogs the previous year in California, and as expected were comfortable winners, although the Outlaws put up a batter-than-expected match to them.

The Stags were led by quarterback Aaron Gonzales on Offense, and scored a number of spectacular touchdowns, with Mike Hirokawa and D.J. Lillard scoring numerous touchdowns, and an 80-yard return by Ryan Larson. On defense, standouts were cornerback Dan Picciotto and defensive lineman Kevin Byram.

The Outlaws, however, put in a number of good individual performances. Dan Breslin got an interception, and put in the biggest hit of the day on his way to winning the MVP Award. James Hugges, Barry Bolton and Paul O’Toole all had good games for the Tallaght side. The biggest compliment of the day came from some of the Stags staff, who said the Outlaws performance was on a par with the Great Britain Bulldogs performance the previous Autumn in California. [Ref: 1-2]

The game was named in honour of William Wagner, a Stags player who had passed away a few months previously. Notable about the College is that Bono visited in October 2007. [Ref: 5]

At Tallaght Postal ClubQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Calremont-McKenna Stags67
Tallaght Outlaws00000
William Wagner Trophy Box-Score 2007 [Ref: 1]
CMCMike Hirokawa
CMCD.J. Lillard
CMCRyan Larson, 80-yard Int Return
TALDan Bresiln
William Wagner Trophy Scorers 2007 [Ref: 1]
Tallaght Outlaws (teal-grey) offense lines up against the Claremont-McKenna Stags (red-white) defense [Ref: 3]

CMS Stags Roster 2007

1Mike HirokawaWide Receiver
2Dan PicciottoDefensive Back
3Nick MarineauWide Receiver
4Aaron GonzalesQuarteback
5Drew RymerWide Reciver
6Bryan DownsKicker / Punter
7Spencer ClarkRunning Back
8Bobback TehraniWide Receiver
9D.J. LillardRunning Back
11Mark GardinerRunning Back
12Ben BergsmaQuarterback
13Nick MarineauWide Receiver
14Mike McNeeceQuarterback
15Brock OlsonDefensive Back
16Dan JacobsonRunning Back
17Mike GomezDefensive Line
18Tonee SuetsuguWide Receiver
19David PezzolaWide Receiver
20Stuart FelknerLinebacker
21David SpillerDefensive Back
23Lance RutlegdeRunning Back
24Victor GonzalezDefensive Back
25Dane RymerDefensive Back
26Charlie SarosyDefensive Back
27Andy SinclairLinebacker
28Zack MalloveKicker / Defensive Back
29David KalinLinebacker
30Drew ScrantonDefensive Line
31Patrick AtwaterLinebacker
34Andrew BarrRunning Back
36Landon PatocDefensive Back
37Kevin WalkowDefensive Line
39Ryan LulowRunning Back
40Greg KeeleLinebacker
42Dan AdomianDefensive Back
45Dan CurtisLinebacker
48Ryan HutchisonLinebacker
50Jason YuDefensive Line
55Austin NietoOffensive Line
56Andrew AppapallaiOffensive Line
58John LakeLinebacker
60Kevin ByramDefensive Line
61Chris HasbrouckOffensive Line
63Andre SeritaOffensive Line
65James LotkaOffensive Line
66Max HodgeOffensive Line
70Jordan NottkeOffensive Line
73Mike TakkinenOffensive Line
77William WagnerOffensive Line
78Jeff ManaseroOffensive Line
81Andrew DoyleWide Receiver
82Kyle AkinWide Reciver
85David ReitzTight End
86Brian SchulkinDefensive Line
89Duncan MaysharkDefensive Line
99Greg HallDefensive Line
Claremont-McKenna (CMS) Stags Roster 2006 (2006-07) [Ref: 4]



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Thanks to Tim Leadingham (Tallaght Outlaws)

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