Woman’s Football Alliance Division II 2017-2019

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WFA Division II 2017

RankTeam / DivisionPWLTPFPAPct
Northeast Division
1Montreal Blitz7610299121.857
2Philadelphia Phantomz9450264164.444
4New York Sharks9540196204.556
5Columbus Comets8440227108.500
9Baltimore Nighthawks8440258249.500
10Detroit Dark Angels8440108235.500
13Indy Crash817066163.125
15West Michigan Mayhem826049178.250
Southeast Region
6Carolina Phoenix8620290107.750
8Tampa Bay Inferno99003851021.000
11Miami Fury9630167134.667
16Jacksonville Dixie Blues8170109252.125
19North Florida Pumas716010282.143
Pacific Region
7Mile High Blaze880032501.000
12Sin City Trojans9540185164.556
14Everett Reign927079174.222
17Tacoma Trauma826057227.250
Midwest Region
3St. Louis Slam871026093.875
18Madison Blaze844092223.500
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W/EHome TeamAway Team
Postseason Week 1
10.06.2017Philadelphia Phantomz16New York Sharks23
10.06.2017Tampa Bay Inferno27Miami Fury6
10.06.2017Sin City Trojans13Everett Reign0
Postseason Week 2
17.06.2017St. Louis Slam69Madison Blaze0
17.06.2017Montreal Blitz49New York Sharks27
17.06.2017Carolina Phoenix26Tampa Bay Inferno35
17.06.2017Mile High Blaze28Sin City Trojans14
Postseason Week 3
08.07.2017Montreal Blitz26Tampa Bay Inferno58
08.07.2017St. Louis Slam43Mile High Blaze21
Postseason Week 4
21.07.2017St. Louis Slam42Tampa Bay Inferno15
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WFA Division II 2018

RankTeam / DivisionPWLTPFPAPct
2New York Sharks8620243192.750
3Philadelphia Phantomz8350157191.375
5Columbus Comets8620234116.750
7Detroit Dark Angels8530245133.625
11Cleveland Fusion817055131.125
Southeast Region
4Tampa Bay Inferno8620237111.750
10Jacksonville Dixie Blues8530247195.625
13Miami Fury8260197193.250
Pacific Region
6Mile High Blaze8620321127.750
12San Diego Rebellion8620199124.750
14Everett Reign862012684.750
15Tacoma Trauma716060168.143
16Capital City Rage60601869.000
Midwest Region
1Minnesota Vixen871025084.875
9Wisconsin Dragons8530167166.625
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W/EHome TeamAway Team
Postseason Week 1
16.06.2018Philly Phantomz14Columbus Comets22
16.06.2018Jacksonville Dixie Blues35Miami Fury14
16.06.2018San Diego Rebellion35Everett Reign0
Postseason Week 2
30.06.2018New York Sharks55Columbus Comets36
30.06.2018Tampa Bay Inferno48Jacksonville Dixie Blues7
30.06.2018Mile High Blaze23San Diego Rebellion16
30.06.2018Minnesota Vixen35Wisconsin Dragons7
Postseason Week 3
14.07.2018New York Sharks42Tampa Bay Inferno21
14.07.2018Minnesota Vixen29Mile High Blaze6
Postseason Week 4
27.07.2018Minnesota Vixen21New York Sharks27
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WFA Division II 2019

RankTeam / DivisionPWLTPFPAPct
Northeast Division
2Pittsburgh Passion431013574.750
4Columbus Comets43106834.750
5Detroit Dark Angels330093121.000
8New York Wolves413050128.250
10Cleveland Fusion42208457.500
12Baltimore Nighthawks431010889.750
13Philly Phantomz41307287.250
40Indy Crash202004.000
Southeast Region
9Tampa Bay Inferno5230181190.400
16Miami Fury321010469.667
40Jacksonville Dixie Blues40400211.000
Pacific Region
6Mile High Blaze4400166121.000
40Seattle Spartans303022118.000
Midwest Region
1St. Louis Slam4400171141.000
3Minnesota Vixen330059191.000
11Houston Energy4400184141.000
18Austin Outlaws 422034114.500
40Wisconsin Dragons431010567.750
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W/EHome TeamAway Team
Postseason Week 1
15.06.2019Pittsburgh Passion41New York Wolves6
15.06.2019Columbus Comets8Detroit Dark Angels24
15.06.2019St. Louis Slam16Minnesota Vixen8
15.06.2019Mile High Blaze30Houston Energy22
Postseason Week 2
29.06.2019Pittsburgh Passion33Detroit Dark Angels34
29.06.2019St. Louis Slam41Mile High Blaze0
Postseason Week 3
13.07.2019St. Louis Slam34Detroit Dark Angels0
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St. Louis Slam won the Women’s Football Alliance Division II title with a 42-15 defeat of Tampa Bay Inferno in 2017, the first year of Tiered Divisions in the WFA. They won it again in 2019 with a 34-0 victory versus Detroit Dark Angels, with New York Sharks triumphing 27-21 against Minnesota Vixen in the intervening 2018 Final. There were 16-19 teams in the WFA Division II during this time divided into four regions.


The Woman’s Football Alliance is the Premier Women’s American Football League in the United States of America.

From 2017 onwards it has been split into three levels (Divisions’ I, II, III) with Inter-Division as well as Inter-Conference Play i.e. Teams plzay matches against those from their own Division, as well as playing teams from their own Region in Higher or Lower Divisions.


Dallas Elite won the first Division I title in 20177, beating Boston Renegades 31-21 in the Final. The Renegades went one better the following season, winning 42-18 against the Los Angeles Warriors in the Final, and then repeating as Champions in 2019, beating another California team, Cali War 52-24.


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