Women’s Camanachd Association Shinty National Division 1 2004-2005

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WCA National League A 2004

Oban Lorne840428278
Edinburgh University84047198
Glasgow Mid Argyll840418158
Women’s Camanachd Association Shinty National Division 1 2004-2005 [Reference: 3

WCA National Div 1 2005

Glasgow Mid Argyll ++1062047716
Tir Chonaill Harps1051472311
Edinburgh University10424151510
Oban Lorne103071266
Women’s Camanachd Association Shinty National Division 1 2005 {Reference: 4]


Glengarry won the Women’s Camanachd Association Shinty National Division 1 in 2004 with 14 points from 8 games and Glasgow Mid Argyll in 2005 with 16 points from 10 games. Ireland’s Tir Chonaill Harps, from Donegal, came third in 2005 on 11 points.

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About Scottish Shinty

Shinty (also known as Camanachd) is the Scottish version of Hurling and Camogie, played mostly in the Gaelic-speaking Scottish Highlands. It has both Men’s and Women’s Leagues and Cups, and also University and Underage Competitions. It is 12-a-side, played with a stick and ball like in Hurling, but with no point-over-the-bar, just goals.



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