World American Football Leagues

American Football was first introduced outside of North America in countries such as Mexico and Japan in the early 1900s. By 1933 the Aztec Bowl, the Mexican Super Bowl was played for the first time. In 1947 the first Rice Bowl in Japan was played. From there the sport spread to Korea in the 1950s, South East Asia in the 1960s, Europe in the 1970s, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific in the 1980s, the former USSR (now Russia and CIS) in the 1990s, West and Central Asia in the 2000s, and India, China, Latin America and Africa in the 2010s.

Europe American Football

Europe has the strongest American Football Leagues outside of North America, Japan and Mexico. The first Leagues were started in the 1970s and the Eurobowl in 1986. It is dealt with in its own section (see: European American Football for more details)

Latin American and Caribbean American Football

This is a record of Latin American Gridiron (American Football) Leagues. American Football is known as Football Americano, or just simply Football, in Latin America, as opposed to Futbol, which is the Spanish name for Soccer.

The sport was first played in Mexico in the late 19th Century, and leagues first started appearing in Mexico in the 1930s. In the 2000s the first Kitted American Football Leagues started in Argentina and Brazil, and are now played everywhere in Latin America.


Note: As Mexico is so big on American Football it has its own section: For more on Mexican American Football Leagues (Including Professional, College and State Leagues) see: Mexican American Football Leagues


Liga Asociacion Guatemalteca de Football Americano (Overviews):

Asociacion Guatemalteca de Football Americano 2015-2017


Football Americano Argentina Liga Mayor (Overviews):

Football Americano Argentina Liga Mayor 2012-2019

East and South Asia American Football

American Football has been played in Asia since the 1930s when American teachers in Japan first promoted the game.


Note: As Japan is one of the Four Major League Countries in American Football it has its own section where you can find the historical results and tables of the Rice Bowl (the Japanese Super Bowl), the X-League (Social League – Businesses), College Football, and the Japan Private Football Federation (Private Leagues). See Japan American Football for more details.


Korea American Football Association | Kimchi Bowl 1995-2017


China Arena Football League 2016-2019

China Arena Football League (seasons): 2019


Elite Football league of India 2012

Pacific American Football Leagues

Since the 1980s American Football Leagues have been organised in Australia & New Zealand.

Pacific American Football Leagues:


Gridiron New South Wales

Gridiron New South Wales Mens Competition 2018-2019

Gridiron New South Wales Mens Competition (Seasons): 1989

Gridiron New South Wales Mens AA Competition (2nd Division) (Seasons): 1989

Gridiron South Australia

Gridiron South Australia Seniors 1986-1989

Australian Capital Territory Gridiron League

Australian Capital Territory Gridiron League 2000-2009

New Zealand

American Football Canterbury

American Football Canterbury (Seasons):2018

West and Central Asia American Football

American Football started in countries like Israel, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan in the early 2000s.

Israel (AFI):

American Football in Israel | Israeli Football League 2012-2018

Turkey (TAFK):

Turkiye Amerikan Futbolu Kurlu Turkey Tournament (Seasons): 2001

United Arab Emirates:

United Arab Emirates | International American Football Matches 2012-2018

American Football Africa

The Egyptian American Football league is currently the only fully kitted contact American Football League in Africa, although there are Flag Football Leagues (Tag) in Egypt, Morocco and Ivory Coast.


EFAF Egyptian National Football League (Overviews):

Egyptian National Football League Egyptian Bowl 2015-Present

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