World American Football Timelines

These Timelines are a record of teams from the first to last that have played in each Major or AAA Professional American Football League, or Irish American Football League.

Major Football Leagues Timelines:

Major American Football Leagues Timeline 1909-2020 (Leagues)

Major & AAA Football Leagues Timelines:

Canadian Football League Timeline 1869-present

American Football Leagues Era Timeline 1920-1959

National Football League International Era Timeline 1950-Present

Continental Football Leagues Era Timeline 1960-1985

World Football Leagues Era Timeline 1972-Present

National Football League Assorted Timelines:

National Football League Major League Teams Timeline 1920-present

National Football League Expansion 1920-present

Irish American Football Leagues Timelines

Irish American Football League Expansion 1984-present

Irish American Football League | Timeline 1986-2018

Irish American Football Youth Kitted Timeline