World Combat Sports

Kickboxing (Thailand)

Kickboxing Ireland

Kickboxing originated in Thailand. Kicks as wel as punches are allowed, as are a variety of weapons.

Galway International Kickboxing Challenge (Years): 1998

Kickboxing Ireland Award Winners (Years): 2019

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Sumo (Japan)

Sumo World Championships

John Gunning was the first Irishman to compete in the Sumo World Championships for Ireland.

Irish International Sumo Wrestlers

John Gunning Irish Sumo Wrestler

Sumo Reference

I have it on the authority of John Gunning that this Referece website is one of the best ever. The German who compiled it went through over 100 years of Japanese Newspapers. It cnntains the results of every Japanese Sumo bout ever recorded back to early 1900s or before. 

Sumo Reference:

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Lucha Libre (Mexico)


Mexican version of WWE Wrestling

Triplemania (Bouts): XXIV 2018

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