World Football League Proposal 2050

World Football League Logo [Reference: 2]


UFC EastWFC East
Washington RedskinsThe Hawaiians
Boston CelticsDelhi Bengals
Cleveland IndiansTokyo Chargers
Chicago BlackhawksSydney Rams
UFC NorthWFC North
Quebec NordiquesLondon Ravens
Edmonton EskimoesBerlin Colts
Toronto-Buffalo BillsMoscow Raiders
Vancouver CanucksStockholm Vikings
UFC SouthWFC South
Birmingham AmericansKenyan Crimson Tide
Notre Dame Fighting IrishJohannesburg Chiefs
Memphis SouthmenJerusalem Oilers
Atlanta BravesRome Cardinals
UFC WestWFC West
Austin TexansDublin City Storm
CDMX MexicasRio de Janeiro 49ers
The MayasLima Incas
Kansas City ChiefsHavana Browns
[References: 1]


Given the recent round of North American Sports Teams announcing they are changing their nicknames due to offence caused to Native Americans and the power of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, Eirball wonders if these groups will “Take Back” the names and use them as a source of Pride in the their own leagues. Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians and Edmonton Eskimoes recently announced they are dropping their moniker in favour of something more appropriate.

In this scenario by 2050 there will be a World Football League with a return of teams such as the Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs, Edmonton Eskimoes (CFL), CDMX Mexicas (Mexico City), Mayas (LFA Mexico), The Hawaiians and Birmingham Americans (WFL 1974-1975), Austin Texans, Memphis Southmen and Birmingham Americans (USFL 1983-1985) as well as Baseball Teams Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves; Ice Hockey Teams Chicago Blackhawks, Vancouver Canucks, Quebec Nordiques; and Basketball Team Boston Celtics; NCAA team Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

In addition National Football League teams which have never settled anywhere in America or developed a sense of identity shall move around the World: London Ravens, Berlin Colts, Moscow Raiders, Rome Cardinals, Johannesburg Chiefs, Jerusalem Oilers, Tokyo Chargers, Sydney Rams, Delhi Bengals, Rio de Janeiro 49ers, Havana Browns and Toronto Buffaloes (Bills). New teams Kenyan Crimson Tide, Lima Incas and Dublin City storm to be added to bring the League up to 32 teams. These teams will be owned, staffed and played by Native players.


For References on each of the Leagues as well as much more information please see the following pages:


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[1] NFL / Kevin Patra (2020) Washington retiring nickname, logo; new nickname TBD [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 14 July 2020]

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