World Football

International American Football

The first match that could be described as an International Gridiron or American Football match is the one between two AFL teams in Canada in 1926. Following this the NFL and AFL played a series of matches between the Leagues in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.

In 1941 the first Canadian Football League v American Football League matches were held, and in 1950 the first match between a National Football League team and a Canadian Football League team.

Beginning in the 1970s, there were attempts at promoting American Football in Europe, through the Intercontinental Football League, and from there the World. In 1976 the St. Louis Cardinals and San Diego Chargers played in Tokyo. In 1984 two United States Football League teams played in London, and in 1986 the first NFL American Bowl preseason game was held in London.

In 2007 the NFL decided to promote the NFL in London, Mexico City and Toronto with the International Series of Regular Season games, which have run until the present

Major American Football Leagues Internationals

American Football League (1926);

American Football League International

American Football League International 1926

National Football League v American Football Leagues 1927-1942

Whilst not strictly speaking International matches, the National Football League has also played matches against American Football League teams in the 1920s, 1930s, & 1940s.

National Football League v American Football League 1927-1928

California Winter League 1927-1928

Memphis Tigers | AAA Independent American Football 1929-1933

National Football League v Pacific Coast Football League 1936

Pacific Coast Football Leagues (Seasons): 1927 1928

National Football League v Army & College All-Stars 1942

Canadian Football League v Major American Football Leagues (1941-1969)

Canadian Football League v American Football League Matches 1941-1948

National Football League v Canadian Football League 1950-1961

National Football League Preseason Matches in Canada 1960-1969

Picture Credit: [International 1] Ninety-Nine Yards, Chris Lawton (2020) An International Fixture: When the CFL played teams from other leagues [Internet] Available from:

football player holding football

Major American Football Leagues International 1972-Present

NFL International; USFL International; The Spring League v Japan;

The National Football League began playing matches abroad in 1950, with a series of matches in Canada and against Canadian opposition, which lasted until 1969. Then it played a match in Paris in 1972, as well as matches in the 1970s in Tokyo in partnership with the Intercontinental Football League. In the 1980s it started playing preseason matches in Europe (the American Bowl) and after the NFL Europe Development League experiment (1991-2007) it scheduled Regular Season NFL games in London, as well as preseason games in Japan, Mexico & Toronto.

In the meantime there has also been matches between NCAA and Minor League teams and teams from Leagues around the World.

National Football League International Games

National Football League Intercontinental 1972-1978

United States Football League | Postseason Exhibition Game in London 1984

National Football League | American Bowl Pre-Season Games in Europe 1986-1997

National Football League American Bowl Preseason Games in Mexico 1994-2001

National Football League International | Regular Season Games in London 2007-Present

AAA Leagues Internationals

The Spring League v Japan National Team 2020

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Minor American Football Leagues International

Intercontinental Football league;

Intercontinental Football League European Championship 1976-1978

Proposed American Football League in USSR 1979

Intercontinental Football League European Championship (Seasons): 1978 1977 1976

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USA and Canadian Colleges Internationals

US College Division I Teams Abroad; US College Division III Teams Abroad; Global Football;

NCAA Division I Football Games Abroad:

NFL & NCAA Pre-Season Games in Ireland 1988-1997

NCAA Football | Regular Season Games in Ireland 2012-2016

NCAA Division 1A Freshmen Tours to Europe

NCAA D 1A Freshmen Tour of Britain (Results): 1998

NCAA Division 1AA Football Games Abroad

NCAA Division 1AA Yankee Conference College Football Games in Europe 1988-1989

NCAA D 1AA Tours to Europe (Box-Scores): Villanova Wildcats 28 Rhode Island Rams 25 Milano Kickoff Classic Italy 1989

US College Division III Football Games v World Opposition

Tazon Azteca (Aztec Bowl – Mexican v US American Football) 1947-Present

International American Football | Ireland v NCAA Division III Teams 2004-2005

International American Football | Irish Teams v NCAA Division III Teams 2007-2019

US College Division III Football Games Abroad

Intercontinental Football League College and Air Force Games 1972-1973

International American Football USSR 1989

Global Football NCAA v CONADEIP (Mexico) Tours to Africa (Seasons): 2011

Global Football NCAA D III Tours to Europe (Seasons): 2019

Canadian High School Tours of Europe

Team Canada HS Tour of Britain (Season Results): 1998

Picture Credit: [10] Global Football | Michael Preston (2015) When Global Football, the Irish & Midshipmen Rocked Dublin [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 17 January 2020]

World American Football

There are two main types of World American Football Competitions: (1) World Football Leagues, which are professional, and usually run by established North American Football Leagues such as the National Football League (NFL) and Legends Football League (LFL) or former Players and Coaches of those Professional Leagues. And (2) American Football World Cups and International Friendlies between Amateur National teams.

World Football Leagues

WLAF; AFL Europe; NFL Europe; EFL India; China AFL: LFL Canada; LFL Australia; PGFL Mexico; European Super League.

World Pro American Football Leagues (Bowl Games):

World Pro American Football Leagues Bowl Games 1991-2019

World Pro American Football Leagues (Overviews):

World League of American Football 1991-1992

Hamburg Blue Devils Independent Schedule American Football Team 1993

American Football League of Europe 1993-1995

World League of American Football 1995-1997

National Football League Europe 1998-2007

United Football League 2009-2011

Elite Football league of India 2012

Legends Football League Global 2012-2014

Pretty Girls Football League (Mexico) 2014-2017

China Arena Football League 2016-2019

Amsterdam Crusaders Independent Schedule American Football Team 2018

European Super League 2019

European League of Football 2021

World Pro American Football League Seasons:

Hamburg Blue Devils Independent Schedule American Football Team 1993

European League of American Football 1993

American Football League of Europe 1995

LFL Global (Seasons): Canada 2012-13 Australia 2013-14

Amsterdam Crusaders Independent Schedule American Football Team 2018

China Arena Football League 2019

Alliance of American Football 2019

Picture Credit: [97] World League of American Football (2020) 96claymoresawayjersey50rs.jpg.w300h350 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 17 September 2020]

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World American Football

American Football World Cups

American Football International Rankings

World Top 225 American Football Teams (Outside USA & Canada) 2019

American Football World Cup (Editions): 1999 2003 2007 201

IFAF Junior World Championships

International Federation of American Football Junior World Championship Finals 2009-Present

American Football Europe Federation European Championships (Editions): 1983

Internationals Non-USA and Canada


For more on Irish International American Football see: International American Football (Ireland)

United Arab Emirates: United Arab Emirates | International American Football Matches 2012-2018

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European American Football

The history off European American Football dates back at least to the First World War and the tours by American Servicemen. From 1972 onwards there have been attempts by the National Football League (NFL) and other Professional American Football Leagues to establish Professional American Football in Europe. while none of these attempts have so far been successful it has led to numerous leagues all over Europe played by Europeans.

There have been European Championships (for National Teams) since 1983 and likewise the Eurobowl (for Club Champions) since 1984. Regional Champions Leagues such as the Atlantic Cup which Irish teams entered have also been competed for since the 1980s. The first National Leagues were in Italy (1977), Germany (1979) and Finland (1980) and there are now either teams or leagues everywhere even including such small countries as Luxembourg and Iceland, except Greece and a few small countries.

European Internationals

The First European Championships for European National teams took place in 1983, there have also been tours by European teams to USA and American and Canadian teams to Europe.

European Championships

AFEF 1983; EFL 1987-1989; EFAF A-Group 2005-2010; EFAF B-Group 2004-2009; EFAF C-Group 2003-2007;

The first American Football European Championships were held in 1983, at Vince Lombardi Stadium, Castelgiorgio, Italy. Italy beat Finland 18-6 in the Final.

European Championships

EFAF EC A-Group (Editions): 2010 2005

EFL EC (Editions): 1993 1989 1987

AFEF EC (Editions): 1983

European Championships B-C Groups & Qualification

EFAF EC B-Group (Editions): 2009 2004

EFAF EC C-Group (Editions): 2007 2003

EFL EC-Qualification (Editions): 1989

European Junior Championships

EFAF EJC (Editions): 1998

EFAF EJC-Qualification (Editions): 1998

European Rankings

AFI European Nations Top 22 (end-of-year Rankings): 2019

EFAF AMPRO European Top 20 (end-of-season Rankings): 1995

Picture Credit: [1] American Football International (2013) EFAF Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 30 August 2017]

International Friendlies

European International Friendlies

International Friendlies

Slovakia International American Football Matches 2010-Present

International American Football USSR 1989

Minsk Bison Tours of USA 1993-1994

Picture Credit: [3] American Football (Russia) (2017) History in Russia | Billboard Advertising First College Game in Russia 1989 [Internet] Available from:×600.jpg%5BAccessed 24 December 2017]

European Football Leagues (AAA)

After the US Air Force & Army Leagues, the National Football League set about promoting the NFL in Europe. In 1970 the film M*A*S*H saw the first mainstream exposure of American Football in Europe with its climactic Football game at the end. Immediately following this there were expressions of interest from Europeans about setting up a League, and what followed was the Intercontinental Football League, which was to feature 6 teams, including the Rome Gladiators, owned by Bruno Beneck, the director of the most popular TV Sports Show in Italy, who had successfully introduced Baseball 20 years earlier. The League never got off the ground due to the oil crisis and the spectre of Terrorism, but the IFL continued to promote the game, playing a game in 1972 in Paris featuring NFL players, as well as bringing College teams and Semi-Pro Teams from 1976-1978 to play a best-of-5 European Championship.

TV stations started showing American Football in the late-1970s and early 1980s and the first Leagues sprang up, including the Rome Gladiators in Bruno Beneck’s Italy. By 1986 the National Football League had begun to play Pre-Season games in London, Barcelona, Berlin and Dublin. The European audiences soon wanted more so the World League of American Football, featuring 3 European teams, 6 American and one Canadian, was started in 1991. It lasted two seasons before being shelved by the NFL due to the lack of interest from American fans in a Development League. The American Football League of Europe, which ran from 1994-1995 filled in the gap in Pro Football, with its mix of start-up teams and teams from the European National Leagues bolstered by American imports.

The World League returned in 1995 as a 6-team Europe-only League and was renamed the NFL Europe League in 1998. After initial success, attendances dwindled – the fans wanted an NFL franchise – so in 2007 the NFL folded the League and focused on promoting the NFL in Europe through the NFL International Series – starting with one NFL Regular Season game a year played in London, growing to 4-per-year by 2020, with the stated intention of putting a team in London permanently by 2022.

Eurobowl and EFL (AAA Level 1 & AA Level 2)

Eurobowl; EFL

The first Eurobowl for European National Champions was played in 1986, governed by the European Football League. The organisation fell apart in 1992, following the expulsion of the United Kingdom, and was replaced by the European Federation of American Football which ran the Eurobowl until 2015 when the German Football League International took over running the sport for one year, being replaced in turn by the Europe Division of the International Federation of American Football, the World Governing Body.

Eurobowl Finals:

European Federation of American Football Europe Eurobowl 1986-Present

Eurobowl (Level 1):

International Federation of American Football Europe Big 6 Eurobowl 2015-present

EFAF Eurobowl: 1994 1993

EFL Eurobowl (Season Results):   1992 1991 1990 1989  1988 1986

European Football League (Level 2):

IFAF Europe EFL (Level 2):2016 2015

Picture Credit: [6] Wikipedia (2020) EuroBowl 86 Logo {Internet] Available from: [Accessed 5 April 2020]

Regional European Leagues (A Level 3)

Below the European Football League and Eurobowl Levels are Regional Football Leagues, namely West European, North European, East European and Central European Bowls.

Western Europe (A Level 3)

Four Nations Bowl; Charleroi Trophy; Atlantic Cup;

There has been Regional Tournaments in Western Europe since the Four Nations Bowl (England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales) in the 1990s and then the Charleroi Trophy (Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland) in the early 2000s. This was replaced by the Atlantic Cup in 2009, which ran until 2017 when the Belgian & Dutch Champions made the step up to European Football League Level.

Western European Club Championships (Level 3) (Overviews):

European Federation of American Football IFAF Europe Atlantic Cup Finals 2009-2017

European Federation of American Football Charleroi Trophy Finals 2002-2004

Atlantic Cup (Seasons):

 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 

Charleroi Trophy: (Seasons)  2004 2003 2002

Dutch International Tournament (Seasons): 1997 

Four Nations Bowl (Seasons): 1992

Western European Friendlies (Seasons): 1986

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Northern Europe (A Level 3)

EFL Scandinavian Cup; NEFL;

The Scandinavian Cup, played in the 1990s between the winners of the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish & Finnish Leagues, is the oldest of the Northern European Regional Tournaments. It has since been replaced by the Northern European Football League, featuring the British Champions too.

Nothern European Friendlies (Level 3): 1986

EFL Scandinavian Cup (Level 3): 1987 1988 1989 1993 1994 1995

IFAFE Northern European Football League (Level 3): 2017 2018

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Central Europe (A levels 3 & 4)

EFAF Challenge Cup; CEFL

Central European Competitions have included the Challenge Cup (EFAF Era) and more recently the Central European Football League. These competitons have pitted the Champions of – at times – Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey – against each other in two levels as it currently stands.

Central European Football League Bowl (A level 3): 2018

Central European Football League Cup (A- level 4) 2018

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National Leagues

The earliest National Leagues in Europe were the ones in Italy (1977), Germany (1979) and Finland (1979) and have since grown to include just about every Country in Europe.

EFAF National Bowl Games (Seasons): 1994 1995

British National Leagues

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Britain (BAFA)

Britain: Level 1:

British American Football Association Britbowl Finals 1985-Present

British American Football Merit League (Seasons): 1984

British American Football Association National Leagues Premiership (Seasons): 2019

Britain Level 2:

British American Football Non-Merit Table (Seasons): 1984

Britain Level 3:

BAFA National Leagues Southern Football Conference (Seasons): 2019

Britain: Level 5:

British Gridiron Football League 1987-1988

Britain: British Colleges & Universities Football:

British Collegiate American Football League 1985-1990

British Collegiate American Football League 1990-1994

Britain: Women’s

British American Football Association Women’s Sapphire Series Division 1 2017-2019

British: Youth Kitted

BYAFA YKL (Results): 1996 1993 1992 1991

BYAFA Youth Kitted Friendlies (Results): 1992

Picture Credit: [1] American Football International (2013) logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 30 August 2017]

English National Leagues

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National Passball League

National Passball League (Britannia) 1988-1993

National Passball League (Seasons): 1988 1991 1992 1993

English Regional Leagues

North England: Yorkshire Rose Winter League (Seasons): 1993

North England Friendlies (Seasons): 1994

Midlands: West Bromwich Sevens Tournament (Seasons): 1993

Home Counties: Home Counties Friendlies (Seasons): 1993

South England: Christine Crawley Charity Cup (Seasons): 1993

West Country: Oxford Passball Tournament (Seasons): 1993

English Senior Flag Football

English Senior Flag League 9v9 Senior Championship 2003-2005

British Senior Flag League 9v9 Senior Championship 1998-2002

English Junior Flag Football

National Flag Football Association Youth League (Seasons): 1998

Junior Gridiron League Youth League (14-18 y.o.) (Seasons): 1997 1995 1994

Youth Flag Football (South East England) (Seasons): 1993

Junior Gridiron League Junior League (9-15 yo) (Seasons): 1995

English Youth Two Touch Football

Junior American Football League (Britain) 1988

Junior Gridiron League Youth Two Touch League (South England) (Seasons): 1993

Junior Gridiron League Junior Two Touch League (South Britain) (Seasons): 1993

Northern Junior Gridiron League Two Touch (North England) (Seasons): 1993 1994

Picture Credit: [1] American Football International (2013) logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 30 August 2017]

Celtic National Leagues

Scotland (SGA); Wales (NWWCAFL); Brittany (Conf’Ouest); Galicia

Ireland (AFI):

As this is an Irish Sports Archive there is much more on American Football Ireland covered, so Ireland has its own page at: American Football Ireland

Scotland (SGA)

Scottish American Football Leagues

Caledonian Thistle American Football League 1987-1988

Scottish Gridiron Association Bowl Finals 1995-1998

Scottish American Football Capital Bowl 1986-1990

Capital Bowl (Seasons): 1990 1989

Scottish Flag Football Leagues

Scottish Flag Football Friendlies 1993-94

Scottish Flag Football Association Senior 2003-2007


North West & Welsh Counties American Football League 1987

Wales Friendlies (Seasons): 1993

Brittany (Conf’Ouest)

Conference Ouest (Brittany American Football) 1997-2005

Galicia (AGFA)

Liga Gallega de Futbol Americano (Galicia) 2012-2016

Picture Credit: [11] Conference Ouest | Wayback Machine (2001) Conference Ouest Map [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 18 April 2020]

Scandinavian National Leagues

Finland (SAJL); Denmark (DAFF); Norway (NAFF); Iceland.

Sweden (SAFF)

Sweriges Amerikanska FotbollForbund (SAFF)

SAFF Superserien (Standings):

Sveriges Amerikanska FotbollForbund Superserien (SAFF Sweden Superseries) 1997-1999

Finland (SAJL):

Finnish American Football Federation Bowls(Overviews):

Finnish American Football Federation Maple Bowls 1980-Present

Finnish American Football Association Men’s League (Seasons): 2020 2018 1980

Denmark (DAFF):

Dansk Amerikansk Fodbold Forbund (Denmark) Mermaid Bowl 1988-Present

Norway (NAFF)

Norwegian American Football Federation 1st Division 1991-2000


Icelandic American Football (Reykjavik Einherjar) 2016-2019

Reykjavik Einherjar (Seasons): 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17

Picture Credit: [1] SAJL (2018) SAJL Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 19 August 2018]

North European National Leagues

Germany (AfvD); Austria (FA; AFBOe); Switzerland (SAFV); Benelux (Big Five); Netherlands (AFBN): Belgium (BAFL): Flanders (FAFL)

Germany (AfvD)

AFVD American Football Verband Deutschland German Bowl 1979-Present

German Football League (Seasons): 1993

Austria (FA, AFBOe)

Football Austrian (AFBOe) Austrian Bowl 1984-Present

Switzerland (SAFV):

SAFV Swiss American Football Federation Nationalliga A 1986-1990

Benelux (Big Five)

Benelux Big Five Division (seasons): 1999

Belgium (BAFL):

Belgian American Football League | Elite Division 2017

Flanders (FAFL)

Flemish American Football League | Division II 2016

Netherlands (AFBN)

AFBN Eredivie (Seasons): 2018

Queens Football League Queens Bowl (Finals):

Queens Football League (Netherlands) Queens Bowl 2017-Present

Picture Credit: Manuel Findeis / (2018) MUNICH, BAVARIA, GERMANY – MARCH 11, 2018: close up on running kids in American football clothes representing the Munich Rangers at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. [Accessed 4 May 2021]

Southern European National Leagues

Italy (FIAF); France (FFFA); Spain (FEFA); Portugal (FPFA); Catalonia (CLAF)

Italy (FIFA)

FIAF Federazione Italiana American Football Golden League 1998-2000

Federazione Italiana American Football FIAF Winter League Snowbowl 1992-2002

Lega Italiana Football Americano 1980-1981

Federazione Italiana Football Americano 1977

France (FFFA)

France: (FFFA):

FFFA French American Football Federation Division 1 2000-2010

Spain (FEFA)

Federacion Espanola de Futbol Americano LNFA Serie A Finals 1995-Present

Federation Espana de Football Americano LNFA Series (Spain) A 2017-2018

Portugal (FPFA):

Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Americano (Seasons): 2020

Campeonato Nacional (Seasons): 2019

Catalonia (CLAF)

Catalan League of American Football (Seasons): 1995

Picture Credit: [1] FIAF | Wayback Machine (1998) scudo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 3 August 2018]


Central & East European National Leagues

Poland (PLAF); Slovakia (SAAF)

Russia (FAFR)

FAFR Federation of American Football of Russia League of American Football 2016-2018

Ukraine (ULAF)

ULAF (Results): 1999

Poland (PLAF):

Polish League of American Football 2006-2010

Czech Republic (CAAF)

CAAF Ceska Asociace Americkaho Fotbalu (Czech Republic) 1994-1999

Slovakia (SAAF)

Slovak Football League Champions 2010-2017

Slovak Football League (Seasons): 2017

Alpe Adria (AAFL)

AAFL Alpe Adria Football League

Alpe Adria Football League 2013-2015

Slovenia (ZANS)

ZANS Zveza za Ameriski Nogomet Slovenije

ZANS Zveza va Ameriski Nogomet Slovenije (Slovenia American Football League) 1. Liga 2010-2013

Serbia (SAFS)


SAFSrbija (Serbian American Football League) 2004-2006

Picture Credit:

Picture Credit: [1] CAAF (2021) nejnovejsi [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 11 April 2021]

Japan American Football

American Football was first introduced to Japan in the 1930s, although it was not until after WWII, that it was played competitvely, with the Rice Bowl, Japan’s version of the Super Bowl, being played between the Universities since 1947, and since 1984 between the University Champions and the Social Champions (Business League – currently X-League).

There is also a third League in Japan, which is the Private Club League, opening up American Football to non-students and non-Corporate Workers. The JPFF (Japan Private Football Association) organises the Ocean Bowl between the JPFF East and JPFF West Champions.

Japan Bowls

Friendship Bowl; Rice Bowl

International Bowls

The Spring League v Japan National Team 2020

Tomodachi Bowl Japan v USA Friendship Bowl 2016-2019

Japan Rice Bowl (Universities v Social Champions):

Japan American Football Association Rice Bowl (Social v Student Era) 1984-2020

Picture Credit: Picture Credit: D. Young / Shutterstock (2010) DUSSELDORF, GERMANY – APRIL 24: The 1st German Japan Bowl. The action that lead to Japans last touch-down gathers momentum. On April 24, 2010 in Dusseldorf, Germany [Accessed 4 May 2021]

Social Championships


Japan X-League (Social League)

Japan American Football Association | X-League 2017-2019

Japan X-League X1 Super (Seasons): 2020

Picture Credit: [Japan 2] X-League (2020) X-Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 7 January 2020]

Hokkaido American Football Association Potato Bowl 2018 Poster

University Championships

Koshien Bowl

Bowl Games

Japan Universities National Championship

Japan Collegiate American Football Koshien Bowl (East v West) 2016-Present

Japan College Football (Seasons): 2019

JCAFA Koshien Bowl Division Standings & Playoffs (Seasons): 2020 2019

Japan Universities Regional Championships

East Japan Collegiate Football Deciding Match (Kantoh v North Japan) 2016-Present

North Japan University Football Pine Bowl (Tohoku v Hokkaido) 2012-Present

Japan Collegiate American Football Association Heiwadai Bowl (Chushikoku v Kyushu) 1983-2015

Japan Collegiate American Football Tokyo Bowl (Kantoh v Kansai) 2016-Present

Tokyo-Osaka Regions

Kansai Football

Kansai Football (Seasons): 2020 2019

Kantoh Collegiate Football Association (KCFA – East Japan)

KCFA (Seasons): 2020 2019

North Japan Regions

Hokkaido Student American Football Association (HAFA – North Japan)

Hokkaido American Football Association Potato Bowl 2013-2018 (Charity Bowl)

Seasons: 2019

Kantoh Collegiate Football Association (KCFA – East Japan)

Top 8 Seasons: 2020

Tohoku Collegiate American Football Association (TCAA – North Japan)

Tohoku Collegiate American Football Association TCAA (Japan) Champions 1976-Present

Seasons: 2019 2018

West Japan Regions

Kyushu Collegiate American Football Association (KCAA – West Japan)

KCAFA (Seasons): 2019

Tokai Collegiate American Football Association (TKCAFA – West Japan)

TKCAFA (Seasons): 2019

Chushikoku Collegiate American Football Association (CSCAA – West Japan)

CSCAA (Seasons): 2019

Hokuriku Collegiate American Football Association (HCAFA)

(Seasons): 2019

Picture Credit: [8] Hokkaido American Football Association (2020) potato2018 [Internet] Available from:  [Accessed 22 October 2020]

Japan Private Football Association (JPFF)


Japan Private Football Association (JPFF )

Japan Private Football Association JPFF All Japan Championship Ocean Bowl 2011-Present

Regional Adult American Football Championships

Kizuna Bowl (North Japan – Hokkaido v Tohoku) American Football Championship 2011-Present

Hokkaido Adult American Football Association (HAFA)

Hokkaido Adult American Football Association All-Star Lilac Bowl 2013-2018

HAFF North Laundry League (Seasons): 2020

Picture Credit: [Japan 3] Japan Private Football Association East (2020) JPFF Logo [Internet] Available from:×10000:format=jpg/path/sce5a977e2e10f41a/image/i123385dd37d4d78c/version/1473861071/image.jpg [Accessed 10 May 2020]

Asian American Football

American Football was first introduced to Japan in the 1930s, although it was not until 1947 that it was played regularly, with the Rice Bowl, Japan’s Super Bowl played since 1947. Japan is so big on American Football it has its own page on Eirball at: Japan American Football. Korea, likewise has been playing American Football since the National University Championship was started in 1958. West Asia started playing American Football in the 2000s and China, India, Central Asia and South East Asia in the 2010s.

Korea (KAFA)


American Football has been played in Korea since the 1950s. The Kimchi Bowl is their version of the Super Bowl and has been played since 1995 between the winners of the University Championship (Tiger Bowl) and Social Championship (Corporations) (Gwanggaeto Bowl).

The National University Championship has been played since 1958 and since 1995 is known as the Tiger Bowl.

The Gwanggaeto Bowl is the Championship Game of the Social Championship (Corporations).

Kimchi Bowl (Social Champions v University Champions):

Korea American Football Association | Kimchi Bowl 1995-2017

Tiger Bowl (National University Championship):

Korea American Football Association Tiger Bowl (University Championship) 2007-Present

Korea American Football Club Association (Arena Football)

A-League (Seasons): 2019

B-League (seasons): 2019

Picture Credit: [1] Korea American Football Association (2019) logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 5 July 2020]

East & South East Asia American Football

China (AFLC)

American Football Leagues started in countries like China, India, Philippines and Malaysia in the 2010s. For Japan, where the Rice Bowl, their equivalent of the Super Bowl which started in 1947 see: Japan American Football and for Korea, where their National University Championship started in 1958

China (AFLC)

China Arena Football League 2016-2019

China Arena Football League (seasons): 2019

Philippines (PAFL)

Philippines American Football League 2018-2019

Philippines American Football League (Seasons): 2019

Malaysia (MAFA)

Malaysia American Football Association Flag Football Rose Bowl (Seasons): 2019

Picture Credit: [10] China Arena Football League (2019) CAFL 2019 Competition Medal [Internet] Available from:×768.png [Accessed 10 December 2019]

Emirates American Football League

West Asia American Football

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American Football started in countries like Israel, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan in the early 2000s.

Israel (AFI):

American Football in Israel | Israeli Football League 2012-2018

Turkey (TAFK):

Turkiye Amerikan Futbolu Kurlu Turkey Tournament (Seasons): 2001

United Arab Emirates:

Emirates American Football League Desert Bowl 2013-Present

United Arab Emirates | International American Football Matches 2012-2018

Picture Credit: [9] Emirates American Football League (2019) logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 5 July 2020]

South & Central Asia American Football


Indian Sub-Continent Pro Leagues (EFLI)

Elite Football league of India 2012

India (EFLI)

All India University American Football Championship (Seasons): 2015 2016

Bengaluru Cup 7v7 American Tackle Football Championship (Seasons): 2015

Sri Lanka (EFLI SL)

Elite Football League of India Sri Lanka – University Flag Football League 2015

Picture Credit: [1] Wikipedia (2018) Elite Football League of India Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 2 August 2018]

Oceania American Football

Since the 1980s American Football Leagues have been organised in Australia & New Zealand, with State Leagues in each of Australia’s six states as well as the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra) and Leagues in three of New Zealand’s Provinces.

In addition Australian States play for the Outback Bowl, and the Champions of each State and Territory play in the Southern Cross Tournament for the right to call themselves Australian Club Champions. New Zealand’s Provinces also play for the National Provincial Championship.

Gridiron Australia Logo

Gridiron Australia

Gridiron Australia; ACTGL: Gridiron NSW; Gridiron Queensland; Gridiron South Australia; Gridiron Tasmania; Gridiron Victoria; Gridiron West

Australian State Championships:

Australian Inter-State Millennium Tournament (Seasons): 2000

Australian Capital Territory Gridiron League

Australian Capital Territory Gridiron League 2000-2009

Gridiron New South Wales

Gridiron New South Wales Mens Competition 2018-2019

Gridiron New South Wales Mens Competition (Seasons): 1989

Gridiron New South Wales Mens AA Competition (2nd Division) (Seasons): 1989

Gridiron Queensland

Gridiron Queensland Mens Competition (Seasons): 1988-89 2018-19

Gridiron South Australia

Gridiron South Australia Seniors 1986-1989

Gridiron Tasmania

Tasmanian Gridiron League 1999-2002

Gridiron Victoria

Victorian Gridiron Football League 1988-1989

Victorian Gridiron Football League 1999-2001

Gridiron West (Western Australia)

Gridiron West Open Mens Competition (Western Australia) 2015-2020

Picture Credit: [Australia 1] Gridiron Australia Twitter (2020) Profile Picture, svQ6AuTx_400x400 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 4 July 2020]

Gridiron New Zealand Logo

Gridiron New Zealand

GNZ; American Football Auckland; American Football Canterbury;

Gridiron New Zealand

GNZ National Provincial Championship (Seasons): 2000

American Football Auckland

Auckland Premier Gridiron League (Seasons): 1999-2000

American Football Canterbury

American Football Canterbury (Seasons): 2018

American Football Wellington

American Football Wellington (Seasons): 2019

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Latin American Gridiron Football

This is a record of Latin American Gridiron (American Football) Leagues. American Football is known as Football Americano, or just simply Football, in Latin America, as opposed to Futbol, which is the Spanish name for Soccer.

The sport was first played in Mexico in the late 19th Century, and leagues first started appearing in Mexico in the 1940s. In the 2000s the first Kitted American Football Leagues started in Argentina and Brazil, and are now played everywhere in Latin America.

Note: As Mexico is so big on American Football it has its own section: For more on Mexican American Football Leagues (Including Professional, College and State Leagues) see: Mexican American Football Leagues

AGFA Guatemala Logo

Central American Gridiron

Guatemala (LAGFA):


Liga Asociacion Guatemalteca de Football Americano (Overviews):

Asociacion Guatemalteca de Football Americano 2015-2017

Picture Credit: [7] Asociacion Guatemalteca de Football Americano | Facebook (2017) Profile Picture November 2, 2017 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 12 December 2019]

Futebol Americano Brasil FABR Logo

Brazilian American Football

Campeonato Estadiaus (State Championships)

Campeonato Estadiaus (State Championships)

Amazonas Campeonato Amazonense (Seasons): 2019

Candango (Goias-Brasilia) Campeonato Candango (Seasons): 2019

Santa Catarina Campeonato Catarinense (Seasons): 2020

Carioca (Rio de Janeiro) Campeonato Carioca de Futebol Americano (Seasons): 2019

Gaucho (Rio Grande do Sul) Campeonato Gaucho de Futebol Americano (Seasons): 2020

Mato-Grosseto Campeonato Mato-Grossense de Football Americano (Seasons): 2018

Paulista (Sao Paulo) Sao Paulo Football League Diamond Series (Seasons): 2019

Mineiro (Minas Gerais) Minas Gerais Football League (Seasons): 2020

Picture Credit: [1] Futebol Americano Brasil (2017) FABR_newlogo-cabecalho [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 10 July 2020]

Football Americano Argentina Logo

South American Gridiron



Football Americano Argentina Liga Mayor (Overviews):

Football Americano Argentina Liga Mayor 2012-2019

Picture Credit: [8] Football Americano Argentina (2019) faa [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 12 March 2019]

African American Football

The Egyptian American Football league is currently the only fully kitted contact American Football League in Africa, although there are Flag Football Leagues (Tag) in Egypt, Morocco and Ivory Coast.

Egyptian Federation of American Football

North African American Football

EFAF (Egypt)


EFAF Egyptian National Football League (Overviews):

Egyptian National Football League Egyptian Bowl 2015-Present

Picture Credit: [6] Egyptian Federation of American Football | LinkedIn(2017) EFAF Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 11 May 2020]