World Leagues (Global South)

This is a record of World American Football Leagues in the Global South (Asia, Australasia, Latin America and Africa). Japan and Mexico are dealt with in their own sections, as are Europe, World American Football Leagues (Pro), American Football World Cups and International American Football (NFL Overseas etc).

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Links to each Asian, Australasian, Latin American and African American Football League are to be found below: Click the linksfor each Era Overview or Individual Season to be brought to a record of the Results and Tables for each League and year, as well as any Irish Involvement in the Leagues, if found. Irish-born players primarily, but also players of Irish Heritage (“Granny Rule”).

Asian American Football Leagues (1950-Present)

South Korea was the first Country outside Japan to play American Football in Asia. Since then Leagues have sprung up throughout the Continent from China to India to Turkey, Kazakhstan and the Arab Countries.

Korea American Football Association Kimchi Bowl 1995-2017:

Elite Football League of India 2012:

United Arab Emirates International American Football Matches 2012-2018: [I]

Note: [I] Also considered part of International American Football.

Oceanian American Football Leagues (1984-Present)

The first American Football Leagues in Australia were played in 1984 and since then the game has been played in almost every state in Australia as well as New Zealand and Flag Football throughout Oceania.

Gridiron South Australia Seniors 1986-1989:

American Football Canterbury New Zealand 2018:

Latin American Football Leagues (2010-Present)

Leagues have started in South & Central American countries other than Mexico since around 2010). Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica all have American Football Leagues since the start of the decade.

Asociacion Guatemalteca de Football Americano 2015-2017

African Football Leagues (2010s-Present)

The first American Football Leagues in Africa were started in the 2010s in Egypt and Morocco.

There has been Flag Football played in Ivory Coast, and possibly South Africa, but not as far as Eirball can discern, a fully-kitted/contact American Football League, which it is hoped will soon change.